Mission Credit Calls – Is It Scam or Legit Debt Consolidation? What You Should Know

Mission Credit sends out voicemails to people claiming to help clear out any outstanding balance on their credit card. The scammers behind this scheme request that you call back offering a debt consolidation of up to &30,000 but it’s all an attempt to generate leads for lenders. It’s basically a potential scam waiting to happen.

As a Cybersecurity Analyst, I’ve taken my time to investigate this website. This article provides a clear understanding of how it works, what to do if you fall victim, and lots more.

Exposing The Mission Credit Spam Calls

Mission credit was formerly called Tax health center and is a potential scam waiting to happen. Mission credit‘s aim is to generate more leads for lenders (finding more people who might want to borrow money) but this can lead to bad credit score, more debts.

The mission credit calls is obviously a mass spam call because thousands of people have gotten similar calls and are currently leaving reviews on Reddit. They make use of different phone numbers for each call and change their names quite often.

Victims Speak Out

Lots of Americans have received these calls and are currently talking about it on social media and other platforms like Reddit and YouTube. Some of the complaints include:

Just got another voicemail, despite no missed calls. They’re keeping my “account” open until the end of the month, despite previous messages on voicemail saying I had until the end of the week. Pretty sure it’s a scam because googling mission credit comes back with little to no results.

Unfortunately, I’m not the only one getting these. Fortunately, we can all rest assured that this is a scam. They have been blowing up my phone for months now. They finally started just sending them into my voicemail without a call. It just happened again so I decided to do some digging and found this post.

This scam has reached 863 area code. They’re getting smarter – left an actual registered voicemail. I called back because the female voice sounded exactly like a lady i am doing legitimate business with who is doing a great job but is under a lot of pressure. Because of this, I ignored that she did not give her name or company name just said call back at the given number. Don’t know if I am lucky that no one answered, just a recording identifying Mission Credit. I hung up immediately.

Tips to Avoid Debt Consolidation Scams in 2024

  1. Check the company: See if the company is trustworthy by looking them up online and checking if people have complained about them.
  2. Shop around: Don’t just go with the first offer you get. Look at different options to find the best one for you.
  3. Read carefully: Make sure to read all the details before agreeing to anything to avoid any hidden surprises.
  4. Don’t pay upfront: Avoid companies that ask for money before they help you.
  5. Ask about fees: Understand what fees you’ll have to pay and how they work.

How To Stop Unsolicited Calls

  1. Don’t answer calls from unknown numbers. Hang up right away if you do.
  2. “Local” caller IDs can be misleading, so be cautious.
  3. If a caller or recording asks you to press a button to stop calls, just hang up. It’s likely a scam.
  4. Avoid answering questions, especially those that can be answered with “Yes.”
  5. Never give out personal info like account or Social Security numbers over the phone.
  6. If someone claims to be from a company or government agency, hang up and call the official number to verify.
  7. Be wary of high-pressure tactics for immediate information.
  8. Set a password for your voicemail to prevent unauthorized access.
  9. If you use robocall-blocking tech, let them know about unwanted numbers. Register your number on the Do Not Call List to block telemarketing calls.

Final Words

Mission credit has nothing to do with mission lane company so the unsolicited calls you’re receiving have potential to be a scam. Be cautions online and watch out too good to true offers, check out reviews and verify before committing.

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