Overstockdeals.store Reviews: Scam Or Legit Store To Shop From?

Are you interested in shopping from Overstockdeals? Do you want to know if Overstockdeals.store is safe? Do customers have good or bad experience while shopping from the online store? Read this detailed Overstockdeals review! It provides a guide on how the store works and what to expect.

What is Overstockdeals.store?

Overstockdeals.store otherwise known as Overstockdeals or Overstockdeals store is an online store that claims to sell a variety of Christmas Light at reduce price. Sadly, the offers on the site are not genuine. Currently, the store is trending because of its discounts on the variety of fashionable products they sell. Sadly, the offers on the site are not genuine. During our investigations, we discovered the website has a handful of drawbacks that shouldn’t be ignored.

Things You Should Know Before Shopping From Overstockdeals.store

No Business Address

Overstockdeals is owned and operated by Ansky Co Ltd whose reputation online is terrible. it is a shady company linked to many untrustworthy online stores.

One of the mistakes most people make is thinking any store that claims it is located in the UK is legit. Most of these companies were registered at the UK Companies House were it is very easy to register a company. You only need to provide $5, a pseudo identity and a virtual address which you can rent from virtual address service providers.

In the real sense, Ansky Company Limited is not located in England. Like most of the reviews online indicate, the products came all the way from China.

The Website Has Zero Customer Support

The website email address [email protected] is not functional. Moreover, there is no phone number provided. All efforts to contact the customer agent has been futile.

Ridiculous Discount:

Overstockdeals is selling items for too good to be true prices. The discount margin is too large and unrealistic even on a sale. What this store simply does is use the cheap price to lure buyers. In reality, no legit store can offer such discount.

Lacks Security Measures:

The website isn’t risk-free, it isn’t secured with McAfee or Norton. The website is vulnerable to hackers who can tamper with customer’s personal and financial details.

Features Of Overstockdeals

Website URL: Overstockdeals.store

Business Address: Not Available

Email: [email protected]

Telephone Number: Not Available

Product Categories Available On This Website: Variety Of Items

Registered On: 2022-11-30

Expires On: 2023-11-30

Payment Method: Pay With Credit/Debit Card

Frequntly Asked Questions

When was Overstockdeals Registered? 2022-11-30

When will Overstockdeals.store Expire? 2023-11-30

What Products Does Overstockdeals store Sell? Variety Of Items

Is Order Cancellation Possible? Yes. Before the product is shipped or produced

What Is The Returns Policy? Within 14 days of receiving the product

What Is The Refunds Policy? Once your return is received and inspected

What Is Shipping Policy? Free Shipping on Orders Over £40

Is Overstockdeals.store A Scam Or Legit?

Having seen the customer complaints and drawbacks of the website, it’s crystal clear that Is Overstockdeals com is not a legit or trustworthy online store. Like most fraudulent e-commerce stores, it uses low prices to entice customers and get their guards down. However when orders are placed, the end result isn’t satisfactory.

Are You Safe If You Use PayPal To Make Purchase From Overstockdeals.com

No, you’re not. Using PayPal does not guarantee a quick refund these days.

Some of these suspicious stores exploit a major issue with PayPal’s system. You purchase the item, a few days later they find a tracking number that has shipped to your area (completely unrelated to you or your item) and then they post this tracking number into your PayPal transaction. PayPal sees this as a complete transaction and almost impossible to dispute.


So using Paypal is no guarantee that you wouldn’t be scammed. You just need to be wise, and ready for anything.

How To Easily Spot a Scam Website

Check the Domain age – How old is the website? (You can do so by visiting who.is)

Physical Location – Does The website provide return address? If Yes (Copy the address and paste on your browser. Google map would show if it is a real warehouse address or a residential address)

Check Reviews – Are there customer reviews online? (It is advised that you sit it out if there are no customer reviews of the store. However if you’re not patient enough to wait you can send a mail to us to verify if the store is legit)

Social Media Presence – Do the social media icons work? (A lot of fraudulent websites provide social media buttons but they don’t work. It is advised that you check if the buttons really take you to the store’s social media page)


Overstockdeals located at Overstockdeals.com is a viral scam online store luring customers with its cheap items. Don’t let the discount offer trick you! The store failed our authenticity test, and as such we don’t recommend it.

Have you been scammed?- Do This

Shopping from this store exposes customers to the risk of hacked credit card and overcharged fees. Also, customers would either receive an inferior item, a different cheaper item, or nothing at all.

Therefore, it is advised to file complaints to your bank and request for a new credit (debit) card. On the other hand, if you used Paypal as a method of payment, you should document (screenshot) the transactions for future purposes.

Yes, it is true that online shopping has made life easier, however when ordering things online check out the following-

How old is the website? Does it provide return address? Are there customer reviews online? Do the social media icons work?


    1. Do NOT Buy from this business. Ordered decorations and they sent me socks. Have been fighting since February 2023 for a credit card refund. Extremely uncooperative. Customer service staff are either totally incompetent or excellent at being dishonest.

    1. Do NOT order from this business. Ordered several decorations and received 5 pair of cheap ankle socks. Have been waiting since February 2023 for a credit card refund. They refuse to issue my credit even after they acknowledged they shipped the wrong product.

  1. This is a total scam. Just like previous reviews ridiculously low prices but all I got was some kind of socks that I will never use. They requested I send it back and pay for shipping. What a laugh. Can’t believe I got snookered into this. I’m still getting emails back-and-forth with them saying oh yes we did send you a refund. But no They have not since January 2023. The old adage if it’s too good to be true it is not true.

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