Jeremy Razors Review: Is It Better Than Harry’s Razor?

A year after Daily Wire had a fall out with Harry’s Razor, Daily Wire’s Jeremy Boreing has launched its own product which is called Jeremy’s Razor. Aside from its awesome commercial which is the currently the talk of the internet, is this razor worth the hype? lets find out!

Jeremy Razors – Everything You Need To Know About It

It’s a newly launched shaving kit that contains a high-quality founder’s razor, shaving cream, 8-blade subscription,  after-shave balm, and a travel-friendly pouch. The bag contains fresh menthol and tea smell, which triggers a happy feeling.

One of the standout perks of this product is that it comes with a personalized signature. You can also add the feeling of using a ‘protest’ product.

However, aside from being a brand with an initiative against woke corporations, could Jeremy Razors beat Gillette’s or Harry’s razor’s hands down?

Jeremy's Razors

Where to buy Jeremy Razors

The shaving kit is available on preorder at or

Where are Jeremy’s Razors Made?

There’s no information on the website about where the razors are manufactured. Lots of people hope it’s manufactured in USA.

Pros of the Jeremy razors

  • It comes in a clean case
  • It comes with a shaving cream, blade subscription, and after-shave balm
  • Upon pre-ordering it, you can customise your further subscription plans for blades.
  • The razors are furnished with sharp cutting edges for a perfect look.

Jeremy Razors Vs Harry’s Razors – Which is better?

Harry’s Razors has been in the market for a long time, and as a result of this, the company knows what users want. However, because it’s made in China, blades have to be replaced more often than those of comparable razors from other brands. On the other hand, Jeremy’s Razors look promising, though it has not been tested by the public yet.

The commercial is fun and the product description includes “It identifies as the best shave kit ever assembled and its preferred pronouns are Buy/Now.” However, I’m not convinced it is worth $60 (8 blades, handle, and some shaving cream in a “socialism-resistant bag”) It looks overpriced to me, probably cheap OEM blades and “tungsten” (tungsten carbide?) handle. Alibaba has hundreds of offers below $5.


Jeremy’s razors looks promising, however we’re not certain if it is worth the $60 preorder price. Meanwhile, there’s no information about where it’s manufactured. As a result of this, we cannot vouch for its efficiency.

Have you bought Jeremy’s Razors? What are your experiences so far? Please share on the comment section!

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  1. I was excited to use the Jeremy’s Razor as a protest against liberal woke corporations. Gillette makes the best razors on the planet but I left them after being criticized for toxic masculinity even though I am not personally toxic. I shifted to Harry’s. I liked it, the blades were sharp, but I nicked my face so many times with those cheap blades my wife started to wonder about all of the bloody towels. I tried Dollar Shave Club. The blades are even worse than Harry’s. Too dull to even nick my face. I landed on Shavelogic. Sharp, high quality, beautiful shave. The only blade actually as good or better than Gillette. Now on to Jeremy’s. I love the protest and I love the ad. Just wonderful. So I try the product for the first time. The handle is hefty and feels wonderful. The shave? Ouch!!! Probably the worst blade ever. Worse even than DSC. So I am happy to have participated in the protest. I will try one more shave using a new blade. If it is no better then sadly it is going into the trash.

    1. I completely agree with everything you just said. I loved the commercial and was happy to stop spending money with Gillette. But then I got the kit and literally had to stop shaving after a couple of strokes. Terrible blades. And what was really disappointing was that when I reached out to Jeremy’s to ask about send the $60 kit back after 1/2 a shave, they said they only take returns for defective products. Anyway, love the politics, hate the shave.

      1. The shave is disappointing. Also, there is not a separate blade on top of the razor head for sideburn trimming like with Harry’s. The shaving cream is rather thin, more like what you’d get from a bar of soap. The system lacks a protective cover for the razor head between shaves. Not the best $80 I’ve ever spent. Loved the commercial, the product is quite disappointing.

      2. Simply explain to them the purpose of a shaving system is to provide a shave and your system is unable to do that. Therefore it is defective.

    2. I completely agree. Felt like I was pulling whiskers out. I changed the blade immediately, thinking something was just wrong. No joy! Handle was good, rest of the kit was not bad. I completely support their vision, just not the razor venture.

    3. I had the same issue with the poor quality of the blades. I submitted a ‘support ticket’ on the Jeremy’s Razors support page and asked for a refund. I gave an honest review of the blades as well. @ days later I got a personalized reply letting me know my order had been refunded (minus the $12 shipping cost) and that I could keep the founder’s kit as a gift. The email also included a statement to the effect they are working on quality issues and hope to have improvements coming soon,
      Just an FYI about how Jeremy’s treated me

    4. Totally agree. I was totally on board with them. However, the shave sucks!!! It was painful and I hate to say, but the last time I shaved I had to finish it with my old Harry’s. Love the message, hate the shave. Not sure if I am willing to tough it with them until they can figure it out.

