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KFC Premium Club Free Chicken Give Away- Another Scam

Is KFC giving out free bucket of Kentucky Chicken in celebration of their 68th birthday? The answer to this question is NO.

We have had a lot of readers sending us mails about a supposed Ad going viral on Facebook. This Ad claims that you only need to like and share their ad, then comment ‘complete’ on the comment section. That way you become eligible for their coupon which they would inbox you within the next 24 hours.

This is quite funny. Yes?

The question you should ask yourself is this; what is the already popular KFC using my mere Facebook like and share for?

Please spare yourself the ‘This must be a Goodwill prompted by the COVID-19’ thought.

The Truth is that KFC is NOT giving away free buckets of chicken.

When we checked the FB page behing the Kentucky Free Chicken Give Away Ad, we discovered it was just created yesterday and is designed to collect your personal information.

 In case you don’t know, KFC’s “birthday” is not until September.

So be on the alert and don’t be deceived by Hoax like this!

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