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Multivoltz Phone Charger Review: Legit Quick Charger or Scam?

Is Multivoltz a scam or can it really charge your phone from 0% to 100% in just 15 minutes? Read this review to find out!

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

Our Review of this product serves as an eyeopener. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

Multivoltz – Is This Charger Worth It?

One of the reasons why this device is the rave of the internet is because of the Innovative middle school teacher story ‘Kathy’ and the claim that this charger reverses phone aging and extend battery life.

However, when you dig beneath all the so called positive reviews online, you’d see that there are no genuine customer reviews of this product. The seemingly positive reviews were written by affiliate marketers who don’t care if the product actually works or not. What they are after, is their commission at the end of the day.

It is true that this website seems legit, however what you should be worried about is if this phone charger will actually charge your phone fast without having any damages?

What You Should Know About MultiVoltz Cell Phone Charger!

Though there are lots of positive reviews about this fast charging device, they are not telling you the exact truth about the product. Below are reasons why the MultiVoltz charger is not a good option-

False Claims

The claim that this charger can charge your phone from 0% to 100% in just 15mins is totally false. First of all, the Quick Charge(QC) technology, invented by Qualcomm, which Multivoltz claims to use is not compatible with all devices and it does not repair or heal the battery. But, Multivoltz claims it is possible.

Also, on the website the images of the charger carries the word ‘MultiVoltz’ but from the videos used for advertising the charger is a Chinese product called QuickCharge US Adaptor.

Customers who bought the MultiVoltz Charger confirmed it doesn’t charge phone fast as it claims, and that it is in fact a Chinese product.

The image below shows the experience a customer had when he bought the Multi Voltz charger.

MultiVoltz Reviews [April 2021]

Expensive Price is selling the charger for almost $22. The product itself is ‘QuickCharge’, when you check on Aliexpress it is been sold for as low as $4. Boltz Pro bought these chargers from the Chinese market, branded it ‘Boltz Pro’, did a ton of advertising with the Middle school story, and now want you to buy it for $22 whereas it can be gotten for far cheaper prices elsewhere.

The price difference is huge.

Fake Customer Reviews

The positive reviews online, both that of Youtube and Blogs, are all fake. This is because they were almost the same contents, copy and pasted with slight difference.

Also, We have seen this kinds of reviews and the exact device many times, and of a truth they are all the same. They don’t work. You can check this review here to see for yourself.

Does Multivoltz Charger Really Work?

The answer to the question is complicated.

What you should know is this ”Yes some chargers are fast, but they create two problems. Number one, HEAT. Boltz Pro uses 3 amp, 3 amps are known to heat up and destroys batteries. Number two, kills the phone’s battery. The claim that Boltz Pro would reverses battery aging and damage is totally false.

Fast chargers DO NOT reverse battery aging. There is no way a charger that is hot from being charged with 3 amp would fix any internal problems in your phone.

There is absolutely no proof or guarantee. Just pure sales tactic to make you buy the product.

Is Multivoltz A Scam?

From our findings, MultiVoltz phone charger is not a genuine product. Customers who bought this fast charger complained that it comes with NO instructions and doesn’t charge fast as claimed. Also, it doesn’t look anything like the information given by the supposed middle school teacher that says she invented it. The box has the inscription ‘Made in China’. There is no mention of ‘MultiVoltz’ anywhere.

Have you purchased multivoltz Charger? Is it worth the price? Please share your experience in the comment section!


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  1. I just plugged my MV Charger in at 2:43 PM while my phone was on 32%. It is now 2:58 PM and my phone is currently at 55%. Not exactly as fast as advertised! The real test for me though, will be to see if it brings my Note4 back from battery dead to a charge!

    1. It won’t…. It’s a scam. You wasted your money. Lithium battery technology is old. Battery life degrades almost as soon as you start charging it. That’s the technology. Fast charging at ANY LEVEL speeds up the detoration process. This has been proven time and again. Want to preserve your battery? Use a regular charger… Unless you plan on changing your phones every year

  2. This is a scam it doesn’t charge any quicker than my fast charger going to get my refund

    1. if this charged as fast as shown in the ads then why do the say and one of the first reviews that he puts his phone on overnight?

