Organlada Cat Scratcher Reviews: Does It Really Work? See My Cat’s Reaction

It is true that cats are known for their love of scratching, which can often lead to damage to furniture and other household items. To address this issue, many cat owners turn to cat scratchers as a solution. Organlada is a brand that offers a cat scratcher designed to fulfill cats’ scratching instincts while protecting your furniture. But does it really work?

In this review I share my cat’s experience with this scratcher, the pros, cons, and what you should expect when you buy Organlada Cat Scratcher.

Overview Of Organlada Cat Scratcher

Organlada cat scratcher is a cat toy that works as a bed, scratcher, and toy. Aside from handling rigorous scratching, it is also flexible and capable to be turned into any shape you desire. So it will always be a fun play toy to redirect cats instincts from furniture and carpets.

Does Organlada Cat Scratcher Really Work? My Cat’s Experience With This Scratcher

I stumbled on the Organlada cat scratcher video on YouTube and I was very much tempted to buy the toy for my car ‘Sophie’. I immediately placed an order though I was skeptical if the toy would interest Sophie. My order from arrived in a week’s time.

I sprayed a little catnip on it and Sophie was all over it, however her interest died down after sometime. I figured she didn’t like the sound it made. It took her years to figure out a regular scratcher though, so I’m giving her time. She has about 8 different kinds of scratchers and only uses one (the cheapest, narrow cardboard – it has a big rut in the middle now, but she won’t even touch an identical replacement I got her – she is VERY picky!)

It is currently two weeks since I gave it to her, and I don’t think she has played with them for more than a minute or two. My neighbor also bought the scratcher, although this time from Amazon. Unlike Sophie, her pet ‘Andrew’ is really fond of his.

So yes, Organlada cat scratcher really works, especially for cats who’re already fond of scratcher toys. My cat ‘Sophie’ is mildly interested only when I take the ball out of the cardboard ring, but my neighbors cat is pretty much fond of his.

Organlada Cat Scratcher Pros

  • It acts as a bed for sleeping
  • It keeps cats occupied and away from the furniture


  • My cat is mildly interested in it
  • when shredded it creates a messy cleanup

Where To Buy Organlada Cat Scratcher?

This cat scratcher is available for purchase on Amazon and also on the product’s website. The price is between $39.99 to $114 depending on the number.

How To Care For This Cat Scratcher

  • Check for damage regularly.
  • Clean loose fur and debris.
  • Rotate the scratcher occasionally.
  • Put it in a cat-friendly spot.
  • Use catnip to attract your cat.
  • Praise and reward your cat for using it.
  • Provide other toys for enrichment.


Organlada cat scratcher is worth the price it is sold for, it’s durable, sturdy and acts as not just a toy but also a bed for your cat. However, it only works for cats that love scratchers. My cat ‘Sophie’ was interested in it for only a short time, currently it is abandoned.

Have you bought this cat scratcher? Did it work for your pet? please share your reviews in the comment section. You can also read our review on this muddy mat for pets.


FAQ 1: Can the Organlada cat scratcher accommodate multiple cats?

Yes the cat scratcher can accommodate many cats.

FAQ 2: Can it be used by kittens?

Organlada cat scratcher is safe for kittens, but keep an eye on them.

FAQ 3: How do I clean the Organlada cat scratcher?

Clean cat scratcher with a brush or damp cloth. No harsh chemicals

FAQ 4: Can the Organlada cat scratcher be used outdoors?

It should be used mostly indoor

FAQ 5: How long does the Organlada cat scratcher typically last?

The cat scratcher can last a long time with proper care.

One Comment

  1. This is definitely not worth the money. It’s cardboard and if you sprinkle the catnip on it it just falls through and leaves cat nip all over the floor. My cat is mildly interested in it as a whole but he takes the ball out and plays with that almost exclusively. $39.95 for a plastic ball with a bell is not worth it when I can get a 3 pack at the store for less than $5.

    In my opinion I’d save your money.

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