Ma petite pharmacie Review: Why This Face Masks Store Is Unreliable Review: Scam or Legit medical mask store? We have had a lot of readers sending mails asking about the authenticity of Ma Petite Pharmacie Online store, this led to our review of Online shop.

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

Our Review of Ma Petite Pharmacie Ecommerce serves as an eyeopener. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

What is

MaPetite Pharmacie is an online store that claims to sell hydroalcoholic masks and gels , to help curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus. According to the words on their homepage “This provides our consumers with an enhanced safety protection against pathogens and infectious viruses including the dreaded 2019 Novel Coronavirus

Ma Petite Pharmacie Online Store is located on Their contact details as written on their site is-

  • email address- [email protected]
  • Address- TD LOG Chaussée de Lille Tournai Belgium
  • Number-0279811430

should you have a reason to worry about this store?

Why is Not Worth Your Money

In as much as the well designed platform of this store would make you think they are the real deal, the truth however remains that some fraudulent online stores do pay huge money to have their ecommerce platform look standard and convincing. This is because they know what they stand to gain by looking topnotch.

During our in-depth investigation about medicallex Masks we discovered the red flags listed below.

Fake Address

On their contact us page, they provide a google map of their address. This might look seemingly true to an untrained eye. However, when we checked the address we discovered it was that of a random business, and not medicallex.

This alone says a lot about Medicallex. Which legit company would pose with a fake address? None. Because every legitimate business has genuine intentions.

Anonymous Lots

After a thorough background search on who the owner/owners of this store is, we came up with absolutely nothing. This alone is an indication that the people behind this online store don’t have genuine intentions. If they do, they wouldn’t be hiding their details from whois

No History

This platform has no history at all. They claim more than seventy thousand people are happy with their services but a search online showed nothing at all. If seventy thousand people are satisfied with medicallex, the internet should be filled with customer reviews.

In fact, this website was registered few days ago, and it has a short life expectancy. The domain would be live for just one year. Enough time to dupe unsuspecting customers!

What Customers Have To Say About Site

Having listed all the cons of this site , it is important to read from those who had purchased from them. We were not surprised when we discovered that their reviews were all negative. Below is how medicallex site works.

  • Once you make an order for their products, they will debit you, but they will never send you any product.
  • They wouldn’t respond to your mail, neither do they provide a tracking number.
  • When you try to reach them with the number on their contact Us page, they don’t respond or even reply your query form.

A Customer have this to say about Ma Petite Pharmacie-

it is indeed a scam site created only for the coronavirus and without a clear and concise address no siret – siren practically no info on the owners or contacts, grouped opinions etc … to oppose on paypal. In addition as the withdrawal and the 14 days are after receipt of the package which will never arrive … Also note the “stock” of 900 products while it is out of stock throughout Europe

Signal Anarques

The Truth About

At first glance, Ma Petite Pharmacie appears to be a legitimate medical company selling masks and gel. On further inspection, the company has no presence online or offline. Those who paid for masks never received their order.

It’s clearly a scam, and some have already fallen victim to the site.

If you have been scammed by these lots, we advise you to immediately file a report with your bank. This would stop these lots from tampering with your account details in the future.

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