Meledo Company Limited Scam: Chinese Shopping Scams

“Meledo Company Limited” which is allegedly based in United Kingdom London is not a genuine company. From our investigations so far, we discovered it is a shady company linked to many untrustworthy online stores like Zonance, Souly Store, LydiaShoes, etc.

Are you considering shopping from Meledo Company LTD? STOP! Please read this review before doing so.

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

Our Review of this Ecommerce serves as an eyeopener. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

Meledo Company LTD Reviews

There are a lot of complaints from people who have shopped from online stores linked to Meledo Company. Below are some of the reviews sent to us-

  • ” I was scammed also , I ordered a ice maker colt red they set me a tiny plastic blue ice tray with a lid not what I purchased buyer beware . I will follow up with my bank institution . This website should and needs to be shut down we all need help with being refunded period”
  • ” I ordered two dresses from them and they were horrible-weird fabric and weird fit. Tried to get a refund and then refused. Don’t fall for their ads”

As a result of the mails we got, we decided to run an investigation to ascertain the authenticity of the Company. Unfortunately, there were a lot of negative reviews online. You can see for yourself here

Is Meledo Company Limited Legit?

Yes, it is. However, this does not mean you should blindly shop from online stores that use the Company.

One of the mistakes most people make is thinking any store that claims it is located in the UK is legit. Most of these companies were registered at the UK Companies House were it is very easy to register a company. You only need to provide $5, a pseudo identity and a virtual address which you can rent from virtual address service providers.

In the real sense, Meledo Company LTD is not located in London. Like most of the reviews online indicate, the products came all the way from China.

Are You Safe If You Use PayPal To Make Purchase From This Site?

Sadly, you’re not safe.

Some of these online stores exploit a major issue with Paypal’s system. You purchase the item, a few days later they find a tracking number that has shipped to your area (completely unrelated to you or your item) and then they post this tracking number into your PayPal transaction. PayPal sees this as a complete transaction and almost impossible to dispute.

So using Paypal is no guarantee that you wouldn’t be scammed. You just need to be wise, and ready for anything.

Scammed By Meledo Company Limited? DO This!

If you have been scammed by these lots, we advise you to immediately file a report with your bank. This would stop these lots from tampering with your account details in the future.


  1. My husband and I was scammed by this company for two scooters $65.00. Having a hard time getting a refund as don’t have any communication with company as far as showing we tried to get a refund or items from them. We are low income and this is twice I have been scammed by those kind of company’s. It’s a crying hame that people do this . It’s has stopped me from ordering anything off line besides from Walmart. I cry my husband is pissed. Isn’t there any way we get together and suethese company’s??

  2. What I find most disturbing about these companies are that legitimate games such as candy crush allow them to advertise on their website. By watching their adverts you can gain another game. So what are Candy crush doing about it?

  3. My husband and I ordered a mobility scooter for £30 and received a pair of sunglasses constant emailing kept them sending me information on the item in transit.
    I do think that the games companies should be taking more responsibility for these scams as they are obviously getting paid for advertising them it’s a disgrace

  4. I ordered two cheese boards from this company. I received an email telling me that my order had been processed. When I attempted to use the tracking number, I found that the website had totally disappeared. They are still selling these cheese boards and so far, I have found them under five different names, all part of Moledo out of London.

  5. I paid for a Xmas tree with this company and received a cheap paper fan and the item no on the packet is the same as the Xmas tree is so I have been scammed I will inform PayPal about this

  6. I am going to join the others this company is BS . Like everyone else trying to get them to tell me were my order was was a joke . At one point there told me the item I ordered was being tested . I wrote back asking what are you testing for . There are no moving parts in the item I ordered . I kept asking what were there testing for . I started not being very nice in a few of my emails . Don’t feel bad your not alone . We all saw a price on something that got us all . We all got suckered . Don’t worry about it anymore . Were not going to get our money back . Your not alone O.K Being mad or upset is not going to do anything for any of us .
    Remember one important in life . If the price is to good . Keep on walking by . Its going to be hard but You can do it . Remember what happen . Good luck to all

  7. I ordered 2 multilayer rotate storage shelfs from (Meledo Cie Ltd) advertised on Facebook in Oct 2021. Three weeks later I received by mail 2 cheap scarves valued £4 from un unknown source which I now believe to be from them. I can’t understand how any scammer from China can register his company in London without any control from the English authorities. I will not be refunded by my credit card company here in France even with a police report as I had given the pin number and even a confirmation number from my bank for the sale. So I get screwed both ways.

    1. Just been scammed as I became suspicious after ordering 3 laptops and aTV for the Xmas for £98 but when the delivery dates kept changing I decided to Google them and what I found is the Name of the company Laptopsale did not exist as a company but going to there terms and conditions I found Meledo Company. The order was 12/12/22 and I have not heard from them since. What do I do now

  8. I ordered very large halloween decorations from this company–they showered them life size against a natural background with trees and bushes. They sent me two 6 inch molded statues. They are totally and completely fraudulent and should be jailed for scamming honest people; I am considering suing face book for allowing them to advertise false merchandise on their site.

  9. Otofulla. They’re a complete scam. I ordered a storage shelf unit. They sent a cheap “silk” handkerchief. They never answer if you contact the email they sent to you if there’s any issues. Then they take their website off for days. When I managed to pull another email from the ‘contact us’ one day their website was online, they did reply on that, but now they also disabled that email. They constantly change the domain of their websites to keep using their predatory tactics. Do not buy anything from them.

