Is Hustlers University Real Or Fake? Don’t Sign Up Before Reading This

Hustlers university is real but not really legit. Andrew Tate, the guy behind this platform, isn’t really a pro at making money online, especially not with the skills he says he’ll teach you in the course. The top earners mostly made their cash by promoting the course itself, not by using the skills they learned.

Here’s how this program works and everything you need to know before signing up.

What Is Hustlers University

Hustlers University was started by Andrew Cobra Tate, a former kickboxer, and a professor handpicked by Andrew to teach different ways to make money online. It’s all on Discord, and they’ve got different private channels for learning copywriting, freelancing, affiliate marketing, and crypto-stock trading. The professors share stuff like pictures, videos, and live chats to help you learn these skills.

There are lots of complaints on Reddit and many platforms accusing the platform to be an outright scam, pyramid scheme to mention a few.

Is Hustlers University Real Or Fake

It’s not Fake. I’ve been a member of Hustlers University 2.0 for 25 days now, and honestly, I’m not impressed. The content they provide is just average, and it’s mostly shared over Discord channels. They cover topics like affiliate marketing, copywriting, freelancing, and stock-crypto trading, but you can easily find similar or even better content for free on the internet. So, paying $49.99 monthly for Hustlers University seems unnecessary.

Instead of getting drawn into the allure of fake luxury lifestyles, girls, and cars, it’s better to believe in hard work and focus on developing the right skills. With determination and the right skills, anyone can earn money online without having to rely on expensive member.

Is Hustlers University Worth Your Money

No, honestly, I don’t think it’s worth the money they’re asking for. Sure, Andrew Tate makes it all look super glamorous with his luxury lifestyle, but you can find similar info for free on YouTube or blogs. So, I wouldn’t recommend giving out cash for this program.

What You Must Know About This Program

  1. The info from Hustlers University 2.0, supposedly from millionaire professors, is basic and freely available online.
  2. It’s doubtful if these supposed millionaires would bother teaching for such low pay if they were truly successful.
  3. Andrew Tate’s lavish lifestyle raises questions about who really benefits from this scheme.
  4. Tate’s need for $50 payments suggests he may not be as successful as he claims, resembling other scam artists.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Join

Hustlers University membership will set you back $49 every month, similar to how you pay for Netflix. With this subscription, you get access to all the courses, lectures, and information for as long as you keep your subscription active.

Why We Don’t Recommend Hustlers University

First of all, the trade signals at Hustlers University were downright awful. Every call they made was a disaster, and they never even bothered to apologize for their terrible advice. The instructors, who claim to be millionaires, are nothing but fake and arrogant.

Honestly, the whole program is a joke, and I feel dumber for even giving it a shot. The only decent part was doing lots of pushups, which they emphasized the most. If you’re looking to waste your money and get ripped off with pushups, then sure, go ahead. Otherwise, save your cash.

Final Words

Hustlers University 2.0, run by Andrew Tate, claims to teach people how to make money online through various methods like copyrighting, affiliate marketing, and cryptocurrency. However, starting a real business is different from just gaining influence. Skills like Amazon dropshipping and real estate investment can be learned for free online, so there’s no need to pay $49.99 monthly for this course. Instead, individuals can use readily available resources to develop the skills and mindset needed to earn money from the internet.

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