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Luvrosy Review: Deceit Exposed- Another Scam Store

Luvrosy Review: Is Luvrosy a legit store to buy female clothes? or is Store untrustworthy? We have had a lot of readers sending mails asking about the authenticity of Luvrosy Website, this led to our review of this Online store.

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

Our Review of this Ecommerce serves as an eyeopener. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

What is Is It Legit? is an online store that is selling different kinds of female apparel like jumpsuits, casual dress, shorts e.t.c for huge discounts.

Are you planning to shop from

We advise you to take a breather, and go through this review. The Coronavirus outbreak has birthed a lot of online scams ranging from online stores, investments and what have you.

So, don’t be in a hurry to buy from any online store without checking for reviews (Not just one, as you might be misinformed)

Is this store what it claims to be? Do you run the risk of not receiving your order? Is your credit card details at risk with this store? These and many more are questions we hope to answer with this review.

How Does Luvrosy Com Store Work

Luvrosy is located on-

This store provides the following contact information-

Mail: [email protected] 

Address: Room 4316, Block 3, 112-118 Gaoyi Road, Baoshan district,Shanghai.

should you have a reason to worry about store?

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Pros Of Buying From Luvrosy Store

  • Appropriately Secured- Provides an SSL certificate. This means your card details is secured from hackers to an extent.
  • Easy to use interface- has a friendly design that catches the eyes.

Why Is Risky- Redflags Discovered

During our in-depth investigation, we discovered the following cons of this Online Store.

Unbelievable Discount

You might probably be thinking of giving this store a try. But is it worth your money? The low price could be a a bait to make you lower your guard. Just like the saying ‘Too good to be true”, this might be likewise with this store.

Like we have noticed with some stores, It is either they send you a poor quality of what you ordered for, a cheaper item you didn’t order for, or they don’t send you anything at all.

Stolen Content and Images

On there are pictures of different kinds of clothes worn by models. However, one thing you’d notice is that the face of these models are cropped out. From our experience, it is the norm of fraudulent stores to make use of stolen images. They do this by cropping out the face of the models so you wouldn’t be able to run a ‘Google search image’ and find out they stole the images from online.

Negative Customer Reviews

Don’t be deceived by the positive reviews on this store. It is either they are fictitious or doctored. When we searched online for genuine customer reviews, we realize more than a handful of customers have been scammed. Majority were charged more than they ordered for and never received their orders, while few received an inferior quality.

A shopper has this to say about

Scam. I ordered over a month ago and as soon as I placed the order, I realized this site probably wasn’t legit so I emailed to cancel the order because their is no option to cancel, you have to email and wait for a response.- ScamDoc Review: Should You Shop Here?

The answer is NO. We are skeptical about this online store. We advise you to tread carefully. And do share your experience with us!

If you have been scammed by these lots, we advise you to immediately file a report with your bank. This would stop these lots from tampering with your account details in the future.


  1. Def a scam. I ordered a pair of pants. Was charged an international fee. 3 weeks later I’m asking for some kind of response from them via the email address on their website. Never one response. I will have to complain to paypal and my bank and see if I can get any of my money back. Don’t see that I will ever get my item I ordered and paid for.

    1. Omg I wish I seen this before I place my order. I was you able to get the money back on your card. Wondering if it will be a waste of time for me to try and call my bank to get this money back. I’m so upset with myself I wish I knew this before I spent $180

      1. My order is still unfulfilled since April 17th, I’ve sent several emails to them as well and finally got one response just saying “please wait another few day” I just disputed the charges today with Pay Pal Mastercard. They said it might take up to 60 days for them to do their full investigation. I can wait as long as they refund my $103.00. Hope this helps.

        1. I placed an order April 15th. Didn’t get a confirmation but I got an order#. I sent emails and finally got a response about my order. After 2 months a several emails later… I finally get my order in mail today and I was emailed a tracking# but the clothes are very cheap. The sizes are way off. I do not recommend this. They have no refunds & no returns. I can’t even pull up their website anymore.