  10. I looked through my bank statement because I purchased a craft cabinet on 2/7/2022, and it has a totally different name for the business. I was excited to be rearranging my house that was passed on to me after my mother recently passed. I am so tired of scammers that I honestly don’t want to purchase anything off of the internet from these fly by night businesses who’s whole objective is to rob. I work too hard to be a victim of theft.

  11. They are fraudesters..scammers beware of them..still they are scamming people ..don’t order from them.
    Beware of them.

  12. NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM A FACEBOOK POP UP ADVERT. Both Facebook and PayPal are facilitating these scams and I have been banned from the PayPal community forum for warning people that Paypal will process your payment taking their fees in the process but will not honour their guarantees and always side with the scammer. From that and the action they have taken against me I can only conclude PayPal are willing participants in these scams and need to be held to account. If PayPal are an honest company then why do they allow unverified companies access to their services as the info is so simple to get? As I say, just don’t buy off Facebook pop ups. An electric motorcycle for £7.95 SCREAMS SCAM and, quite frankly, anyone who falls for that is either brain dead or completely stupid and deserves to lose their money.

  13. I ordered a cheeseboard on 19/8/22 today 6/9/22 I received a crappy winged fork and spoon reading comments above looks like I have been scammed. Have sent an email but am now not expecting a reply and the phone number they supply on their website is discontinued. Live and learn even at my age I suppose at least it wasn’t a big sum I have lost

  14. I ordered a product from after seeing it on Facebook. It is a large raised garden kit sold on Home Depot and other reputable websites. The manufacturer is Outdoor Living Today, based in Canada. The ad had some positive reviews with photos (probably fake accounts set up by the seller). Also, some very distrusting comments; all got deleted quickly. Seller keeps telling people the product is shipped from the U.S. My tracking shows it is shipped from China. I posted that twice on the ad and my posts got deleted.

    Also saw the ad from puddingbin. The positive posts are duplicated from the puddingfly ad. When you enter in the address bar, it brings up Also saw the ad from hotameli (who is also benchpulp). I found a post from someone who ordered the same product I did. She ordered from cookiefruity (who is also baublesidekick) and that is where she posted. She received a USB cables thing (looks cheap). She posted photos of her order and what she received. Even though her post got deleted, I was able to find it. She also mentioned rubycosmic selling this product.

    I entered the urls for each of these sellers. Easy to do, enter one of the names listed above .com. All are the same website, except hotameli/benchpulp was smart enough to make it look different. All show the large raised garden kit that everyone thinks they are ordering.

    The cost for the raised garden kit on Home Depot is $3055. These scamming sellers are advertising it for $69.99 and free shipping. They are using the same photos as shown on Home Depot and Outdoor Living Today. I figured if all I got were the plans, it would be worth it. Now I am expecting the cheap USB thing the other poster received.

    Outdoor Living Today says this on their website:
    “ONLINE SCAMS – Facebook/Shopify
    Yes, these are scams. There are currently scams happening on Facebook that try to sell our products for $143, $197, $97, etc.
    Meledo Company Limited
    372 Southampton Row, Great London, WC1B SHJ
    United Kingdom (This is not a returning address)
    Company Number: 11736866
    TEL: 442086385417

    The other websites show the same company and address on their contact us pages.

    Besides here, I posted on Facebook (public post),,, and filed a report on Also contacted the credit card company and put a lock on my card. It’s a lot of effort for $70 but when you look at all the shares and “I want this.” on Facebook, this is getting out of hand.

  15. FYI: I just found another website which is controlled by Meledo Company LTD. It was just started in September 2022, and the domain lasts until September 2023. I am an IT Engineer / Programmer / Content Creator for my own website, and I think we need to just petition the hosting company. It is registered through Godaddy.

    Name:, LLC
    Registry Domain ID: D324153028-CNIC
    IANA ID: 146
    Abuse contact email: [email protected]
    Abuse contact phone: tel:480-624-2505

    These thugs are advertising on facebook marketplace as well. and this website in particular, is trying to sell laptops for $19.99. This totally goes against all principles of good decent human beings.

    Those of you who are out there that have been scammed by this digital mafia, please know that not all content creators are of this sort. As a representative of digital programmers, I am sorry. We’re not all like this.

    Beware New Website: – do not trust

  16. I was going to buy from this company, (Dateusha or Meledo) they said I could use PayPal at the check out, I would have to send them my bank details (I am never happy doing that on the internet)

    I sent them emails, I never got a reply, I phoned them on the phone number on their website (they have never heard of them

    As I was in London, I went to their ‘so called Office’

    There was a young girl in there, not very helpful or bright, she said she was just there to take details

    I asked about this company, she said she knew nothing, she just takes details and email them of at the end of the day

    She wouldnt give me the email address, it was confidential and under the data protection Act

    I am glad I never used my bank details or PayPal account, I would have lost money and going by the comments here, PayPal wouldnt have helped much (I have always trusted PayPal)

    Looks like this company is going on my blocked list and I am going to try and get Facebook to block or ban them (fat chance I know)

    But just as a warning be careful what you buy on Facebook, most are based in China

    1. Hey why didn’t you report to cops while you were there so the fraud squad could get the details of her boss or whoever she is sending emails to? I would have ripped the computer out and got all the info myself…

  17. I also ordered a mobility scooter on 01/10/2023 and still haven’t received anything. I emailed them several times but no response at all. No phone number I can find on the site to call?? What can I do? I just recently had a stroke and can’t afford to pay for this if it doesn’t come. I need help?!

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