Hyperarch Motion Shoes Review (2024) Is This Sneakers Any Good?

Sometime in December 2023, a friend introduced me to Hyperarch Motion Shoes. Being a runner and a sneaker freak, I was very much skeptical as I had bought lots of recommended sneakers that ended up not worth the hype and price. Is the Hyperarch Motion Sneakers one of them?

Here’s a detailed review of my experience wearing this sneakers for two months, its pros, cons, and what you should expect when you buy one.

Is Hyperarch Motion Shoes Right For You?

Before I get into the details, here’s the TL;DR if you just want to know whether or not  Hyperarch Motion Shoes is right for you.

  • Orthopedic? Yes
  • Arch Support? Yes
  • Outsole? Lightweight
  • Design? Stylish and Simple ( can be worn in formal or casual outfit)

Is The Hyperarch Motion Shoes Any Good?

Having worn the sneakers for complete two months (twice or thrice a week), I’ve to say that it indeed lives up to its hype. When worn, it feels like extremely comfortable with super support inside. The Hyperarch Motion shoes was able to accomodate my bunion without causing any pain whatsoever (this is something most sneakers can’t do) . The extra wide toe box makes this possible.

Aside from the arch and orthopedic look, this footwear has a smart chic look. You could rock it to the supermarket, gym, or even to church. (This is actually what I love most about the shoe). It’s no surprise that women -mostly mothers – have embraced this brand.

Here are notable features of this orthopedic shoe –

  • Cushioney Interior: padded heel cup prevents blisters and chafe.
  • Elasticated Pull Tab: effortless on-and-off for those with reduced mobility.
  •  Rocker Shape Outsole: saves energy and absorbs shocks while cushioning joints.

Where are the Hyper arch motion shoes manufactured?

Hyperarch Motion Shoes are made in a vegan facility in China, but distributed from a distribution centre in Delaware USA.

Hyperarch Motion Shoes Where to buy?

Hyperarch Motion shoes are available for sale on its official website ‘hyperarchmotion.com’.

Benefits of Wearing This Orthopedic Sneakers

According to research studies, orthopedic shoes like Hyperarch Motion Sneakers have the following benefits;

  • Provides great support
  • Encourages blood flow
  • Corrects foot problems
  • Diminishes foot pain


After two months of wearing this shoe ( to almost everywhere), I observed the following;

  • Foot Pain Relief – The Arch Support System has been designed to fit the natural shape and motion of your foot – relieving pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis or Heel Spurs in just a matter of time!
  • Better Posture – This sneakers allowed me to walk taller and feel better about yourself all day long.
  • Antioxid Protection – My rate of injury while running drastically reduced.
  • Improved Endurance – The shoes’ three-way Orthotic Arch Support System provided shock absorption and energy return for reduced fatigue during exercise.


  • The website hyperarchmotion.com has a terrible customer support
  • I realized I now own a community shoe (almost all my lady friends have this high arch motion shoes and they all come in different names Hyper Soft, Hyper Arch, etc.)
  • The return and exchange policy isn’t favorable. My friends were unable to return theirs because the company only offered the option of 40% return.

Is Hyperarchmotion.com Legit?

Yes, it’s the legit and official website to order the Hyperarch Motion Shoes. However, one major flaw the website and brand has is shipping delay. Shipping and delivery isn’t as seamless as one would expect from a brand that has been existing for years now. There has also been complaints of unfavorable return policy.

A customer has this to say;

I was working with Emilia trying to return one of my 2 pairs I ordered. One was for my friend who they didn’t work out for. when she couldn’t get me to replace them she would not respond to help me to return them for my full refund as advertised. I have sent a few emails to her for 2 days she has still not responded.


Hyperarch Motion shoes are orthopedic sneakers that relieve pain and reduce pains on ankles. Aside from it being chic and comfy, they also come in a variety of colors, and can go with any kind of clothes; dresses, jeans, etc.

Have you bought Hyperarch Motion shoes? did it meet your expectations? share your experience in the comment section!

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  1. Thank you for this honest review. I’m a senior (74 years old) but still work…concrete floor…essentially standing in one place for about 6 hours/day (45 minutes total lunch and break). I was seriously considering this shoe until I read your comments on the return policy. I can’t risk spending that much on shoes (I’d dare say most of us can’t!) and not being able to obtain a return if something is wrong with the shoe, it doesn’t fit well, etc. I’ll be passing for that reason.

  2. Total scam. They took a month to be delivered. They don’t have much arch support at all and I have to pay shipping to return them. TERRIBLE COMPANY!

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