Review: Is The Nooro Foot Massager a Scam?

So you must have come across lots of articles online and YouTube videos about the Nooro Foot Massager. Like you, I’ve been flooded with lots of Ads promoting the Nooro Foot Massager. However, when I read reviews online they all seem fake – purely sponsored posts.

Hence, I decided to take a chance, buy it, and share my honest review. So here goes my Nooro Foot Massager review, results, pros, cons, and what I honestly think about this EMS foot massager.

How Does The Nooro Foot Massager Work?

It’s a foot massager that use EMS technology to soothe muscle tension, boost blood circulation, and strengthen weak muscles. There’s also the promise of instant pain relief. Portable and light, it’s quite simple to use. Charge it, put your feet on the device, switch it on, and then adjust the intensity level to your choice.

Sounds pretty much

My Experience Using Nooro EMS Foot Massager

A little background story; I have severe nerve damage in my back that caused foot drop and constant neuropathy pain in my right lower leg and foot. This has also caused atrophy and complex regional pain syndrome. I have lived with this pain 24/7 for almost 10 years even with injections and medication. 

So I took the 50% discount on and placed my order for two of the massage mat at the price of $89.95 each.

I was excited to use this on opening but had to first charge for at least 30 mins to use. Stepped on it at lowest setting and I felt it. More on the right foot than the left. I turned it up and felt the tingling sensation on both feet. It seem to radiate up to just above my ankles.

It works great after a long day when my heel is killing me. I just have to do this for 10 minutes and the pain goes away. At first I had trouble going past four but now I’m up to level 19!. However, I discovered that I could buy similar make for just $35 on Amazon, that has lots of positive reviews. I can’t shake the thought of being cheated by


  1. It brings temporary relief to my feet pain
  2. It charges quickly and lasts for some days


  1. It’s very expensive

Is The Nooro Foot Massager FDA Approved?

Yes, it is FDA approved. Nooro foot Massager is highly recommended by medical professionals as a class II medical equipment for pain relief.

Does Nooro Foot Massager Work?

Yes, it works, it provides relief to neuropathy, edema, chronic foot pain and plantar fasciitis. However, it is temporary relief.  I use it twice a day, medium intensity, it works great and I definitely feel a difference. My only grievance with this product is that it is overpriced.

Is Legit? What You Must Know Before Buying

Despite having a team that responds to both complaints and positive reviews online, there are a couple of things i discovered:

Expensive Returns

  • Even though the return policy might seem nice, sending stuff back to Hong Kong can cost you quite a lot of money at international rates. Some people said they were quoted over $30 for their packages.

Generic Product

  • I took a look at these massagers listed on Alibaba and discovered that Noore is similar to Habesli Foot Massager, a big wholesale website. It’s where Nooro gets their hands on these generic massagers. That can give you an idea of what you’re dealing with.


Nooro Foot Massager works effectively, however, it’s sold for very high price even with the so called 50% discount. There are cheaper EMS foot massagers on Amazon that work perfectly.

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