          1. I ordered 2 dresses from Luvrosy on May 16th. The order came but the sizes were off, not true to form, and one of them had stains on it. I have emailed them 3 times with pics included per their policy, to return the dresses, but to no avail. Their policy states not to mail returns to the address from whence they were shipped and their is no phone number to call them smh. To date, I have not heard from them! This is a scam site and I am advising not to order from them.

      2. Bless your heart. I spent $107 and it wasn’t even all for me. My best friends birthday and bad part was I accidentally ordered 2 of the towels so it cost me double and I figured I’d just give one to her daughter but I have not got crap. I placed my order on 4/11/20!!!! I’m so mad right now. I’ve emailed them like 5 times. Got back one email said they were getting ready to ship, BUT NOPE!

    2. I ordered
      From them and they took my money from PayPal and realized after I never got the items I was scammed. PayPal won’t return my money and I have emailed Luvrosy and never got a response. Sad companies do this.

  2. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM LUVROSY.COM! I placed an order back on May 1st for 4 clothing items. I did receive an email from them saying they received my order and that they would email me as soon as my items were ready to ship. On May 4th they charged my credit card for the full amount and I never received an email from them saying that my items were on their way. Today is May 15th and I still have not received any emails from them and I have not received my clothing items. I have been trying to contact their customer service (if they even have one) via email. I have sent them at least 4 emails this past week asking them to respond. By the 4th email I told them I wanted to cancel my order completely and that I wanted a refund. I still have not heard from them. They don’t even have a telephone number on their website!! I have since found out that this a Chinese company and is probably a scam. I just wanted to warn others to not fall into the same trap I did. Now I have to dispute the charges with my credit card company. So annoying!!

    1. Wish I would have known it ..I thought it was litigate ..i ordered 5/3 nothing has arrived…money went out of bank right away…i am calling my bank…got the dress when they had it on Facebook…..54.98…….cant trust anyone……

    1. My order is still unfulfilled since April 17th, I’ve sent several emails to them as well and finally got one response just saying “please wait another few day” I just disputed the charges today with Pay Pal Mastercard. They said it might take up to 60 days for them to do their full investigation. I can wait as long as they refund my $103.00.

      1. Don’t hold your breath… I’ve been disputing this problem with paypal and they keep deciding in Luvrosy’s favor. I appealed it, and it seems to be going their way yet again. They are huge scammers and paypal doesn’t care.

    2. I also ordered the denim overalls and haven’t received them! I wish I had read these reviews first.

    3. Sorry! I just got my overall that I ordered late April. It not what I expect. It not the same as shown on the picture. Try to cancel if you can.

      1. I’ve tried canceled and they won’t let you cancel if the money are already taken from the bank. That’s what they responded to me.

  3. Ordered something 5 weeks ago. My credit card was immediately charged. No merchandise, no response. TOTAL SCAM.

  4. I have reported them to my PayPal acct. and they will either get my money back OR my order! It’s been over a month since I ordered, emailed them several times….no response!

    1. How did that go for you? It sure didn’t work for me. Paypal doesn’t care that they are collecting money for scammers.

  5. In the same boat unfortunately…
    Spent almost $100, on “cute” “inexpensive ” clothes
    Next day I decided to double check their web..and ofcourse I wrote an email to them asking to cancel my order..they asked me why…really
    Today I have pending payment..I hope to call my bank tomorrow and stop it , if its not to late
    If so..I was my lesson lol
    Karma gets them…

    1. I did receive my order over a month after I ordered it and the blouse I ordered didn’t look like the same as the picture. However, my best friend ordered a cute animal print dress for my birthday and I loved it! Not sure how long she waited for the order to arrive.

    2. I did receive the dress I ordered after a month or so but it is absolutely trash! From China, defective and sized wrong. Emailed them with photos of defect, they asked me if I would take a 15% coupon discount on a future order. Told them no the dress was not wearable. Never heard back and the email address now won’t delivery anymore. Total scam.

    3. I received my order after 2 months. The clothes are so cheap and the sizes are off. There are no tags on the clothes. I did not get a receipt with my order and no return address on the bag they came in. Big scam.

