Is Kickoff A Legit Credit Builder? What We Discovered

Kickoff presents themselves as credit helping agency but they are unrealistic. The ads you see online tell you that you can get approved for a line of credit with kickoff and only have to pay it back at $5 a month. That’s also a lie.

I came across lots of customer reports about this credit builder company and having an experience with them briefly confirmed my suspicions. Here’s what I discovered.


A Little About Kickoff

Kikoff is a service that helps people build their credit without needing a credit check, and it comes with a small monthly fee. Their plan for building credit gives you a $750 credit line to use in their store, where you can spend a bit of it each month. Kikoff only reports your activities to Experian and Equifa, But how true are these claims?

What Kikoff Offers:

  1. Credit-builder loans: Monthly payments help build credit, and you get most of your money back later.
  2. Authorized user on a parent’s credit card: Piggyback off a parent’s good credit habits to improve your own score.
  3. Secured credit card: Start building credit with a deposit, then get it back later when you qualify for a regular card.

How to Get Started

To start using Kikoff Credit Account, download their app on your phone. Choose between the $5 or $20 monthly plan. Then, enter your info like your birthday and address.

With Kikoff, you can’t use the credit line like a normal credit card. You can only buy things from their app, like self-help books. After buying, pay with your bank account or another card you link. Kikoff doesn’t charge interest, so just pay the minimum each month.

How Kickoff Tricks Customers

They give you a credit card, but you can only use it in there store and they take money from you every month, but you won’t ever see it again because they keep it.

You’re basically giving them $5 each month just so they can tell the credit bureaus you have a credit account with them. You can’t actually use that credit they give you, all you get is a report to the credit bureau saying you made a payment.

Is Kickoff A Scam

It’s a total rip off. The company has fake review all over Trustpilot with 4 and 5 stars ratings. Basically, when you sign up, you end up losing all your money, and you won’t see a penny of it back. This happened to me, my credit score hasn’t budged in a year, even though I’ve been making $20 payments every month without fail. Plus, when I closed my account, my credit score took a nosedive by 26 points.

Here’s What Happens When You Sign Up

  1. They hit you with a $220 yearly fee for a credit line that you’re basically forced to use on their website with their super pricey vendors!
  2. They say they lent you money when they really haven’t, yet they still take payments from your bank account for stuff you never even bought or charged on the account!
  3. Good luck getting them on the phone! I tried calling their support three times, and each time I was put on hold for over 30 minutes. Then, the call just ended, telling me to check their website FAQs!


  • No need for a credit check
  • No interest charged on what you owe
  • No extra fees for signing up or paying late


  • You can only use it at the Kikoff store
  • Reports only go to two credit bureaus
  • Customer service and support are not good

Complaints From People Who Tried Kickoff

Lots of people who signed up for this service so far do not have pretty experiences including me. I came across majority of these complaints on Trustpilot. Some examples include

Total rip-off. They took my money and when it came time to close the account they told me I purchased something. This is truly a scam. Don’t give them your money. I am filing a civil law suit.

Basically I feel robbed I had 2 thing s to pay for credit builder and credit builder loan twice both were 60 so basically it says I can get that back once paid off I’ve been paying and no change no credit change also out of 2 credit builders on kickoff I’m only getting 30 back that’s BS let me make this clearer I closed both accounts I seen no change and the saving is all I get back not the 60 plus 60 for the dang service what’s the point

Final Words

Stay away from they will mess up your credit report. They do absolutely nothing for you even though their app says they do. They certainly don’t give you a line of credit! This organization is very deceitful and They don’t have any customer support at all.

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