Minus Cal Bars- Is It a Scam? Honest Review (2023)

Does Minus Cal bars really make you lose weight? Does it block fat absorption? Are the claims true or is it another fad weight loss product? see what our in-house weight loss doctor has to say.

Minus Cal: The Fat Blocking

Minus Cal bars is a protein bar that was introduced in 2019 when the founder ‘ Barrett Jacques’ and his associate ‘Crom Carmichael’ appeared on Shark Tank. During their pitch they claimed the bar has been proven to block fat absorption, and can therefore help increase weight loss or prevent weight gain.

According to the duo, the magic ingredient is ‘Choleve’,  a proprietary ingredient that’s made from natural fermented tea extracts. However, the Sharks were not convinced of the legitimacy of the product, and they went ahead to warn the audience of it being a likely scam. Could this be true? Or is this big pharma at work?

Is Minus Cal’s Bars with Choleve a Scam?

First of all, there’s no such thing as a fat blocker. It’s just a term used by lots of weight loss products. These pills, supplements or diets are often sold with the claim that they contain a fat blocker, or they were made with a fat blocking code, but this is actually false.

Secondly, during the pitch Crom said he has been taking it for 12 years, but as of that moment they had only being in business for a year or so. Meanwhile, the product’s name ‘Minus Cal’ which means ‘Minus Calorie’ is quite deceptive.

Also, on Amazon, customers had left negative reviews stating it is not a weight loss bar but just a snack bar. It is just a sketchy overpriced product that is not entirely effective on its own. So yeah, Minus Cal does not really work, and its currently not in business.


Minus Cal is a viral protein bar that claims to work for weight loss, however it’s just a snake oil. In the short time it was sold, costumers left reviews warning the public that it does not block fat or help you eat less. It’s just an overpriced snack bar.

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