LegXercise Pro Reviews: Is This Automatic Leg Mover Right For You? My Verdict

Have you ever found yourself searching for a solution to boost your mobility, ease discomforts? Is the LegXercise Pro really the solution for improved leg mobility that it claims to be? Does it live up to the hype, and what exactly can you expect from this automatic leg mover? This review is an eye opener.

LegXercise Pro

Overview Of The LegXercise Pro

As seen on Tv LegXercise Pro machine is a health device that claims to help with mobility, circulation, and pain relief. It moves your legs as if you’re walking from a seated position. The manufacturer’s promise. ‘Relief is Just a Click Away.'” However, the question is Does legXercise pro work?

The LegXercise Pro offers

  • 23% more movement than the Original LegXercise.
  • Does 70 steps per minute.
  • Covers 4200 steps in an hour, equivalent to 2.66 kilometers.
  • It has a more powerful motor and 650mA power supply.
  • Offers an increased range of motion.
  • Includes a step counter to track your progress.
  • Comes with a handy comfort remote control.

My Experience Buying the LegXercise Pro for My Dad

I decided to purchase this for my 89-year-old dad, who’s still quite mobile, using a cane and even driving. He saw a TV commercial for this product and told me about it. I ordered it from Amazon on his behalf after i read reviews on Reddit. It arrived in just 5 days. Setting it up was easy.

I placed it in his eat-in kitchen with an extra stationary chair (I should note, don’t use one with rollers). He’s been using it every day since it arrived a few days ago. It’s easy to use, super quiet, and he finds it really relaxing. According to him, it’s been helping with the numbness he’s been experiencing in his calves.

I feel the remote cord could use a bit more length. It barely reaches his hand when he’s using the unit, and it’s definitely not long enough to place it on his chair side table. Another thing, it would be great if the machine had a longer stride length. And perhaps adding a third speed option would be a nice touch.

But overall, considering the goal is to help those with limited mobility get stronger and more active, it’s a pretty good value for the money. So far, it’s been a helpful addition to my dad’s routine.

LegXercise Deluxe Pros: What I Like About It

  • It arrived quite quickly, just 5 days after ordering, which was a pleasant surprise.
  • Setting it up was easy, and it’s been easy for my dad to use.
  • The machine is so quiet.
  • According to my dad, it seems to be making a difference in the numbness in his calves.

LegXercise Pro Cons: What I Don’t Like

  • The remote cord could definitely be longer. It barely reaches my dad’s hand when he’s using the unit, and it falls short of making it to his chair side table.
  • The stride length could be longer for a more comfortable experience.
  • It would be great if the machine had a third speed option.

LegXercise Pro Vs Max

The MAX version, it’s has more movement like 23% more, compared to the original LegXercise. It does about 70 steps in a minute, which adds up to 4200 steps in an hour. it’s got a faster and more powerful motor, along with a 650mA power supply.

Now coming down to the PRO, it’s also in that 23% more movement club. It’s doing the same 70 steps per minute, hitting the same 4200 steps in an hour (around 2.66 kilometers). It’s got a gutsier motor and the same 650mA power supply. But one good thing is, it offers an even wider range of motion, giving you that extra movement freedom. It even comes with a step counter to keep tabs on your progress, and you’ve got a remote control in the mix.

The goal for both these versions is to give you relief and boost circulation naturally, no meds involved. They’ve got that patented Walking Simulator Propulsion Technology that gets your feet moving back and forth at your knee joints.

At the end, it’s really about what you’re looking for. If you want more movement, go for the MAX. If you like the idea of tracking your steps and having a remote control, the PRO could be your choice. Either way, you’ll be enjoying that soothing, drug-free leg movement.

Is The LegXercise Pro A Scam? Medical Review And Customer Complaints

Well, it’s not exactly a scam, but here’s the deal: as of now, there haven’t been any clinical trials studying the LegXercise machine. You won’t find any mentioned on the brand’s website, and i couldn’t dig up any on PubMed, which is like the big database for clinical trials.

In simple terms, this means there’s no solid proof that LegXercise has specific health benefits because it hasn’t been scientifically proven through clinical trials.

Now, similar devices have been looked at in clinical trials, but i couldn’t find any concrete medical evidence that LegXercise, in particular, is likely to relieve pain, help you burn calories. The manufacturer hasn’t provided any such evidence, and i couldn’t find proof from doctors reviews that similar devices work for pain relief. A customer report said.

I’m 79 and have fallen twice and am unable to walk more then 50 feet because of RA, degenerative disc disease, blah, blah. I just started pt and they weren’t very impressed with the machine. As others mentioned in reviews, it would be more effective if there were higher speeds. I find myself slightly pushing the foot pedals. It seems to make me feel I’m getting more out of the machine. After the first day in which I only did about 500 steps, I’ve been trying to do 1000-2000 steps twice a day. I really hate the aging process, and spend most of my day watching TV and want to try to gain energy with the legxercise. They may be looking to a future more effective machine.


Where To Buy

You can buy this product from Amazon, Ebay, Walmart and their official website. The price is $199.94.

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The LegXercise Pro claims to help you get more movement, a faster motor, and comes with a step counter. But, the thing to remember is it hasn’t been proven through clinical trials, and its actual impact on pain relief isn’t crystal clear.


1. How much does the LegXercise Pro cost?

  • Check their website for current pricing.

2. Does the LegXercise Pro work for pain relief?

  • Results may vary from person to person.

3. What are the benefits of using the LegXercise Pro?

  • Improved circulation and added leg movement.

4. Do you have a coupon code for the LegXercise Pro in Canada or Australia?

  • You need to visit the website or retailers for discounts.

5. Can I buy the LegXercise Pro in Canada and Australia?

  • Yes, it’s available in both countries.

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