Kress Robotic Mower Reviews: Does It Really Work? Details Exposed!

Are you a gardener or do you have a garden around your home just like me? Have you heard of Kress Robotic Mower? Are you looking for reviews about it to know if it is scam or legit? Search no further, read this my detailed Kress Robotic Mower reviews to know if it is worth you money or not.

Kress Mission robotic lawn mower claims to be designed and built to the same high quality standards that have made the Kress brand an icon of Made in Germany.

Kress Robotic Mower Overview

As the name implies, Kress Robotic Mower is a robot lawn mower that claims to free you from pushing a noisy, gas-powered mower around while tidying up your garden. It is made with sharp iron plates, so that they can easily mow the grass. Moreover, you can set up multi-zone mowing and control the mower with an app on your smartphone using Bluetooth instead of Wi-Fi if your signal isn’t strong enough to reach outdoors.

Interestingly, this robotic lawn mowers produce a much healthier, thicker and better looking lawn unlike the traditional mowers.

Kress Robotic image

My Experience Using Kress Robotic Mower

I decided to own a robotic mower since I have a garden close to my home. I have been taking care of the garden with my traditional gas powered mower but that takes much of my time and it is also stressful carrying it around my garden.

I stumbled on Kress Robotic Mower ad on Facebook and I ordered it from its official website It arrived after some days.

I was overwhelmed with joy when I first received it. The Robotic Mower has some attractive features. It is made with compact design. I used it on that very day it arrived. The machine gave me a very pleasant impression. It has good battery life and the blades are very sharp. However, I noticed that the blades got blunt after using it for two months. This simply means that Kress Robotic blades need replacing every 2 months.

Features Of Kress Robotic Mower

  • Patented INTIVA navigation intelligent control for narrow sections and paths
  • STT – Side Trim Technology: mow right up to the edge
  • Charging connector on the side for easy starting and clean cutting up to the charging station
  • LED display
  • Rain sensor
  • Forward and reverse rotating blades replace parts less often

Is Kress Robotic Mower Good for Gardeners?

Yes, to an extent. Kress Robotic Mower is a great little robot lawn mower that works as expected. It worked for me. It easily gets stuck into tricky shaped spaces and gardens. Moreover, I got better performance and longer life from those mower blades.

What I Like About Kress Robotic Mower

  • Smart features
  • Compact design
  • Good battery life

What I Don’t Like About Kress Robotic Mower

  • Only for gardens up to 600 m²
  • Blades need replacing every 2 months
  • Care needed around the blades
  • Expensive initial purchase price.
  • Higher maintenance.
  • Complex installation (if with boundary wire)
  • Some robotic mowers have issues on very steep slopes.
  • For complex yards, extra expensive equipment is necessary.
  • Initially some time needed to learn how to operate the system.


Kress Robotic Mower is an excellent machine for gardeners. Since the parts on a robotic lawn mower are replaceable, they should last more than 10 years. It met my expectations. It costs of mainteinace is very high.

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