Nakefit Reviews: Is Nakefit Adhesive Soles Worth Buying?

Ever wondered if sticking pads to your feet could replace regular shoes? Enter NakeFit, an adhesive solution claiming to protect your feet while offering a barefoot feel. But is it a game-changer or just a temporary fix? This review will help you decide.

What Is Nakefit

Nakefit is an online store that sells Nakefit is a smart collection of vibrant, easy-to-attach, slip-resistant, and waterproof stick-on soles. They’re like protective stickers for your bare feet, keeping them safe from rough surfaces at places like the beach, parks, spas, swimming pools, or anywhere you might be walking barefoot. These soles are crafted in Italy using vegan materials and are available in various lively colors. I decide to try the Nakefit hypoallergenic adhesive pads.

What Nakefit offers:

  1. Anti-Slip and Anti-Resistant: Walk confidently on hot sand surfaces without slipping.
  2. Waterproof: Protects children’s feet from warts/verruca and reduces the risk of dangerous slips.
  3. SPA-Ready: Safeguard your feet in spa environments, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene.

Testing The Nakefit Soles

I got these shoes from their official website, and they took about 14 days to arrive. I bought it for my swollen feet.

The slip-ons are all about enjoying the benefits of “going barefoot” without compromising on foot protection. They claim to be fully waterproof, which is awesome. However, the company, based in Italy, doesn’t give many details about the materials or how long these sticky pads will last. How many times can I wear them in and out of the pool? And what are they made of? However They are perfect for water sports or outdoor activities where you want that natural grip feeling.

Nakefit Pros: What I Like About It

  • These shoes are handy when your feet swell on vacation, and regular sandals feel uncomfortable.
  • Has a waterproof Design

Nakefit Soles Cons: What I Don’t Like

  • It’s unclear when the shoes will be delivered.
  • The website lacks details about the materials used, raising durability concerns.
  • You don’t know the number of times you can wear these sticky pads.
  • The website doesn’t explain the return policy.

Where To Buy

You can buy Nakefit products from their official website and also from Amazon. This product costs £30 for a pack of 10 soles. You can choose from pink, black, or light blue colors. It’s suitable for use by women, men, and babies.

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Can I use NakeFit more than once?

No, NakeFit is meant for one-time use only.

Does Nakefit Protect Your Feet

Yes it does. The adhesive soles and pads helps to protect your feet in any condition.

How To Apply

Applying NakeFit:

  1. Make sure your skin is clean, dry, and without any cuts or wounds.
  2. Apply NakeFit only on the soles of your feet, avoiding other areas.
  3. Use clean, dry hands to handle the product; don’t apply on open wounds.
  4. For the best adhesion, apply NakeFit 30 minutes before entering the water.
  5. Gently remove the product after use.
  6. Remember, NakeFit is for one-time use and should be thrown away after each use.

Is A Legit Website To Buy Adhesive Soles Online?

Yes, it seems likely that is a legitimate site and not a scam. The website was made back on December 16, 2016, showing it’s been here a while. They don’t make it look like you’re getting something for nothing. According to this trust score, it seems like the website is legit.

These stick-on soles claim to be waterproof, anti-slip, and safe for kids. However, questions linger about their durability, especially considering the minimal details about the materials used. While the Kickstarter campaign has generated significant funds, whether NakeFit will be a game-changer or a pricey one-time use remains to be seen. Also there aren’t much customer reviews about this product online.

Signs That Prove Nakefit Is A Legit Website

Safe Website

The website is safe to use with a secure connection (HTTPS).

Easy Payments

You can pay in different ways, making it convenient.

Clear Rules

The website has straightforward rules you can understand.

Good Trust Score

The website’s trust score is 73/100, which is a good sign.

Been Around a While

The website has been here since December 16, 2016, showing it’s not brand new.

Discounts Not Shown

They don’t say much about discounts, but that’s okay for many legit sites.

Where They Are

They say they’re in Milan, Italy, which adds credibility.

No Strong Opinions

People haven’t said much about it, good or bad.

Email Checks Out

The email they give is [email protected], a regular kind of email.

Returns Not Clear

They don’t say much about how you can return things, which could be clearer.

How Can You Pay?

  • They’ve got multiple ways for you to pay, like with your regular credit cards (Visa, MasterCard), or even with services like PayPal, Apple Pay, and others.


NakeFit seems like a good option for people with swollen feet or those who enjoy going barefoot. However, it’s important to note uncertainties about delivery times, the materials used, and how long the product lasts. Also, the unclear return policy raises some concerns for those thinking about purchasing.

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