      1. I had the same experience! Waited 3 months. Clothes did come cheap, tag-less, without receipt and looked NOTHING like the picture photographed. Emailed them but after reading all these experiences, I don’t imagine I’ll be getting a response.

  6. Yes, I found out too, they immediately took my money and never shipped anything. If you go to their Instagram account and look at any comments from people who ordered from them, people who even ordered as far back as March have not received anything. These scammers give out fake USPS tracking numbers or else they will create a USPS label and then ship nothing. They only came into existence and started scamming in early March, springing up as one of the Coronavirus scams this review speaks of. I reported them to one International Consumer agency and looking for more complaint/investigation websites for International consumer sites.

    1. Good for you!! I filed a claim with Paypal but they said it will take weeks to act. If I don’t get m money back from Paypal, I will really be furious!

      1. I am going through the same process. I filed a claim with PayPal on May 8… is still being “resolved”. They are now telling me that I have to return the 2 of the 4 items I finally did receive to China vs California where they came from. I said no way and the address they provided was not accurate- West of 4th floor?? really. And then PayPal said they are being fair and unbiased. I have no doubt that I will not receive my money back for the items never received.

        1. In order to get money back you need to return the items up to 30 days per customer service. It will cost you around $30 for the shipping through USPS. Then you need to show the recite to PayPal as a proof.

  7. I ordered jean overalls on April 6th and have not received my item. I emailed May 5th and received a response saying that my item was shipped, and they gave a tracking number. Since May 5th the tracking info on USPS says “label created but not yet in system.” Emailed again and no response. Not sounding good.

    1. I actually received my package today! Since ordering April 6th, I gave up as of yesterday. If I had only waited one more day. I feel bad for posting the previous review but I DID RECEIVE my product from Luvrosy!

    2. This is exactly what is happening to me. I’m sooo pissed. So do I just call my bank and tell them I got scammed, and they take it from there? I can’t believe there is nothing we can do about this.

    3. Hi, I just got my jean overall I ordered back in April. It’s not what I expected and looks nothing like shined on picture. Cancel your order if you can. The overall is poorly made and bad stitching a as bd poor quality.

  8. The website LUVROSY is owned by Shanghai Lindong E-Commerce Co., Ltd.
    E-mail:[email protected]
    Address: Room 4316,Building 3,No/112-118,Gaoyi Road,Baoshan District,Shanghai
    Postcode: 201900
    My friends, I too ordered in April 2020 & have recieved the runaround..I’m proactive & I will take all necessary Legalities for FRAUD!I hope this helps all of you ladies!!

  9. ordered from luvrosy never received an email that items shipped very suspicious just a thank you for your order don’t think I will ever get item now Im worried if I should cancel my card have a new one mailed to me

  10. This store is a cool scam. My order has been placed over two months and still have not received everything. They don’t acknowledge any emails. I am furious!

  11. I placed an order on april 11, 2020. I have not gotten anything. I have emailed 4 times. They wrote back once and said they were getting ready to ship. NOTHING. It’s way past 8-10 business days to get ready for shipping. APRIL 11th!!!!!! I am IRATE. This was my best friends birthday gift and something for myself. I spent over $100 bucks.

    1. I aswell ordered on april and when i email them i get the same oliver guy sending me a message saying please wait a few more days and gives me a fake tracking number

  12. I ordered 2 items on April 21st. Today is May 28th and I have not received the items, nor confirmed they have been shipped. They have been responsive when I emailed – but it is always stringing me along. Like – just a few more days! Don’t worry! Over it. If there is a delay due to the virus – which I read on one fb comment – then just say this! And offer to cancel the orders or refund.

  13. its a scam. I order some irems about 3 weeks ago and still have not recieved anything yet. lesson learn dont buy anything without reading the reviews and verifying the autenticity of the online store. does anyone knows where can i legally file a complaint so that this bastards stop stealing our money and information?

  14. Yes I ordered a beautiful blouse about 2 months ago for around $38. Have yet to receive it. I have learned a lesson. Never again.