    5. Same. I really wasn’t setting the bar very high, but it might be the worst shave I’ve ever had. Great idea, bad execution.

    6. I am actually curious about this. You state that you are not toxic (the implication is that you are masculine) so do you believe that tox8c masculinity can be a real thing?

  2. I have never been more disappointed in my life by a company. I was 1000% on board with what they were doing , i ordered my founder’s kit as soon as I knew it existed. I’ve shaved with disposable Dollar Tree Razors that beat these hands down. One of the best handles I’ve ever tried though. It’s too bad they couldn’t put that kind of effort into the thing that makes your head a bloody pulp if they don’t get it right. I’m actually pretty mad about it, this could have been the start of a major turning point for our country. I know people think it’s just razors but it’s about so much more. It could encourage more start ups to push against the narrative of these woke companies and in turn start to repair the fabric of American culture. But sadly no, they were terrible and I am devastated.

  3. Anti-woke customer. Everything you do is great, but the blades vs. Gillette need benchmarking. The twin blade Gillette would be my go-to razor versus this after many years of posh 5+ blade Gillette shaves…Please continue. I will continue to subscribe and bleed (my shaving face) for the cause…

  4. Glad to see I’m not alone in this. I kind of thought, “maybe I got a bad razor, they couldn’t be this dull and bad.”
    But it looks like they are. Same experience as Jim, shaved a couple of lines and had to stop because it was like shaving with a dull kitchen knife.
    I’ve been using Dollar Shave Club for years, and like everyone else, I was onboard with the commercial and what he was trying to do. But this is a terrible product. The kit bag is ok, my DSC one is better, the shave cream is OK, DSC shave butter is better.
    I canceled, well wrote an email to cancel it, as soon as I got finished shaving. Kind of feel cheated, this is NOT how to start a business.

    1. I had the same issue with the poor quality of the blades. I submitted a ‘support ticket’ on the Jeremy’s Razors support page and asked for a refund. I gave an honest review of the blades as well. @ days later I got a personalized reply letting me know my order had been refunded (minus the $12 shipping cost) and that I could keep the founder’s kit as a gift. The email also included a statement to the effect they are working on quality issues and hope to have improvements coming soon,
      Just an FYI about how Jeremy’s treated me

    2. Well it’s important to remember with Jeremy’s your buying into an ideolig8cal viewpoint as much as amd maybe more then you are buying a shave product. You will notice in the 4 minute advertisement they never actually talk about the razor or make any promises for it to be good. I mean they don’t even show manly masculine guys who shave, everyone is sporting a massive beard. So remember you really spending x ammount of money each month t9 support a viewpoint and he’s thanking g you for your support by sending some halfway decent shave products your way

  5. Super disappointed. It’s like the three rows of double blades have poor placement. The 3 rows is probably ok but the two blades being so close together creates a pinching and a very uneven pull and as a result a horrible and painful experience! I’m very disappointed that such a basic aspect is so badly planned and executed. I asked them for return instructions and they’ve completely ignored me. They did respond to my request to cancel the blade subscription but completely ignore my return request. Say what you want about Harry’s but I bet they don’t ship a complete piece of crap then treat their clients like crap by ignoring them. Loved the commercial and the message, hate their product and service response.

  6. Not sure about everyone else’s comments, was the best shave I’ve ever had. I have a difficult time finding blades that don’t cut my neck and leave me with razor burn, none of these issues with Jeremy’s Razors. The shaving cream and aftershave balm are terrific, smell incredible, and was worth every penny. I hate Harry’s and any other neo-Marxist company, so I’ll send my money to an anti-woke company for their product—even if it might not be very much better than the woke company’s society-destroying goods/services.

  7. Like everyone else, most painful shave ever! I emailed customer support and to paraphrase the response I got it was basically “No worries, you don’t have to buy anymore and we cancelled your subscription.” I’m beginning to think Jeremy’s attitude of superiority extends even to his customers, or worse, this was a one time scam to get lots of people to buy the “Founder’s Kit”, and who cares if you ever buy anything else.
    I love the message, but for sustainability they have to realize people won’t keep buying because they hate Harry’s, they will keep buying if they love Jeremy’s. As it stands now I hate Gillette, Harry’s, and Jeremy’s. And while we may not agree on politics, at least the other two stand behind their products.

  8. I agree with the comments above! The shave feels like I’m pulling out the hair with tweezers! fricken painful! I’ll try a new blade, if same results, I’m trashing these and looking elsewhere. So disappointing.

