Is [email protected] An Email Scam? Spotting Email Scam Signs

Did you come across [email protected] and wondering if it’s one of those email scams going around recently? You could be receiving the mails because you signed up for a newsletter with Gearplug a legit online marketplace connecting audio professionals with gear for rent. The email in question, seems to be associated with the company. This article will help understand how this email works and whether or not it is a scam.

Is The [email protected] A Scam?

No it is not a scam. Lucien Bernate is the co-founder and head of the brand called ” Gearplug” so the email address is Gearplug’s standard email format for staff, and in line with the first initial and last name of Lucien Bernate. Infact many many websites including their social media handles all point Lucien Bernate as a real person in a senior role at Gearplug. Therefore, it’s likely a genuine email rather than a scam.

Why I am Receiving Emails From Gearplug

There are a number of reasons why you could be receiving these emails from Gear plug

Newsletter Subscription

If you signed up for the Gearplug newsletter, Lucien may be reaching out with promotions, content, or other updates.

Gear Rentals

If you rent gear from Gearplug, Lucien might be following up on your rentals, processing orders, or assisting with any issues.

Professional Networking

If you listed Gearplug as your workplace on social or professional profiles, Lucien could be reaching out to network with fellow team members.

Job Application

If you applied for a job at Gearplug, the email could be related to your application and the hiring process.

Industry Connection

If you’re involved in the music/audio industry, Lucien may be reaching out to build relationships or for PR purposes.

Simple Mix-Up

There’s a chance of a simple mix-up, and you were contacted by mistake. It happens to many people.

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Guidelines For Handling Gearplug Email

  1. Exercise Caution: If the email’s purpose isn’t crystal clear, hold off on clicking links or popping open attachments. Instead, shoot a reply asking for a bit more info.
  2. Engage if Recognized: If Gearplug is a familiar name in your inbox, dive in and handle the email like any other mails.
  3. Verify Email Domain: Make sure that email is has the vibe. Scammer can impersonate the real deal most times.
  4. Watch for Red Flags: Be on the Lookout for signs of phishing or fraud, such as strange requests, typos, threats, or suspicious links.
  5. Contact Gearplug Directly: Give Gearplug a shout through their official channels to double-check the email’s real deal. Confirm if Lucien’s behind it.
  6. Monitor Accounts: If you do decide to click, keep tabs on your accounts.
  7. Share Necessary Information Only: If they’re after some personal info, stick to the essentials, do not give out your sensitive info.

How To Prevent Email Scams

The financial consequences of falling for Email Scams can be significant. Victims may unknowingly transfer funds from their bank or credit card account to the fraudsters, resulting in a loss of thousands of dollars. The impact of fraudulent transactions can also adversely affect the victim’s credit score.

To prevent becoming a victim of Email Scams, users can take proactive steps.

  1. First, it is essential to remain vigilant and scrutinize emails carefully before opening them. View the email sender’s address with a keen eye as scammers often use phony email addresses that may sound official at first glance.
  2. Another method of scam prevention is to avoid clicking on links provided in emails. Scammers may use links that redirect users to a fraudulent website that mimics the original websites. Instead, users should only follow trusted links, such as those available on the app’s official website or mobile application.

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed

  1. Contact your bank or credit card issuer immediately.
  2. Inform your bank or credit card issuer about the unauthorized transaction and request a chargeback.
  3. Change your online passwords: If you have shared your password with the scammer, change your password immediately.
  4. Also be sure to use a strong and unique password for each account.
  5. Report the scam: You can report the scam to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or your local law enforcement agency.
  6. Check your credit report: Monitor your credit report for any suspicious activity.
  7. Stay vigilant: Be alert for any other phishing scams or suspicious emails, and do not share any sensitive information.


Finally, the email [email protected] is not a scam. Gearplug is a real company giving audio equipment rentals and Lucien Bernate is a co-founder and executive at the company. However, watch out phishing emails impersonating the real deal and do not become a victim of email scams.

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