Opsin Usa Reviews (2022) Legit Fishing Store or Scam?

Do you want to buy fluorocarbon fishing line from Opsinusa.com? Want to find out if Opsin Usa is scam or legit? If yes, you are certainly on the right track. This review exposes everything you need to know about Opsin Usa Com.

What is Opsin Usa?

Opsin Usa which is located at opsinusa.com is a fishing e-commerce store that was launched in 2020. This store manufactures and sells different kinds of fluorocarbon leader lines like the OPSIN FLUOROCARBON FISHING LINE 30LB .44MM, OPSIN FLUOROCARBON FISHING LINE 40LB .55MM, OPSIN FLUOROCARBON FISHING LINE 50LB .59MM, etc.

Features of Opsin Flourocarbon

  • Ideal for big game fish such as bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, or even marlin.
  • More abrasion resistant than standard nylon monofilament of the same diameter.
  • Fluorocarbon shrugs off UV with no ill-effects.
  • Waterproof—Unlike mono and some superliners, fluorocarbon doesn’t absorb water


  • Has active social media pages; Facebook and Instagram
  • Accept various means of payment including Paypal
  • Good customer Support


  • Not enough user reviews online
  • Fairly new fishing company

Is Opsin USA a Scam?

Certainly not!

Opsin USA is a legitimate fluorocarbon fishing line company based in Southern California. This company offers a good price on its fishing lines, plus a 10% off discount and free shipping. The Opsin Fluorocarbon line has been tested on YouTube and named a gamechanger for Tuna fishing. The special thing about Opsin is the clear fluorocarbon line instead of all these colors you see with other brands. Right now, you can get 20% off Opsin Fluorocarbon Leader Line and FREE SHIPPING if you use the code: YSWG22 on the opsinusa.com website.


From all indications, opsinusa.com is a legit store to buy Fluorocarbon fishing lines. The store has been operating since 2020, and offers a 30-day return policy. Meanwhile you can contact them through email [email protected] or phone call – 8282791215.

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