  3. I saw the youtube ad, i noticed that the picture of multivots charger charging a tablet, phones etc, all at once had a different name on it. I went to the website (which looked so bogus) and zoomed in on said picture and it actually was a different name with 3.0…. I searched some more and stumbled on this website… WOW

  4. Purchased a four pack of Multivoltz. No Instructions. 1 orange port & 3 green ports with no indication what the colors mean. Called customer support and got support for muti-,product seller who knew little. Returned for refund.

  5. I bought it based on the advertisement. I have tested it twice and it does NOT charge the phone battery in 15 minutes. Wish I searched the internet for reviews before I bought it. It took 1 hours and 39 minutes to charge my phone battery to 100% when it began at 62%. I paid $37 for this. Good lesson. And the info I just saw below from “Roger” said if batteries do any fast-charging, they go bad faster. Education. I also considered ordering 4 of these at the same time. Decided to test the first one out; glad I did. No need to be tempted to buy this product; it does not work.

    1. Wait, this was made by a MIDDLE SCHOOL TEACHER?? I got a YouTube ad saying it was made by 2 guys who quit their job

  6. My Apple cables don’t fit in the charger. It seems to require a different Cable. No mention of this other than in the Frequently asked questions it refers to “compatible cable”.

  7. I too fell for the scam, yes it charges, but 1. Not on all ports shown on the charger, and 2, not as fast as my dedicated charger which came with my phone purchase. Not happy.

  8. My MV charger just charges at the same speed as the charger that came with my Motorola phone. It can indeed charge 4 devices at once. However, I don’t have anymore than two devices that need to be charged at once.

  9. I’m from Kitchener Ontario Canada I bought eight of them their total garbage not impressed at all I’m so excited to get them to give them to my family it charges it just as fast as a normal charger don’t waste your money

  10. This is the worst rip off, I paid 39 dollars for charger being sold on eBay for 6 dollars. Money aside it dont do whats is advertised, it’s slow and i have a samsung tab that it won’t charge at all what a hoax.

  11. All batteries perform IF YOU USE THEM. Plug in to recharge when you have to, being certain your battery is about to die and shut you down. Unplug charger when it’s charged. Use the battery until it dies again. IF you have to unplug before you’re fully charged make certain she’s almost dead before plugging her in again. All rechargeable batteries work like this. If I bought a car it would be a Hybrid.

  12. This is truly a SCAM.. it doesn’t charge as fast as indicated. What a waste of money!! I DON’t see any money back guarantee.

  13. Just received the single charger I went for. I was so excited about the 15 minutes claim I couldn’t wait to unpack the device and check it out. As many have attested here, it is a completely false claim. I will be seeking a refund tomorrow. I would be surprised if it is easy to obtain. We’ll see….

  14. Purchased the advertised Multivoltz chargers. I agree completely with your review. These units are of a very cheap quality available on HonkKong street for $4.00 – $ 5.00.
    The performance is terrible poor, our simple Anker 3 Amp chargers purchased from Costco far outperform these units and are of a much higher quality.
    Multivoltz is a scam. Thank you. George R.

  15. I was skeptical, but thought it was worth a try at $20. I can’t really add anything new but can confirm other reports. The product received is not a MultiVoltz, does not do anything special, and is overpriced. If you want something that can charge multiple devices, find a cheaper one elsewhere.

  16. Open package — no instuctions. Phone was at 18%, after 15min phone at 27%. Tried to reach out to multiVoltz found no such website. Tried Support@MultiVoltz and found this website. Very disappointing.

  17. Saw the ad on YouTube. This is the same YouTube who takes down your video if it says anything against the fake vaccine, even if you quote the authorities, or the current President. YouTube is into government censorship of opposing views, Fascist, Communist. YouTube gladly allows REAL scams.

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