Mounjaro Reviews 2022: Does It Improve Blood Sugar In Adults Or A Sham?

Are you an adults with type 2 diabetes? Are you considering buying Mounjaro to to improve your blood sugar (glucose)? Don’t do that yet. Go through this Honest Review to find out if it is genuine or a sham.

Mounjaro (tirzepatide): What is It?

Mounjaro (tirzepatide) is an injectable prescription medicine that is used along with diet and exercise to improve blood sugar (glucose) in adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Mounjaro is a glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) and glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) receptor agonist.

It works by acting like GLP-1 and GIP, 2 hormones released by your gut after you eat to help you control blood sugar. These hormones tell your body to release more insulin, release less sugar, and slow down digestion. All of these actions help lower blood sugar levels.

How To Use Mounjaro Pen:

Use Mounjaro 1 time each week, at any time of the day.

  • Make sure the temperature is between 36°F to 46°F (2°C to 8°C)
  • Store the pens in the original packaging to protect your pen from light
  • Do not freeze the Mounjaro pens
  • The pen has glass parts. Handle it carefully. If you drop the Pen on a hard surface, do not use it. Use a new pen for your injection

Does Mounjaro Helps To Lower Blood Sugar?

Mounjaro might not work as advertised, as there is no customer reviews on other websites to justify its claims. Therefore, we are still skeptical about the authenticity of the product.


  • Given once weekly
  • Lowers A1C (average blood sugar over time) by up to 2.4% on average
  • Injections can be given with or without food
  • Comes as a ready-to-use injectable pen with a pre-attached needle
  • Can be used in people with liver and kidney problem


  • Only available as an injection
  • Available as brand name only, so it can be expensive
  • Can’t be used in children
  • Might not be safe during pregnancy
  • Can cause unpleasant stomach side effects (e.g., nausea, vomiting, diarrhea)
  • No customers reviews online


Mounjaro claims to help lower blood sugar levels, but there is no customer reviews online about the product. Therefore, we cannot vouch for its authenticity. Potential customers should be make should be cautious while buying the product.

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