  15. Unfortunately, I was taken for $160. Sent email inquiring about the order. No reply. My PayPal was charged by whatcharming. I sent an email to them as well. Nothing. I will be disputing with PayPal and don’t expect to receive the refund since it was my own fault not researching a company I hadn’t heard of.

  16. I was just wondering today where my order was. I had ordered from so many places that this slipped my mind. but today I searched for anything from them and I have received nothing. So I guess Im with everyone else in being scammed. I have to check my bank when the online order payment was cashed. Its being about 2 months or so.

  17. Wow. I’m sooooo happy. I thought s a bout finding a review. These companies are popping up on Facebook every 5 mins. Customers beware.

  18. I ordered clothing over 2 months ago. I have emailed with no responses. I usually am very cautious and did not even have this type of scam on my radar. It’s very upsetting

  19. Definitely a scam. I was told that the items had shipped and they provided a tracking number that never existed. Horrible! I also blame Facebook for allowing scammers to advertise on their site.

  20. My order randomly arrived two months later, i totally forgot about it and thought i was scammed so i forgot about it. …. I ordered probably on April 12th and it’s June 5th! i don’t know if I am the only one whos received my order but I did receive my order! It probably isn’t worth waiting two months for anything, but if you are feeling scammed, maybe it will still come!!

  21. I ordered from their website on April 13th. I reached out a couple of times and they did reply eventually. I finally received my order on June 1st. It took them a long time, but I did receive it. The down side though is that the sizes run suuuuuper small and they don’t really fit. 🙁 The website does say that if the clothes don’t fit, I may return within 30 days of receipt but I am in charge of paying the return shipping and it is in Shanghai. Not worth returning. Clothes look nice though. Oh, and even though it says you will receive an e-mail with tracking details, I never received it but the package did arrive.

  22. This site is a scam. I ordered two things. They also charged me for shipping which the website assured me it was free shipping.

    They sent me two items I didn’t order and the quality of these items is HORRIBLE. NOT EVEN THE ONES I ORDERED. The site says contact customer service for issues and insures complete satisfaction guaranteed. There is no number. Just an email

    I have sent 5 requests for returns and reported the issue. NO RESPONSE. There site says someone will contact you within 24 hrs. It has been 92 hrs and no response.

    I am having to contact PayPal to report the problem. Hopefully they can help. That was a lot of money to me and I just want to return the wrong items and get a refund.


  23. This is scam. I placed an order like a month ago and until now i haven’t got it yet. When i place the order they emailed me that processing time only may take up to 8 days excluding the shipping day. It says in the email that shipping might be delayed because of the pandemic. And i noticed that they already get the payment after a day i purchased the item which is something not right because i usually go online shopping and mostly i already recieve all the items but they didn’t get the payment yet. But this one is different, they already took the payment quickly. And i was searching their website, i only found address but no phone number to call either. This nothing make sense. I kept on emailing/chatting with them but no one respond or either assist me.

  24. I placed an order over a month ago. Tried to cancel it the same day because I started reading the comments of how long it was taking to receive orders. The only response I got was asking why I wanted to cancel. I have emailed over and over trying to check on my order. No one responded to the email.They did not cancel. I received my order this weekend and very disappointed. The clothes are made small nothing fits and the super cute ovealls they have do not fit like they do in the picture. The legs on them are super huge. Now I have emailed trying to return and pretty sure I wont be able to. Now stuck with all these clothes I cant wear.


  26. I rec’d what appeared to be the item, but I didn’t like it. When I clicked on contact and return instructions it says the site doesn’t exist… I also emailed twice and I’m awaited a response. Lesson learned.

  27. I placed an order and yet to receive it. I emailed once and received a reply that made no sense. Tried emailing again twice to say I still haven’t received my order or any kind of shipping notification. I’m so upset!!!

  28. I ordered from Luvrosy back in mid-March. After numerous emails, they themselves cancelled my $150 order, and never refunded my card after repeated emails asking them to get back to me. This morning, I went on the website, and you can’t pull it up – it just says it doesn’t exist. Expensive lesson learned. Nothing more from China, because a lot of these “cheap clothing stores” you find on FB are all in China. Don’t do it!

