Omega XL Review: Did It Help My Arthritis? Find Out

Are you struggling with arthritis and joint pain? Are you considering buying Omega XL? Don’t buy it yet until you’ve read this customer report.

Overview Of Omega XL

Great HealthWorks is a company located in Hollywood, Florida, and they’re the ones who make and sell Omega XL joint pain relief and inflammation supplemen. Omega XL is a type of nutritional supplement, often used for joint health.

However the most important question is if it works. Keep reading!

The ingredients in this product include

It has green-lipped mussel oil extract, olive oil, and vitamin E.

My Experience Using Omega XL

I saw a TV ad and gave this product a shot, even though I was skeptical. My knees were hurting bad. I got 2 bottles from Amazon.

After two weeks, I’m surprised it’s actually helping. My pain is way less, and I can move around longer.

But there’s a hiccup – the soft gels were stuck together like they had a party in the bottle corner. I had to cut the bottle and chill them to unstick. Also, it’s a bit pricey.


  • It helped me out with my knee problem
  • I can move around a lot more now


  • It’s a bit expensive
  • The gels stuck together during the summer

Side Effects

If you experience burping, taste changes, appetite loss, stomach issues, back pain, or a dry mouth, it’s common with this.

Is Omega XL A Scam?

No it’s not a scam, however In June 2021, the FDA warned Great Healthworks, Inc. about their website’s claims regarding Omega XL and ProbioticXL supplements. They said OmegaXL could ease joint pain and was a strong Omega-3 supplement, but tests didn’t fully support these claims. Therefore a lawsuit was issued Also, a customer complaint said

The package was just delivered. I opened immediately and all the pills are stuck together. Can’t get out of bottle. Seems like half of them popped open and gelled into one big mess. Says I can’t return. Very upsetting as it was not cheap. 


Where To Buy

You can buy omega XL from Amazon, or book an appointment with Mayo clinic. The price is between $48.99 to $49.99.


In conclusion, Omega XL is a special omega-3 supplement. It helps joints and your health. It’s different because it comes from special mussels. If used right, it can ease joint pain, boost flexibility, and keep you healthy.

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  1. Is Omega XL safe?
    • Yes, is generally safe. Consult your healthcare professional before using.
  2. Can I take with other medications?
    • Usually, it will XL has no known interactions, but inform your doctor about all medications.
  3. How soon can I expect results from this product?
    • Results vary; some see improvements in weeks. Consistent use is recommended.
  4. Does it interact with other supplements?
    • No known interactions, but consult your healthcare professional. XL safe for seafood allergy sufferers?
    • Caution for seafood allergies, consult an allergist or doctor.

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