Is The CP80 Notice a Scam or is it from IRS? Find Out Why!

Did you receive IRS CP80 Notice though your tax return is already filed? Is the phone number 800-829-0922 mentioned on the letter? Don’t panic! It’s not a scam. Thousands of people have received this notice from IRS, and as a result of this we decided to provide answers to your worrying questions.

What is IRS CP80 Notice?

IRS CP80 Notice is a notice sent out by IRS that tells you that IRS have received a payment for the tax year in question, but didn’t receive a return, meaning a refund may be due.

It is sent when the IRS have credited payments and/or credits to one’s tax account.

Why Have You Received a CP80 Notice from IRS?

Though there are three likely reasons for having received IRS CP80 Notice, the main reason why you’ve received this current CP80 notice is because the IRS is behind in processing tax returns due to Covid. Currently, they’ve millions of tax returns for 2020 that they’ve not processed. And because it’s on automation, this notice get sent to almost everyone.

What Should You Do?

If you’ve already filed your tax returns, you should call the number attached to the notice. 800-829-0922. In most cases, the IRS had gotten and cleared the credit check, but have not processed the return yet. The excuse was that they are behind schedule.

So, you should get ready to send copy of the CP80 letter along with copy of original return to the address on the CP80 letter. As this is what they made most people to do.

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