Why I Regret Buying The Life Heater: Pros, Cons, All You Need To Kno

Winter is upon us and just like me, you are in the market to save energy bills. Have you come across Ads for Life Heater online? Does this Portable Heater really work as claimed or is it a scam? Here’s a user report. In this review, I share my experience using the Life Heater, its pros, cons, and what you should expect.

Life heater
Life heater

Overview Of The Life Heater

The Life portable heater claims to not only warm your living space but also help save 30% of your energy bills. It is sold with claims of heating up your spaces like rooms, workplace or your car instantly. It is available in the US, UK, and CA.

The features include

  1. Efficient Ceramic Heating: It stands out with its advanced ceramic heating tech, ensuring efficient warmth that’s easy on your energy bills.
  2. Instant Cozy: Plug in, and within 2 seconds, wraps you in a quick burst of comforting heat.
  3. Plug-and-Play Fit: Installing the heater is easy! The 180-degree rotatable plug ensures a fit into any wall outlet.
  4. Dual Fan Speeds: Choose high fan speed for quick heat or low fan speed for a gentle, consistent warmth.
  5. Compact: With a sleek, modern design, this portable heater complements your decor, and its compact size makes it easy to move around.
  6. Whisper-Quiet Comfort: The heater is for silent operation, letting you enjoy quiet moments.

Testing The Life Heater In My Room

I bought this portable heater from their official website hotamigoheater.co.uk merely because it promised to hit up my room in 2 minutes and they were offering 50% off when you order. Upon receiving my order, I followed the instructions and tutorials to install in in my room.

I placed it in my room which is approximately 25ft square meter but it was unable to heat the room. Just the small area surrounding it, and that was only after almost 30 minutes. So basically, the claims that it can heat up a room in 2 minutes is false.

Honestly, the advertisement is false and deceptive. This Heater can only warm you up if you sit very close to it, like one feet close. If you stay two or three feet away, you wouldn’t feel any warmth.

Life Portable Heater Pros: What I Like About It

  1. It is portable
  2. Installing it was pretty easy.
  3. You don’t need to break the bank to buy it

Life Heater Cons: What I Don’t Like About It

  1. Doesn’t produce enough heat for a room.
  2. It is noisy
  3. Energy consumption doesn’t justify the results.
  4. There aren’t lots of customer reviews online as at the time of writing this review

Is The Life Heater A Scam? Customer Reviews UK

The Life Heater does not really work as advertised. It can only heat up the surrounding around it and not the entire room. Just like max and heat well heaters it is an ineffective heating solution. It can only heat let’s say up to 5ft sq which is the size of a store and is not suitable for very large rooms or areas with high ceilings.

How To Use

  1. Carefully unbox your Life Heater to avoid any damage.
  2. Pick the room you want.
  3. Find a nearby electrical outlet on the wall.
  4. Plug in your Life Heater securely.

Wheer To Buy

You can buy this portable heater from their official website lifeheater.com. The pricing include:

  • 1 = $59.99 (50% OFF)
  • 2 × Life Heaters = $109.98 (55% OFF)
  • 3 × Portable Life Heaters = $155.97 (60% OFF)


The Life heater does not really work as advertised. It does not heat up a room but just the area around it. Honestly, it wasn’t a good value for my money. If I’m to rate this heater, I’ll give it a 4 over 10 just for its size.

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