I Tried Myoglow Neck Lifting Device: Here’s My Unbiased Review

Do you want to get rid of Fine lines and Wrinkles? I recently came across this device called Myoglow Neck Lifting Device sold by My Derma Dream, that promises to tighten, and I decided to test it for myself.

In this review, I’ll share my experience using this device, its pros, cons and help you make an informed decision.

Overview of Myoglow Neck Lifting Device

Myoglow claims to give you younger-looking face without surgery or fillers. To be used from the comfort of your home for lifting, sculpting, and tightening your skin with its 4-in-1 anti-aging effects. It comes with a USB charging cable and instruction booklet.

The devices allegedly offers the following benefits;

  • Get a natural lift without injections
  • Adds depth without piling on makeup
  • Make your cheekbones stand out
  • Highlights your best features
  • Defines your jawline
  • Gets rid of puffiness
  • Helps to minimize wrinkles

How Does Myoglow Device Work?

MyoGlow uses Light Magic Therapy. It allows light waves go deep into your skin, rejuvenating at a cellular level.THE RED LIGHT fights aging, the BLUE LIGHT zaps acne bacteria, while the GREEN LIGHT minimizes puffiness, contours, and slims your face. Then it uses a needle-free way to drive active ingredients deep into your skin which helps to lower cell wall resistance, opening pores for serum.

After that it Warm-Up with Thermal Therapy and finishes it off with a Sonic Stress Melter.

Sounds incredible right? Well I decided to put it to test to see its efficacy.

My Experience Using MyoGlow System

I bought Myoglow from shop.mydermadream.com, and it arrived in 7days. The guide says to work it around my neck, cheeks, and forehead. Pro tip: Drench the whole zone in primer! Trust me, this avoids an awkward electro-tingling feeling when the tool’s not gliding smoothly.

Thankfully, the learning curve was short. After a week, I hit the top power and turned it into my bedtime thing. But, the Primer breaks between sections take extra time. Each rep’s just five seconds, so a section’s less than a minute. But to keep it comfy, breaks and primer made it a bit longer than the promised five minutes.

The Glow-Up I used it for 30 days. My forehead feels firmer and though I am yet to see result in my wrinkles, my brows ,cheeks, and those lines around my mouth look better now. This might not be instant magic, but it’s definitely worth trying.

MyoGlow Pros: What I Like About This Neck Lifting Device

  • Forehead feels firmer after 30 days.
  • Promise of postive impact on the long run.
  • Noticeable changes in lines around the mouth.

MyoGlow Cons: What I Don’t like

  • Yet to see results in wrinkles.
  • It’s not an instant fix, requires consistent use.

Does Myoglow Really Work?

Yes, it does work, but not instantly or under 5 minutes. Some people may notice their skin feels tighter and looks more sculpted right after using MyoGlow but it’s a placebo effect. It takes days or weeks even to see results.

Myoglow Customer Complaint And What You Must Know

Though Myoglow has a good rating of 4.8 rating on Trustpilot, there are lots of customer complaints on BBB and Reddit concerning product delivery delay due to restocking.

ordered this product 11/30/23 it is now 12/20/23 . If I had known about there restocking issues etc. I would have never ordered from this seller. I have emailed several times finally I just requested a refund and not to ship when restocked. Been baited with free product which I do not want and more emails trying to promote more products they are selling.


Where To Buy

You can buy Myoglow sculpting device from their official website mydermadream.com and also from Amazon. The price is $68.00.

How To Use

  • 1. Cleanse Your Skin: Gently wash your face.
  • 2. Use Your Chosen Serum: Apply your favorite activator serum.
  • 3. Power On & Pick Mode: Turn it on and choose your treatment setting.
  • 4. Glide Away: Apply to your face, jaw, and neck with uplifting motions.

Are There Side Effects of Using Myoglow Device?

Some people mention feeling a bit tingly, uncomfortable, or having skin irritation or dryness after microcurrent facials. Some also say it makes them a bit drowsy, dizzy, or causes facial twitching.

Is Myoglow Neck Lifting Device Safe?

Yes, it is safe, as it doesn’t use high electrical energy. However, it’s crucial to skip if:

  1. You are Pregnant:
    • No one’s sure how they might affect the baby, so it’s better to avoid them during pregnancy.
  2. Own a Pacemaker:
    • Since pacemakers deal with electrical energy, using microcurrent tools could cause complications, although it’s rare.
  3. Have Epilepsy:
    • If you have epilepsy, hold off on microcurrent tools until more research clears up potential side effects related to abnormal electrical activity in neurons.

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Finally, MyoGlow is easy to use and its efficacy is remarkable. In 30 days, my forehead feels firmer, and while wrinkles haven’t completely vanished, my brows, cheeks, and those lines around my mouth are showing some positive changes. But you should know It’s not a quick fix.

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