Mydermadream Reviews {2023} Do These Beauty Products Work?

Do you desire a glowing skin? Are you considering buying Mydermadream products? Don’t do that yet. Go through this Honest Review to find out if it really works or a sham.

Mydermadream: What is It?

Mydermadream is a brand that offers three trendy beauty products – microscrulpt, biolux, bioglow, . These product together, heals that skin from within. MicroSculpt is a portable microcurrent massager that gives benefits similar to a spa treatment in the comfort of your home. Biolux is the latest in luxury bio- ilumecent Therapy mask while bioglow can be used to fight acne and prevent skin from aging.

Does Mydermadream Beauty Products Really Heals The Skin?

Yes it does but not to the extent it’s being advertised on the website. There are both positive and negative reviews online about the product.

See what customers have to say –

This works great. It’s very much like the TENS unit the chiropractor uses on my back to take away pain and inflammation. It rotates with different vibrating pulses and when I’m done using it, I look twenty years younger. Whether the results will work over the long term? I don’t know. What I do know, is use this before going out and you’ll look like a million bucks. Some people complained it was too strong…turn it down! It has settings. I found it very easy to use.onth and my skin feels and looks younger!

Hilario Sepulveda

Bought this for my wife because she was so excited for the results. The first time she tried it on setting 1 and her whole face cramped, and she said it felt like an instant toothache and a strange sensation on her skin. She told me immediately and asked me to google some reviews and see if it’s normal and she would’ve kept using it religiously but after reading a lot of reviews on this and other sites, she’s convinced it is very cheap and a knock off version. Very disappointed as it’s not cheap and the videos and everything are very different then the actual product. Terrible



  • Mydermadream skin products combats aging and anti-aging
  • The skin should feel soft and nourished
  • All skin types safe
  • All pimples must be removed
  • Black spots are easy to control
  • Sunburn prevention is possible with this effective treatment


  • It is pricey.
  • No adequate description of the product
  • ingredients used are not specified
  • Has some negative reviews online


From all indications, mydermadream claims to offer microscrulpt, biolux and bioglow beauty products. Meanwhile, there are some negative reviews online about it. Therefore, customers should tread with caution.

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