One Plan Medical Aid Reviews 2023: Genuine? What You Must Know

Are you considering enrolling in One Plan Medical Aid and wondering if it’s a good choice? One Plan has been offering medical aid plans to the South African market for several years now, and it is important to look into its reputation and user reviews before jumping into any decisions. Read this honest review to find out.

What is One Plan Medical Aid?

One Plan Medical Aid is a medical aid provider in South Africa. They offer various plans that provide coverage for hospitalization, surgery, and other medical expenses. Their memberships range from the most basic, which gives access to essential medical coverage, to the more comprehensive packages that provide additional benefits such as dental coverage, optometry, and wellness programs. All of their plans are offered at competitive rates, making them an attractive option for individuals and families.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Using One Plan Medical Aid


  • Affordable rates
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Range of medical plans to suit different needs


  • Inconsistent customer service
  • Additional charges for certain benefits
  • Claims processing can be slow at times

What You Must Know About One Plan Medical Aid

One plan is a medical aid provider in South Africa. They offer coverage for hospitalization, surgery, and other medical expenses However, Customers have reported long waiting times and difficulties getting a response to their queries. There are also complaints regarding the claims submission process. Members claim that it can be a lengthy and complicated process to submit a claim and receive payment.

Additionally, It is the difficult accessing certain services or benefits without additional charges. For example, One Plan does not include dental coverage in its most basic plan, which means users must pay extra for it.

Comparisons with Other Medical Aids

When compared with other aid providers, One Plan has different strengths and weaknesses. While their rates are among the most inexpensive in the market, some of their benefits are not in their basic package. This may be a disadvantage for those looking for comprehensive coverage.


In conclusion, This Medical Aid may not be the perfect solution for everyone. They face the same challenges as other medical aid providers with mixed reviews from users. Their affordability and great range of coverage options make them worth considering. However, customers need to prepare themselves for some issues related to customer service, waiting times for payments, and additional charges for certain benefits.

Have you tried the services of One plan ? Were you satisfied with it? Please share your reviews in the comment section, or browse through our catalogue here.


  1. Is One Plan Medical Aid affordable compared to other medical aids?
    Yes, One Plan is generally an affordable option when compared with other providers in the market.
  2. Does One Plan cover pre-existing conditions?
    Yes, One Plan does cover pre-existing conditions, as long as the member has disclosed the condition at the time of enrollment.
  3. How quickly are claims processed with One Plan Medical Aid?
    The processing time for claims can vary, but there have been complaints about longer wait times for payment.
  4. Can I use One Plan outside of South Africa?
    No, One Planonly provides coverage within South Africa.
  5. Is it easy to cancel my One Plan membership if I am not satisfied?
    Yes, you can cancel your One Plan membership at any time, but be sure to review the terms and conditions of your policy to ensure compliance with requirements.

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