Outfitters Adventure Reviews: Legit Jersey Store?

Are you wondering if Outfitters Adventure is a legit online store to buy Varisty jackets and jerseys? Would you really get value for your money or are the clothes of inferior quality? Here’s a costumer report. In this review, I share my experience shopping from Outfittersadventure.com; its pros, cons, and everything you should expect.

About Outfittersadventure.com

Outfitters Adventure located at outfittersadventure.com is a website that sells top-notch varsity gear. They’ve got all kinds of stuff like jackets and jerseys for both guys and girls. Also, you can add your own touch with name and number patches or get logos embroidered on the jacket.

What you get when you order

  1. Free shipping on all the orders
  2. Get support on WhatsApp and phone call any time.
  3. You can return the product within 10 days.

My Experience Buying Outfitters Adventure Jersey

I was hunting for some cool varsity jackets and stumbled upon Outfitters Adventure on Facebook. Checked out their website, outfittersadventure.com, and found a bunch of awesome gear, especially varsity jerseys.

Decided to go for it and ordered this cool orange varsity hoodie and a jersey. Got my order in about 17 days and I quickly tested it out. The design matched what I saw online, even though the orange wasn’t super bright. Turns out, it actually complements my style, especially with my kicks and headband. Got loads of compliments from friends, which was unexpected.

Is Outfitters Adventure Legit?

From my experience shopping from the website, Outfitters Adventure is pretty much legit. However, there are some loopholes that the brand needs to look into. First of all there are no customer reviews on their website concerning their products. Secondly, if you have any problem with their products, they made it pretty clear that they do not accept returns as opposed to their 10days easy return promise on their website.

Outfitters Adventure Jersey Complaints

On Scampulse.com, a customer has this to say about Outfitters Adventure –

I ordered a youth medium basketball jersey through outfittersadventure.com. After several weeks the item was delivered, but it was an adult medium instead of a youth medium. I reached out to the support email and they said there was a warehouse error, and that I could keep the jersey and they would refund me $30 of the $70 that I had paid. I declined since the jersey did not fit my son, and they said to keep it anyways and they would refund the $70. After two weeks no refund was processed so I reached out again and they said they were having issues with refunds and I would need to have the credit card company request the refund. I asked if they could simply send the correct size that I had ordered, since they claimed they did in fact have that size in stock, but they said the only way to do that would be for me to place a new order and pay for it again, which I was obviously not going to do. I contacted my credit card company who are now working on getting a refund.

Outfitters Adventure Pros: What I Like

  • They sell nice varsity jackets and jerseys
  • Their jackets are stylish and they have for both genders.
  • Their designs look like the online pics.

Outfitters Adventure Cons:

  • There are no customer reviews on their website.
  • They do not accept returns except in few cases.


The company does not accept returns however you can get a refunds for some product.

  • You can get a refund for most items, but there’s a catch. Engraved or custom-made stuff can’t be refunded unless there’s a problem with how they were made.
  • You’ve got 30 days to send back whatever you bought. After Christmas, it’s 30 days from when you unwrapped those gifts.
  • When you send stuff back, make sure it’s in good shape. Keep all the tags and labels on, and don’t tear anything. Oh, and no weird smells or pet hair.
  • If you’re sending things back from outside the EU, make it clear on the package that it’s ‘Returned Goods.’ This way, it can sail through customs without any extra fees.

How To Contact Outfitters Adventure Customer Service

If you have any problems, reach out to their customer service via [email protected], via mobile (872) 222-7899‬ or use their live support chat feature.

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How Long Will It Take To Receive Order From Outfittersadventure.com?

  • Standard Shipping takes 9-14 working days (Monday to Friday).
  • If you need it quicker, go for Express Shipping, it’ll be on your doorstep in 3-7 working days, but it comes with a $9.95 price tag.
  • Once you’ve paid the bill, they take 1 to 2 working days (Monday to Friday).

Before You Shop From a New Or Not-so-Familiar Website, Here’s What You Must Do:

Check Reviews and Ratings

See what others are saying. Look for reviews, ratings, and how long the website has been around.

Compare Prices

If the prices seem too good to be true, they might be. Compare them with other trusted sites to be sure.

Use Secure Payment

Stick to safe payment methods like PayPal, credit cards, or debit cards. Forget about cash, wire transfers, or gift cards, they’re not as safe.

Keep Records

Save your order confirmation, receipt, tracking number, and any chats with the seller.

Stay Vigilant

If something smells fishy or looks off, report it. Let the authorities and other shoppers know to keep everyone safe.


Outfitters Adventure located at outfittersadventure.com is a website that sells top-notch varsity gear. They’ve got all kinds of stuff like jackets and jerseys for both guys and girls. However check out for reviews on their website and other websites before buying.

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