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Noor FX Managed Fund Review: 5 Things You Should Know Review: Genuine or Fraudulent Investment Platform?

Is Noor FX Managed Fund to be trusted? Or is unreliable? We have had a lot of queries from readers who are considering the investment option being offered by Noor FX Managed Fund. As a result of that, we decided to look into this platform.

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

Our review of NoorFXmanagedFund serves as an eyeopener about this investment program. We hope this review meets you well, and on time.

What is

Noor FX Managed Fund is an investment platform that gives retail Investors exposure to the international currency markets but without the risk, education and time associated with managing your trading account.

According to the information on their About Us Page ”Their vastly experienced traders capitalize on decades of financial experience to trade the international currency markets on your behalf and with an exceptionally high level of success

NoorFX Team- Are They Reliable?

This platform is being run by a team of four allegedly independent traders in different field of expertise. They are- Jay Marshall, David Hall, James Williams and Kyle Mathews. They allegedly operate from Dubai, Hong Kong and Malta.

However, it seems the images provided are not the right images of the team. Using google search image, we realized that the image being used for James Marshall is actually someone named Adam Haems who happens to be a Cryptocurrency Fund Manager, but does not make mention of NoorFx on his Linkedin profile/page.

We hope the Company would address this issue soon. No doubt, the people behind Noor FX Managed Fund took extra time to put together this professional platform.

However we have our concerns.

Noor Fx Strategy

The Noor FX Manged Fund team don’t provide concrete details and trading methodology. They say they are utilizing high frequency algorithm trading, however they don’t give us much to feed on. We think this Company should address that.


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Noor FX Group Analysis

Type- Managed Account Funds

Strategy- Unrevealed

Price- $10,000

Founded- 2009

The minimum fee which is ‘$10,000’ is the highest we have seen so far when it comes to managed account baseline. Is NoorFx worth it?

Noor FX Trading Results

NoorFX Group don’t show verifiable results. It is true that they provided their trading results for their four plans, however it only shows monthly returns and not trading data. The Noor FX Group should also consider using Myfxbook to verify their trades.

Is NoorFX Manged Fund Licensed?

This is where our problem with this platform lies. They claim registered with Dubai UALQ investment authority. However, when we ran an indepth investigation, we discovered it does not exist. Same is applicable to their Company ‘ Metrix Global Trading Group’.

This simply means there are no Financial Regulatory body acting as a watch dog over their activities. We do hope that the people behind NoorFX will fix this issue soon enough.

Our Final Thoughts On NoorFX

Noor FX Managed Fund shows a lot of prospects. However, there are a handful of unverified information. We believe this issues would be fixed in no long time.

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