I Tested My Derma Dream Microsculpt: Here’s What I LOVE & HATE About This Anti-Aging Device

Do you want to buy Derma Dream Microsculpt? Are you wondering if it is better than the regular microcurrent devices? Does It really get rid of wrinkles, ? Here’s a consumer report,

In this review I share my experience using My Derma Dream, its pros, cons, and everything you should expect when you buy this mouthpiece toothbrush.

Overview Of My Derma Dream

My Derma Dream sells skincare devices like ones that reduce wrinkles and improve skin. MicroSculpt is the most loved product from My Derma Dream, and it’s a microcurrent device. The manufacturers claim that it works on facial muscles and boost blood flow to the skin by sending tiny electrical currents into it and this helps reduce fine lines amongst other claims. But does it work?

How To Use

  • First, charge the My Derma Dream for a whole day.
  • Next, slide it three times on one side of your neck, do this three times.
  • Then, glide it three times on one cheek, repeating this three times.
  • Finally, swipe it upward on one side of your forehead, do this three times.

I Bought My Derma Dream Microsculpt: This is What Happened To My Face

I paid $291 on two of these devices, feeling all excited about the magic they promised. At first, it was all good seemed to be working like a charm. But then, out of the blue, one just gave up on me after a little over a month.

I tried reaching out, but it felt like I was talking to a brick wall. So, I took it up with PayPal, and suddenly, they send me a replacement. The replacement arrives, and it’s still the same. Faulty and defective.

It doesn’t do half of what they show in those online videos. Now, they’re holding onto my money, and I’m stuck with a device that’s more like a decoration than a working product.

Pros: What I Like About This Microsculpt Device

  • It’s pretty straightforward to use;
  • no complicated instructions

My Derma Dream Microsculpt Cons: What I Don’t Like

  • It isn’t made from strong materials – my device broke down in less than two months.

Derma Dream MicroSculpt Vs NuFace

I’m not big fans of recommending this product because i don’t think it really works. But, if you’re set on getting a microcurrent device, we’d lean towards My Derma Dream’s MicroSculpt over NuFace. Why? Well, it’s easier on the wallet – $139 compared to NuFace’s $209. There’s this kind of concerning cancer warning on NuFace’s website, but My Derma Dream doesn’t have anything like that. So, if you’re in the market for a microcurrent device and want to play it safe, go with the cheaper and warning-free option.

What You Must Know Before Buying This MicroSculpt From Derma Dream

Terrible Customer Service

The company’s customer service is nonresponsive and it will be a miracle to receive a response especially when you have an issue with their products. In my case I reached out to Paypal before i received a response from them.

Defective Product

Most of their products either stopped working after few weeks or do not work at all. Customer complaints on BBB( Better Business Bureau) have reported cases. A customer complaint said

I purchased the derma dream some months ago. It never worked. Not at all. It was faulty and I couldnt even try it out. It just wouldnt come on and stay on no matter how much I charged it. Customer service never answered my calls at all. Ever. I just want a refund and not deal with this company again. Also the restrictions were not posted until you got the product. Stroke was a restriction. I had a traumatic brain injury so should have known before purchasing. This company sent me a completely defective product and would not answer calls.


Terrible Refund Policies

My Derma Dream runs a 90days money back guarantee but that seems to be unrealistic too. If you encounter any huddlers while using the product, you may never get your money back.

Side Effects

Definitely avoid using it on skin that’s already irritated or has issues. I’ve heard of some users having nerve damage, facial pain, and even cases of arrhythmia, broken capillaries, and stinging after using the device. So, it’s important to be mindful and observe how your skin responds to it.


My experience with My Derma Dream, especially the MicroSculpt, was not a good one. The device stopped working, got a replacement that was also faulty. Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to the skincare dream I had in mind.

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  1. Thank you for your reviews of these products they are extremely helpful!
    I stumbled opon this site looking for real reviews, trying to be be cautious of buying hype,dreams,&junk! I just purchased a serum claiming to work wonders ,from
    The Spa Dr. Do you know anything about their products by chance? Also I was curious about how to go about trying products and giving pure truthful reviews of them for the public consumers how do you start out doing this?

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