  29. Well, I finally got my order and nothing is even close to the right size. Poorly made. One shirt had a pocket sewed on crooked. Very cheap yuck clothes!!

  30. I ordered 4 pieces of clothing on May 18th and spent $108. They told me I would receive between 8 to 15 business days. Today is June, 9th and I still have yet to receive items. I emailed them asking them what the status was because I haven’t even received a confirmation that my order has even been shipped. I never got a reply back. I also went onto their website to review my “so called order I placed and the website no longer exists!! So I was skeptical and went to look at reviews and saw all these terrible reviews how it is a SCAM! I am so upset. I just called up my credit card card company to dispute the charge and get a new card. They said they will investigate and my new card and confirmation disputing the charge will be sent to me in 7-10 business days. It always pops on my facebook this dam website. Facebook should investigate more not allow these fraudulent companies to post on their site!! Don’t order from them! I wish I looked here before I placed the order!!

  31. Hey I have been waiting for my order for 3 months now:( I asked for the 10% discount and they refunded me but used the Virus as why my package hasn’t been sent. It’s horrible. These people are a joke. Don’t buy from them. Underlining factor #instagram should take them off their ads. I spent a lot of money and have been waiting with no response.
    Camden Doolittle

  32. This is a scam. They have been using the virus as an excuse to not send. I have waited 3 months now. I have emailed every week with no response. There is no phone number to contact. Please what ever you do… do not order from this fraudulent company. Instagram needs to remove them from their ads. I will be contacting them next. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.

  33. I don’t know which is worse never getting your order or receiving it and realizing you just got scammed. These clothes I received look NOTHING like pictured. The material is horribly thin, the seams don’t match. China should forget about making clothes and just stick to cars. They are way out of their league here.

  34. I made a large purchase of 290. after the discount.I had a strange feeling after I pressed the payment key. I looked up the reviews on line and saw these reviews as apposed to the ones on the site. I immediately emailed them to cancel my order. I have not heard back from them, I also paid extra 10. to expedite. I should have know at that time it was a scam. 10. to expedite is like dreaming! Since then the site is down or erased or gone.
    I have a opened a case with PayPal. I just hope maybe there is something wrong with the site! But highly doubt it.

  35. I spent $133 on on June 7th after reading the reviews I figured it was safe 🙁 I received a different email than the rest of you [email protected] when paying through paypal. I went on today, since I haven’t received any updates and the entire website is GONE. I wish I would have checked them out better before I purchased, I’m so mad at myself for being duped by these crooks!

  36. yes, I fell for it. Darn Facebook advertising! No receipt, doesn’t fit, emailed back, no response……lesson learned.

  37. Ordered merchandise and after waiting stopped payment from Visa for no merchandise received. Merchandise finally arrived 1 month late. Tried to RETURN and never could get a reply as they said 24 hour answer. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE as even though it was charged to Visa it was paid thru paypal and paypay would do nothing to return money…. STAY AWAY

  38. just received 3 items, the quality is terrible, and the cut is not true to size. Notifying Paypal not paying this $98.97

  39. I ordered over 100$ worth of clothes from this website back on 5/12, not yet to receive anything from them. I am pissed, I have emailed them multiple times, and sent IM on FB not one response!! What are my options now? Can I ask my bank to refund my money? Pls help ty

  40. I ordered a pair of jeans. They took well over a month to get here! When they did they were way too big and smelled very musty! No info regarding how to return. I replied to an email they had sent for confirmation of the initial order asking for their return info and have had no reply. I do not recommend!!

  41. Complete scam. Wrong merchandise was sent a poorly made. No return policy as there’s no longer a luvrosy website. Disputed the $100 credit card charge.

  42. What you see advertised is not what they’re selling! Their quality is crap (!!!), and there is no response to my repeated requests to return.

  43. I have reached out to this site twice this week with regards to a return. They say they respond within 24 hours. No response. Not a good feeling about anything happening on this site.

  44. cheapest shite clothing I’ve ever seen. Totally bummed. Way to go Instagram, how about monitoring your adverts?

