I Tried The Daily Power Defense By OZ Skin Health: Read My Review Of This Product

Are ZO Skin Health products made by Dr. Zein Obagi good for your skin? I tried the Daily Power Defense by ZO, here is my review.

Overview Of Zo Skincare Healthline

So ZO Skin Health products claims to help your skin look healthy and beautiful. They have lots of products like cleansers and serums to help your skin look its best. They use advanced ingredients to make your skin better.

The ingredients include

  1. Vitamin C: Good for anti-aging. Try ZO Skin Health or Carrot & Stick.
  2. Peptides: Keep your skin firm. ZO Skin Health has Matrixyl 3000, and there’s Carrot & Stick too.
  3. Retinol: Excellent for anti-aging but can be strong. ZO Skin Health has a 1% retinol product, or use a gentler retinoid oil serum at night.
  4. Fragrance: Be cautious with ZO Skin Health products if you have sensitive skin because some contain undisclosed fragrance ingredients.

My Experience Using Zo Daily Power Defence

First i saw reviews on Reddit about this skincare line and decided to try out the Daily Power Defense. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the price tag for Daily Power Defense – a whopping 180€ for just 50ml! Which is more than expensive.

My order arrived within 7 days, When I tried it on my skin, it did feel nice, but I couldn’t help but wonder if it’s really worth the hefty price. Plus, I couldn’t find any online proof that it’s “clinically approved.” It seems like they’re trying to sell an image more than a product.


  1. It felt nice on my skin
  2. It didn’t leave residue


  1. Its quite expensive
  2. I’ve also observed that some of these products have a high amount of alcohol, and I’ve found it to be harsh on my skin.

My Unbiased Review

So lots of customer reposts on Trust-pilot and Reddit have left left some bad reviews concerning this product. Some are saying that some of Zo products actually made their skin worse and not so great customer service. A user said

I ordered the ZO Skin Health and Primer order #US_52402325 on June 14, 2023. After the first use, the pump container broke apart and the product that I had paid $60+ for could not be pumped out of the container. I have made numerous calls to customer service and they all say they will review my situation and get back with me. They never do. I have used the online chat. They say they will get back with me in three days. I never hear back from them. Their customer service does nothing to help me. 


Also you should know that when you first use retinol, your skin might get a bit sensitive. This can lead to peeling, dryness, and redness. But don’t worry, it’s normal. Your skin is just getting used to it. There are ways to make it more comfortable while your skin adjusts to retinol.

Top Zo Skin Health Products

10 ZO Skin Health products:

  1. Exfoliating Polish: It removes dead skin cells but contains harsh ingredients like baking soda and fragrance.
  2. Oil Control Pads: These pads contain alcohol which can initially reduce oil but may worsen oiliness and dry out your skin in the long run.
  3. Daily Power Defense: It’s called an antioxidant serum but mainly has retinol. It helps with aging, but it also contains fragrant essential oils.
  4. Growth Factor Serum: Contains temporary plumping ingredients but also growth factors for hydration and firmness.
  5. Exfoliating Cleanser: Gently exfoliates with jojoba esters and contains salicylic acid to unclog pores.
  6. Vitamin C Self Activating: Contains two types of vitamin C and vitamin E for brightening and hydration.
  7. Retinol Skin Brightener: A moderate-strength retinol serum that improves skin tone and texture.
  8. Complexion Renewal Pads: Alcohol-based pads that remove oil but may harm your skin barrier.
  9. Wrinkle + Texture Repair: A retinol serum with proprietary ingredients, but it contains fragrance.
  10. Firming Serum: Contains ingredients for firming and protection, but it also has fragrance.

Zo Skincare Health vs SkinCeuticals

So, here’s the deal. Both ZO Skin Health and SkinCeuticals offer good skincare products that people love. If you have a specific skin concern, check both websites to see if they have what you need. For example, ZO Skin Health has stuff for rosacea, which SkinCeuticals doesn’t.

But if you’re looking for general skincare, like anti-aging or improving your skin’s texture, it’s a bit tricky. ZO Skin Health products have stronger stuff, so you need to chat with a skincare expert in-person or online before buying. They’ll make sure it’s right for your skin.

Where To Buy

You can buy from from their official website zoskinhealth.com you will be able to access the price list for the type of product you want from there.


ZO Skin Health isn’t just skincare. It’s a complete system for getting and keeping healthy skin. However i found Zo skin products quite expensive.

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  1. How Much Do ZO Skin Health Products Cost?
    • ZO Skin products can be pricey. For instance, the Firming Serum is about $235 for 1.6 fl oz, but prices vary.
  2. Where to Buy ZO Skin Health Products?
    • You can find them at dermatologists, medical spas, or online on ZO Skin Health’s official website.
  3. What is The ZO Skin Return Policy?
    • Return policies differ by the seller. Check with the specific retailer or ZO Skin Health’s website for details.
  4. Is ZO Skin Cruelty-Free?
    • Cruelty-free status varies by product. Look for specific information on the product label or their website.
  5. Is ZO Skin Health Vegan?
    • Some products contain animal-based ingredients. Check the ingredient lists and descriptions for vegan options.
  6. ZO Skin Health vs. Obagi: What’s The Difference?
    • ZO Skin Health and Obagi are separate skincare brands by Dr. Zein Obagi. They have different products and approaches, so compare to see which suits your needs.

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