My Magic Carpet Washable Rugs Review: Does It Live Up To The Hype? A User Experience

Ever considered buying washable rugs for your home? Wondering if My Magic Carpet lives up to the hype? In this review, I’ll share my experience with this washable Magic Carpet that i ordered from Amazon and whether they’re worth it.

Overview Of My Magic Carpet

My magic carpet is a washable rug made by Magic Carpet a new company that makes eco-friendly rugs using a special lightweight material called 100% microfiber polyester. Each My Magic Carpet washable rug has a special waterproof lining made from polyurethane. You can toss it in a regular washing machine, and it won’t fall apart.

The features Include

  • Easy Cleaning: My Magic Carpet rugs are machine washable, eliminating the need for professional mat cleaning or dry cleaning.
  • Protection and Durability: Made from 100% microfiber polyester, these rugs are resistant to stains and spills. A waterproof inner liner ensures your floor stays dry.
  • Secure and Lightweight: These rugs have a non-slip, lightweight design, providing both safety and convenience. Toss them in the washing machine for easy maintenance.
  • Family and Pet-Friendly: Ideal for busy households, these rugs can handle spills, accidents, and messes. They are easy to clean, and the waterproof liner keeps your floors safe.

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Testing The Magic Carpet Rug In My Sitting Room

I got these rugs from Amazon for my sitting room, and they showed up in just 5 days. Gotta say, they look beautiful with their textile design, but they weren’t as soft as I expected. On the plus side, they’re non-slip and you can just toss ’em in the washing machine if they get dirty.

I actually bought 6 of these rugs, and they’ve been working great for me! But here’s the thing, the size was too small for my space. I couldn’t swap it because they don’t make a bigger one. Returning it might be a bit tricky, and I might have to pay for the return. Plus, they don’t do returns with Whole Foods or Kohl’s.

My Magic Carpet Washable Rug Pros: What I Fancy

  • Got these rugs from Amazon, and they arrived super quick, like in 5 days.
  • They’re honestly quite the lookers with that textile design.
  • Best part, they’re non-slip, which is awesome for safety.
  • The best part is they’re machine washable, making cleanup a breeze.

My Magic Carpet Cons: What I Don’t Like

  • They weren’t as soft as I hoped they’d be, which was a bit of a letdown.
  • The size I got turned out to be too small for my space. Unfortunately, they don’t make a larger one.
  • Now, here’s the tricky part – returning them. Might have to pay for that, and they don’t work with Whole Foods or Kohl’s returns.

How To Wash

  1. Machine wash it separately.
  2. Use cold water and mild detergent.

My Magic Carpet Vs Ruggable: Which Is Better

You know, there are a couple of reasons why we went for Ruggable over My Magic Carpet.

First off, Ruggable just gives you more choices when it comes to sizes. It’s like your friendly neighborhood carpet shop, where you’re likely to find the size you’re looking for. My Magic Carpet, on the other hand, can be a bit limited in that department.

And then there’s the technology bit. I was a bit skeptical about the whole two-layer thing at first, but with Ruggable, it kind of makes sense. It’s more practical compared to the traditional one-layer designs or even what My Magic Carpet offers.

Now, I’ll admit, Ruggable can be a tad more expensive, especially if you throw in that extra cushioning pad. But when you think about the practicality you’re getting, it’s worth it. Plus, they even offer financing if you’re not up for the full cost right now.

So, for us, Ruggable just seemed like the better choice.

Where To Buy

You can buy this rug from their official website and also from Amazon. The prices on these websites differ.


When it comes to My Magic Carpet, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. They offer eco-friendly, washable rugs. But some folks find them less soft than expected. Plus, if you get the wrong size, it can be a hassle to exchange or return, and there might be some costs involved.


1. What is My Magic Carpet?

  • My Magic Carpet offers eco-friendly, washable rugs made from a unique microfiber polyester material.

2. Are the rugs easy to clean?

  • Yes, they are machine washable, which makes cleaning a breeze.

4. What material are the rugs made from?

  • They are made from 100% microfiber polyester.

5. Are My Magic Carpet rugs soft to the touch?

  • Some find them a bit less soft than expected, so consider the texture.

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