  45. I ordered a shirt from them which, when I received it, barely resembled what was shown in the photo.

  46. I actually ordered from them 2.5 months ago and received no word on my order. I eventually filed a claim with paypal- and they contacted me asking for my patience with shipping. Still nothing. I actually received my order two days ago and I really like the romper, it fits perfectly. However I won’t order from them again as it seems that I got lucky… maybe they only send stuff once you’ve filed a dispute with paypal.

  47. I ordered overalls back on April 15 and still have not received it. I emailed and asked for a refund and did not hear back from them. I’m going to pursue a refund through Paypal. I also filed a complaint with the FTC. They need to be shut down. You can file one too, it’s fairly easy:

  48. Do not buy anything from Luvrosy or Luvyle. I received defective product and absolutely no way to return them. They are not a legitimate company in my viewpoint.

  49. I ordered a camouflage dress and had no issues. Came pretty quick. The sizing was ridiculous though. I wear a size 2 or 4 in pants and the size small dress was way too tight. I sold it to my friend and I ordered a large…again came quick, no problems. Even the large is a little tighter than I would like…I could wear this on a date for sure but I was hoping for something a bit more roomy that I could wear anytime

  50. Omg.. I wish I could see it before my purchase.. for that price I paid I could buy way better quality clothes.. the quality soooo poor same fabric and sewing.. I emailed them couple times but didn’t get response.. so so mad. Please don’t buy anything from them ladies

  51. I placed an order back in March and never received. I contacted customer service in May and they did respond with a tracking number on the delivery. Tracking number said my order was delivered in April to a New York address. I live in Illinois. I have since contacted customer service three more times to advise I did not receive and to refund my money and no response. SCAM!!!!!

  52. Do not order from this company. There is no way to return their merchandise. I tried contacting them several times but never got a response.

  53. I ordered on May 25th and only got a confirmation email the order was placed. It’s now June 19th and nothing. I emailed customer service twice and still nothing. Not sure what to do next. I spent $94.

  54. Clothes came and they are horrible. Cheapest material. Looks like something I would have made in sewing class back in the day at school. The clothes came from a company within Luvrosy I guess called Whatscharming. they have a facebook page but its in another language most of it. Waste of money.

  55. I wish I had read these before ordering, I actually got what I ordered but it’s garbage, inferior product and wrong sizing. Don’t bother buying from this company unless you want to throw your money away. The product is not what is in the pictures, it’s discusting.

  56. Do not order from Luvrosy,!!!! I have had nothing but issues. Online said my order was unfulfilled, but they charged my credit card. I contacted my credit card company and they removed the charge, but then got my order a couple weeks later, but didn’t get all of my items. I checked my order on and still said unfulfilled. They have no info on website about returns other than contacting customer service via email and they will respond in 24 hours, , I have contacted them twice since June 8th, and it is now June 20th, and have gotten no response. They have no phone number for customer service, BIG RED FLAG !! Definitely not worth the hassle!!

  57. I waited and waited for my order and when my short set finally came – the shorts were size extra small – and the top was size X1. Absolutely NO paper work included with the shipment – so ‘money down the drain! I am watching my credit card daily to make sure no discrepancies show up. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SCAM!

  58. Placed my order on 5/31/20 and received it on 6/19/20. Ordered a jumper and a dress. Jumper is cute and what I expected but the dress material is not what i expected so returning and hoping to get a refund.

  59. I wish I had read the reviews first. DO NOT order from these scammers if you think you might wanna return something. The package came..finally..and nothing fit. After trying to get a return address I filed a claim with paypal. They ruled in my favor and wanted a tracking number where I returned it. I requested one from them and *crickets*. So needless to say I was stuck with 81.97 of worthless crap. Save yourself a hassle..scroll on by their ad.

  60. I ordered 6 items back in the 1st week of May. Just got my order today. I have emailed their customer service 4 times asking where my items were…and got one reply sending me a tracking number that did nothing. My items were off size…very poorly made…they smelled musty and were damp. 4 of the items were gifts…and now I am out of luck.
    I thought by using paypal to pay with…there would be some protection against these scammers. I am so angry and dissapointed.

