JcoJewellery Reviews: Scam Or Legit? Must Read Before Buying

Ever wondered if JcoJewellery is the real deal or just another disappointment? Curious about J&Co Jewellery and whether it’s worth your dime? This company claims to offer handmade jewelries in form of necklaces, earrings etc. Are their claims legit?

In this review, I’ll share my experience buying and wearing their bracelet and earrings to help you make an informed decision.

Overview Of The J& Co Jewellery

Jcojewellery is a brand that makes claims to make handcrafted jewelries. They’ve got all sorts of stuff like necklaces, bracelets, and rings. The person who started it, Braden Homec, also designs the pieces. They have these fancy chains, bracelets with diamonds, and rings that go on forever and ever. It’s basically a place for some seriously good-looking gold jewelries. However, lots of customer reports have made complaints onlne converning this jewellery brand, and i decided to test it out myself.

The features include

  • Handcrafted Elegance: Each piece is made with care.
  • Top-Quality Materials: They use the good stuff for durability and a luxe vibe.
  • Diverse Collection: From earrings to necklaces, bracelets, and rings, they’ve got it all.
  • Everyday Luxury: Their designs blend luxury with everyday comfort.

Testing The J& Co Bracelet And Earings

I bought 2 products from jcojewellery.com (a bracelet and earrings) after i saw their ads on Instagram. It arrived after 14 days; I am happy that the bracelets were as advertised but the earrings were something else. First of all, the size is too small in real life compared to what is advertised online.

When I requested for refunds, The Customer Support team told me that I should have more carefully read their item description; the description and sizing were hidden, and the photos that they use for showing the earrings are incredibly misleading. The earrings I got are essentially unwearable unless I shrink my ears by half. I also paid a $35 CAD customs fee to receive these, so I’ve just lost $200+ CAD on something I can never wear.

Is J&Co Jewelleries A Jewery Scam

The company Jcojewellery operates using deceptive marketing, Also their Jewelleries are mostly unusable and defective. Customer reports on Trust pilot and Reddit have reported negative reviews as a result of buying from this brand. A customer said

Complete con. Jewellery unusable and defective. I was told I had to pay for the return shipping to Singapore and they would only offer store credit, not a refund, which is illegal. After I pushed back on this they are ignoring my emails. I learnt the hard way so please avoid at all costs!

Miss Savage

Deceptive Marketing Tactics By Jcojewellery

Before shopping from jcojewellery.com, here are certain issues you need to be aware of:

Unexpected Customs Hidden Fees

The company does not inform buyers that they will be paying additional charges called custom fees. There is no heads up during the purchase.

Return Hassle

They do not give refunds and if you wish to send the product back, you’ll pay for it yourself. The only thing they offer is store credit.

Poor Quality Alert

Most of their products are total letdown. When i received their earrings which was meant for my helix piercing, it was impossible to get the top part in and screw and it was very tiny. The products were also cheaply made.

Deceptive Marketing

What you receive is totally different from the ads and products on their Instagram page and they happen to be pricey too. They have a perfect 4337 customer reviews on their website which are mostly fake and sponsored.

Not So Handmade Reality

They claim everything’s handmade and special. Turns out, it’s just AliExpress goods sold for 10x what it costs directly from the supplier.

Customer Service

It will be a miracle if someone answers you on the end of the line. Their customer service is unresponsive and when they are responsive, they will be unhelpful.


J&co jewelleries claim that they are located in the Untied States, however when you order is takes weeks to get to you that is because the shipping is coming from Sigapore.

JcoJewellery Pros: What I Fancy

  • The bracelet was what i expected.

JcoJewellery Cons: What I Don’t Really Like About It

  1. The Earring was a total letdown.
  2. The Photos online were totally misleading.
  3. Their products are pricey

Where Is J&Co Jewellery Located

J&CO Jewellery’s headquarters are located at 8819 Garvey Ave Ste A8, Rosemead, California, 91770, United States. However all their shipping comes from Singapore.

Is J&Co Jewellery Legit

Jcojewellery.com is not a reliable place to buy your jewelries. People are saying the jewelry is not up to the quality advertised and there are surprise customs fees. We do not recommend it, so it might be a good idea to steer clear and find a more reliable spot for your jewelry. Alternatively, you can check out Evry Jewels.

How Do I Contact Their Customer Service?

If you need help from J&Co Jewellery, write them an email at [email protected].

Where To Buy

You can buy these custom-made jewelries from their official website jcojewellery.com and also from Amazon. They are currently offering a 50% discount on all orders above $50.


J& Co Jewlery is not a reliable jewelry company. If you’re thinking of buying from them, then be prepared to face lots of challenges including not so great jewelry piece. Also forget about returns because they do not offer such.

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