Mane Grey Reverse Bar Reviews: Does This Reverse Grey Hair Bar Shampoo Work? Here Is My Honest Reviews!

My hair stylist introduced Mane Grey Reverse Bar to me after noticing that my hair has turned grey even though I’m in my early thirties. This article comprises of this product’s description, my experience buying the product, its pros, its cons etc.

Do you want to restore your natural hair color, from gray hair to vivid dark color? Are you considering buying Mane Grey Reverse Bar to repair and fortify your hair and make it dark, grow thick, full, and healthy? Read this review to find out everything you need to know about this

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Product Description:

Mane Grey Reverse Bar is said to be a shampoo designed to reverse your gray hair, leaving you with a youthful and revitalized appearance. This Reverse Grey Hair Bar Shampoo not only transforms your grey hair to be naturally dark, it also provides various hair care benefits such as strengthening and moisturizing your hair.

How to Use

  • Apply the shampoo thoroughly on hair
  • Wait for 10-15 minutes
  • Rinse it out with warm water

My Experience Buying Mane Grey Reverse Bar

I bought Mane Grey Reverse Bar from its official website. It arrived after a week. The first time I used it was fantastic my scalp feel very clean and fresh. It smells so good and it is quick foaming. I waited for 15 minutes as directed but I did not notice it reversing the greying of my hair.

I tried it the second and third time and grey hair never turned black. While this soap didn’t reverse my gray hair it sure made my hair feel soft and shinny

Does Mane Grey Reverse Bar Really Work?

The short answer to this question is No It does not darken hair as claimed. I was totally disappointed with the product. As a result of this, users should not have high expectations when using Mane Grey Reverse Bar.

Don’t expect a miracle. While it won’t suddenly turn hair dark, it makes thinning hair long and full, it might boost the hair’s volume or strengthen strands to prevent hair loss and breakage.

Can A Shampoo Reverse Grey Hair

Yes, it can. Quality Shampoos and dyes may reverse the greying of your hair, but it’s a temporary solution

Better Alternative To Mane Grey Reverse Bar

Instead of using shampoos like Mane Grey Reverse Bar that will fade away and leave you hair to turn grey again. It is better to permanently solve the grey hair issue by doing the following-

  • Use Bhringraj oil or Amla oil to massage your scalp before hair wash. …
  • Using hair masks with amla, henna, and fenugreek seed powder will help you maintain your black hair. …
  • Avoid using shampoos that contain harsh chemicals.

What I like About Mane Grey Reverse Bar

  • Extend the Life Cycle of Hair
  • Reactivate Every Root

What I Don’t Like About Mane Grey Reverse Bar

  • It is expensive
  • Does not really work as claimed
  • Has no customers reviews online about the product.


Mane Grey Reverse Bar is a viral hair shampoo that claims to darken, remove buildup from your scalp and create long-term stimulation of follicles for growth. However, It did not work for when I used it and there are no customer’s reviews online about it. It is just like Hira Darkening Shampoo Bar. Therefore, potential customers should not have high expectations when using the hair shampoo.

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  1. The shampoo bar is of a very low quality. It disintegrates when dried and dissolves when wet. The first ingredient is SLS which is a harsh chemical and causes irritation and skin dryiness. I bought 3 bars because of the tempting discounts they offer but threw them all in the trash.

  2. i’m on week 6 of using it and it’s not working for me. I find it funny they give you a 30 day guarantee, but tell you it will take 6 weeks. That is pretty convienent for them.

  3. Do not use its a scam. Doesn’t work I used 3 bars as they hit me with a money back guarantee and now won’t give me my money back even though my hair is probably grayer than before. Complete scam

  4. Very expensive shampoo bar, don’t waste your money it does not work! Couldn’t find a place to leave a Google Review to alert anyone that may not find this page. Such a load of crap with these constant discounts the website offers too, the bars aren’t worth half of what they’re selling them for let alone the double price they claim to be the regular price. Company should be reported!

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