  61. I’ve been trying to return merchandise that did not fit. It’s virtually impossible. They offered me a 15% discount for next purchase, and keep the merchandise without refund. I’m suppose to pay for shipping but I don’t know how much, or where to return. Terrible customer service. In the interim, I ordered next size, got it, and it’s very poor quality. What a nightmare!

  62. Does anyone know the address to this store? Need to send shorts back, looks nothing like the picture, they look like thier worth about $5. I paid #32.00. No address or number, have emailed them 5 times now.

  63. It’s been a month since I ordered 3 clothing items and it still hasn’t been delivered!!! I’ve learned a lesson. No matter what always do your homework before ordering stuff on line!!! Don’t get complacent. You can’t trust’um all!!!

  64. I probably got scammed too
    ! I ordered some clothes a month ago and it still hasn’t arrived. I’ve learned a lesson. Don’t allow yourself to get complacent with these merchandise companies online. They “all” cannot be trusted to send money to. Check them out before you order

  65. Unfortunately I fell prey to them as well. Now the is no way to contact anyone to get a refund on a dress that is sewn together completely crooked. I certainly shouldn’t have researched this company before. Now what. I want my money back.

  66. Luvrosy is a total Scam!
    My order came 2 months after I ordered it and none of the items look like the pictures and the sizes were way off.
    I emailed everyday for the last 2 weeks to request a refund .
    Someone Finally responded name Leo and he said
    “Can you keep it, Resale it to someone, or give it away to someone” Seriously! Why would I keep it if I want a refund, it’s terrible clothing that I would not sell and to ugly to give away to a friend. Lol
    So I guess I will have to eat it on this $107 purchase.

    1. It is indeed a scam. The clothes smell funny / are worst quality and not to size. I attempted to do a return to the email address and it has bounce back now 3 times. I am going to just suck up the loss at this point

  67. I ordered on may 15th and just received my package today —june 25th.
    took 6 weeks
    shoes were poor quality
    shorts were a huge small
    swim suit is almost a thong
    cute snap down tank top that fit
    anyone know how to do returns??

  68. I received 4 of 5 items I ordered and I was horrified at the quality of the materials!! No garment care or material labels. Just a size label and Made in China label. I immediately felt I’d been scammed. Luckily, I paid thru PayPal credit and will be contacting them immediately!

  69. I ordered from Luvrosy and my charges show that my payment (paypal) was withdrawn from WHATCH. I have tried to contact them thru e-mail (Luvrosy and WHATCH(?) and when I sent it, I got a message that e-mail could not be sent due invalid e-mail. I have not received any response and I have not received my order, They just charged me on June 8/9 2020…Any responses as to what my option are will be greatly appreciated.

  70. Got scammed. Purchased $200 dollars of merchandise which I can’t wear. Cheap. Thin. Not to proper size. Trying to return the merchandise but keep getting email rejection. Stay away from this on line shopping

  71. I purchased two dresses from this website a month a a half ago. I’ve sent several emails trying to find out what’s going on with my order and I’ve never received a response. And my bank statement shows that the $72 for the dresses was debited out of my account. As of today I still have not heard back from them nor receive the two dresses.

  72. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. THIS IS A SCAM. I received some horrible knock offs today of what I ordered – 2-3x the size I ordered and look nothing like the pictures on line. It’s horrible and I rarely ever order from Instagram but decided these were “cute, reasonably priced ” summer options and I now can say – it was a total SHAM. The pictures on line compared to what I received bear little to no resemblance except for possible the family of colors . It’s like someone pretended to make the items that were in the pictures and HAD NO IDEA What they were doing.

  73. Return Instructions that they won’t list on their website:

    We can’t refund you because the address on the package is our shipping agent and we will not receive the parcel there.
    If you still want to return, here is our return address:

    West of 5th Floor, Jintiantuo Office Building, No. 10 Guanjin Road, Danzao Town, Xiajiao Dongyang,
    Nanhai District, Foshan City,
    Guangdong Province
    China 528216
    Contact: Zhang Ping
    Phone: +86-18727429756

    Once you have returned it, please pay attention to the information below and send the necessary information to us.

