Reviews 2023: Scam Onlyfans Website? Find Out!

Have you been invited to chat with Irina Ina on Are you wondering if is legit? Would you really get 75% off Irina Ina’s media?

Irina Ina is an active Only fans model who currently has more than 90 media on Onlyfans. Her Onlyfans profile reads ‘Your usual gamer girl that doesn’t go out much and likes long naps 24/7’.

About is a website that is allegedly Irina’s secret page. Presently this website is offering 75% discount sale to access to Irina Ina’s private account now. Subscribers have to pay only $10.00/m limited time.

Could this website be legit? lets find out!

Is a Scam?

There are a lot of things that do not add up about First of all, the website was created on 6th June 2023, which is barely few days ago. This itself is a red flag. Secondly, the address provided during the website registration is ‘Kalkofnsvegur 2, Reykjavik, Capital Region, 101, IS’ an address that is associated with lots of online scam.

Thirdly, the profile ‘Irina Ina’ is a new account on Onlyfans. This goes to show that the model does not have a strong reputation on the platform. Meanwhile, it’s quite suspicious that there’s no tangible information on the website. If it’s indeed a genuine private account, some meaningful information would be shared aside from directing users to Irina Ina Onlyfans account.

So yes, is a scam website. The lack of contact information, recent website creation, suspicious address, etc. is a cause for alarm.

How Does This Scam Work?

OnlyFans creators often use dating platforms like Tinder and OkCupid to advertise their profiles or offer exclusive content. This method itself is not a scam. However, be wary if you’re asked to pay with gift cards or anything outside of OnlyFans. Unique content should be offered and delivered through the website, not anywhere else.

Meanwhile, this type of scam can also take the form of phishing. Scammers will ask you to click a link. It will bring you to a fake page asking for your credit card information in exchange for exclusive content.

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