  9. I had the same issue with the poor quality of the blades. I submitted a ‘support ticket’ on the Jeremy’s Razors support page and asked for a refund. I gave an honest review of the blades as well. 2 days later I got a personalized reply letting me know my order had been refunded (minus the $12 shipping cost) and that I could keep the founder’s kit as a gift. The email also included a statement to the effect they are working on quality issues and hope to have improvements coming soon.
    Just an FYI about how Jeremy’s treated me

  10. Wow, I’m shocked by all these negative reviews. Maybe I got a higher quality batch of blades or something, or maybe my skin/hair is different, but it’s a damn good shave for me. I am coming from a single blade, so maybe my skin is tougher and more calloused than everyone else’s. I don’t know. I absolutely love the product, love the shaving cream, and love the balm. I’ve been using it for a week now and no cuts, no pulling, really close smooth shave. I think I look pretty damn good and I’m a really satisfied customer. Anti-woke is one thing, but I think the product is great.

  11. Used it for a week, first shave was tough, but much closer than Harry’s. Started shaving daily vs every other and it’s great. Close shave and no pulling as long as I shave more often. Plan to stay as I’m tired of the nicks from Harry’s and the not so close shave quality and political nonsense.

  12. Love the idea. Hate the execution. Immediately jumped on the pre order band wagon as I strongly believe conservatives need to use their dollars to show women companies that we will not support them. But the products we buy have to work. JR razors are not close in quality to their competitors and give a terrible shave. It saddens me but come on guys, you need to do better.

  13. I too loved the commercial so I dropped Harry’s and purchased Jeremy’s. It’s by far the worst shave I’ve ever had. They need to send out all new sets of blades to all the loyal customers. It literally feels like it’s pulling the hair out of your face, horrible. Please fix before you lose all your customers.

  14. Same here, I loved the ad, execution and we must not conform so start something better. This however, after the first month, I just cancelled my bimonthly blade subscription. Pulled every time with new blades etc. Felt like I was a teenager with the old disposable Shick. I shave every few days and went to a combo straight razor and these. still an issue. Went back to straight razor and Harrys to finish off. Guess until a better product is released, I will hold.

  15. I started using these as soon as they came out and they do a great job for me. I highly recommend them and will continue to use them. Could not be happier and I love they are not woke. Trump 2024

  16. Like most others here, loved the idea and wanted to support it. So I did, with a $60 purchase, that has provided me zero great shaves. I’m a big fan of Daily Wire and all they do, but this effort was a fail. I’d love to give them another chance, but they’ve got to improve the product considerably…and maybe send me a free razor to prove it. I can’t bear the thought of suffering through the remaining 4 (of 8) cartridges I purchased, so I’m using the last of my Harry’s while I wait on Dollar Shave to arrive. I’ve seen lots of comments about Gillette here, but they appear woke as well…so guess that saves me from having to try them. Hell, I’ll grow a beard again before I send money to companies that hate me and everything I believe in.

  17. I have long been a Gilette Sensor user and I love the shave. I tried both Harry’s and the Dollar Shave Club and found both to be just a little better than Dollar Tree disposables. I was excited to see a product that supported an anti-woke agenda and took a dive into the founder’s kit.

    While I love the marketing and the folks this product supports, the razor was absolutely TERRIBLE. I cut myself for the first time in years within just a few strokes. The shave cream that it comes with is oily and uncomfortable. Sadly, I will not be giving this kit a re-order and what’s left (except for the neat little bag) is going into the trash.

    Good marketing, nice packaging and presentation, but ultimately the razor fails in epic fashion.

  18. Just FYI Dollar Shave Club donated to BLM and issued a statement on how outraged they were by the deaths of George Floyd, etc and they stand against systemic racism. My husband then switched to Defender Razors (non-woke) and has been very happy with his shave.

  19. 32 years old with a beard and a bald head for the past 5 years. While I absolutely love the backing behind this product, it is the WORST out of all the razers I have tried. With gillet being the best, this one AND harry’s razors are the worst. Its like all the money went into the ascetics of the razor, but not the razor itself. Between cuts and bleeds, and the lack of performance, I am seriously saddened by this. Tried over 15 different company razors before and this one hits the lowest of all of them. Was really hoping this razor would be the king of kings, but instead of actual performance, they went after ascetics. 1 out of 10, I would recommend this razor a 2 maybe a 3. Performance is what I want and while I fully support the company and daily wire, I cannot give credit to this company. Please make it better!

    Side note: what took me 3 min to shave my head, takes 12-18 with this razer, plus how rough it feels. It’s almost like I bought a dollar razor from the dollar tree. At least that one would take less time with the same cuts as this one… Love this company, but cannot back this product.

  20. WTF Jeremy? We literally threw our money at you and all you had to do was give us a halfway decent razor! Jeremy’s quite simply had the best story, best commercial ads and the absolute worst blades on the market. Fact is a new Jeremy’s can’t even compete with a two month old leftover Harry’s that I luckily held on to. Major fail IMO

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