    1. After returning, please send us the return tracking number and name of the shipping company or a photo of the postal receipt.
    2. We will issue a full refund for the returned items after we received the package.

  74. Too bad I found the Luvrosy review after I ordered. The reviews on the webside are excellent. I ordered several items from them. I did not like the product and I wanted to return. They said exactly as you posted on your reviews. I sent the clothes back with paying $60 for bags and I filled dispute though paypal. They want me to give $16 refund for both bags items. Please help if you know how can I get my money back? I’m very disappointed.

  75. Do. Not. Do. It. Horrible customer service. Took over two months to get my clothes, did not email me telling me they were shipped. Ordered through PayPal so I was trying to get the charge disputed before it even shipped. Only shipped since I was trying to get my money back. Nothing fit, its all rain jacket material, and one item isn’t even close to the picture advertised. The return policy is you pay for shipping if you want to return something. But they’ll offer you 15% off on your next order in exchange for you not returning and trying to get your money back.

  76. Ordered vneck romper 5-20-20 Transaction #9b163319hh45386od Receive wrong side was advised tom order again which paid for again

  77. Hard NO!!!! 3 months of chasing down order and trying to return. Filing final grievance with paypal. Furious. Quality is horrid. No US return address. Just do dont do it!!!

  78. I order two items the delivery was over a month but the items were of good quality and I’m happy with my purchase. . Just wish it didn’t take so long . Each item was as described.

  79. DON’T ORDER FROM THIS WEB SITE. I placed an order. I received it months later and it was an inaccurate item that was sent to me. I tried to email but no one no response. I will try to contact my bank to see what they can do. It’s unfortunate that we have to deal with this issue. What else can be done so they won’t scam anybody else?

  80. I ordered from this website over a month ago, I did finally get my blouse. I was worried for a bit, I would ask
    For an update on the shipping status and always received a response. My purchase was less than 20.00 so it’s been worth the wait. I seriously didn’t know it was coming from China.

  81. DO NOT ORDER FROM LUVROSY!!! They are a complete scam and their clothing is very cheaply made obviously in a Chinese sweat shop! They do NOT honor their return policy! They know they are scammers and they do not CARE!!!

  82. I ordered a dress that turned out to be very poor quality and a Full length jumpsuit And they sent me a short jumpsuit. I reached out to tell them they sent me the wrong item and they wanted a photo of the item. I just wanted a return shipping label. I will just resell it but immediately realized I made a mistake.

  83. Terrible website, they don’t respond to emails about orders for weeks, then they don’t answer your questions when they do.
    Terrible return policy, you have to pay bigtime shipping since items are from China! !!! Not a U.S. website, don’t order from them
    terrible scam, poor quality in clothing too.

  84. luvrosy is a scam. Spent $85 and only got 2 of 3 dresses. the 2 i got looked NOTHING like the pics, they were totally cheap knockoffs of the images that were online.
    Spent almost 2 months with paypal trying to get a refund, they told me I wouldnt be able to get a refund (even for the item not received) without shipping the other items back. I now am following up with a claim with the bank to try to get my $ back for the dress I didn’t receive.

    If you get scammed with this company, open a claim first for the amount for items not received. otherwise they will make you pay to return the items to china which will cost way more than the items did themselves.

  85. This company will not respond to you if you try to cancel orders and will not take returns without a shipping cost more than any item. Cloths take months to come and don’t match sizes or colors shown.

  86. Avoid this seller – this company is definitely a scam. Poorest communication ever. After a month and a half, I finally received the first piece of ‘merchandise’. It was a joke. Cheapest construction I’ve ever seen, with fabric that was like plastic. Sort of like a windbreaker, but not as nice. I tried to cancel the second item three times after seeing the ‘quality’ of the first, only to be ignored. The second item arrived a few weeks later. I asked for a return authorization number twice, to be ignored, then opened a case with PayPal – but they were not much help. After two months of ‘looking into it’, they simply told me to return the merchandise for a refund. I’m not spending the time and money to ship this garbage back to China for a refund that I am certain I’ll never see. Hoping all will learn from my bad experience.

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