Is Mason Vacations Legit or Scam? What to Know About The Free Trip

So you received a text message from Mason Vacations that says you’ve won a free cruise package to the Bahamas. Well, you’re not alone. Over the past two years, lots of people have been chosen, and I happen to be one of the ‘lucky winners’.

Here’s my report on Mason Vacations; how they choose the winners, how the vacation really works, and what to expect generally (including expenses)

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A Closer Look at Mason Vacations

Mason Vacations is is a travel program that offers vacation cruise programs to the Bahamas. Often times, they gift people ‘free cruise’ vacation package after they must have participated in a raffle draw in a mall.

There’s actually no magic or strategy behind how Mason Vacations choose its winners. The truth is this; once you fill that pink form in the mall or wherever you met the representatives, you’re automatically a winner. The form you filled states you are a “winner” just by filling out the entry card. Within a week or months, you’d get a text message or telephone call from them saying you’ve been selected.

How The Free Trip Actually Works

The ‘free cruise’ is not actually free.  You have to pay for transportation, taxes, and resort fees. You also have to pay a  $19 per person for an admin fee. Secondly, what you get is a ‘2 free days for a cruise’. But in reality none of the cruises are 2 days long. Some are six or seven days long. So in the end you have to pay for the extra 4 days.

In the end, it costs same price as every other resort vacation package.

How Much You Should Budget For Mason Vacations Free Bahamas Cruise

If you’re planning of going for a vacation at the Grand Bahama you should budget between $1000 – $1700 for 2 persons. As of November 2023, I spent  $1037.24 all together, of which $846.62 was unavoidable fees/transportation. Below are some expenses you should expect –

  •  A cruise fee of $87.50
  • A $20 booking fee
  •  Bahama entry fee $99
  • You’ll have to pay a (hotel fee) resort fee of $20-80 depending on the choice of resort. 
  • You are responsible for all normal travel expenses inc transportation etc.  
  • You might get a few free nights at a resort, but there will be “extras” that in the end cost as much as a regular resort.

How I was Able To Cut Down on Expenses During My Trip

  • First of all, I made advance booking online
  • Travelled during the off season (Between end of April to second week of December)
  • I used affordable transportation instead of luxury cars
  • I didn’t pay extra tips at restaurants (the main bill already included 15% gratuity)
  • Created a splurge budget so I didn’t have to overspend
  • Bought only what I could eat, not for experiment or picture sake

End Note: Is Mason Vacations a Scam?

Mason Vacations is not a scam. It’s a legit travel vacation program that sometimes offer ‘free trip’ to winners of its raffle draw. However, there’s a catch. The free trip isn’t really free perse, but is more like a coupon. You get to pay for some expenses.

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