Hormone Harmony By Happy Mammoth Review: A Legit Hormonal Fixer? Read This

Are the Hormone Harmony reviews on Trustpilot a con? Is it really a 24hr quick fix for your hormonal problems? in this review, i’ll share my experience using this product and help you make an informed decision.

Overview Of Happy Mammoth Hormone Harmony

Hormone Harmony by Happy Mammoth is a natural supplement that claims to help women with hormone issues feel better. It’s good for imbalances, menopause, and related problems.

The ingredients Include

This supplement has natural ingredients that help women with hormone issues. These ingredients, like Maca, Ashwagandha, Chaste Tree Berry, and others, can balance hormones, reduce stress, improve mood, and manage symptoms like PMS and menopause. They’re like helpers for your body to feel better.

My Experience Using Hormone Harmony

I was really struggling with menopausal issues, they were driving me crazy. Then I read about this product on Trustpilot and thought, why not give it a shot?

I got Fatigue Eliminator and Hormone Harmony. Bloating disappeared and sugar cravings eased after a couple of weeks. Hot flushes are mostly gone, I sleep better, and no more afternoon naps needed. Feeling way better!

I found the price a bit high compared to other hormonal fixes, you should know it does not help with weight loss however it was worth my money.


  1. Helped with my bloating problems
  2. Reduced my sugar cravings


  1. It’s a bit pricey
  2. Its not available on certain retail stores
  3. May not work for everyone
  4. There aren’t enough independent reviews about this product


Happy Mammoth’s Hormone supplement makes you feel better by balancing hormones, helping with weight, sleep, and energy. It’s made with natural stuff and people really like it.

Where To Buy

You can buy Hormone Harmony from Happy Mammoth’s website. You can pay once or subscribe to save up to 20%. The price of one bottle is $69.99 it is not available on Amazon.

Hormone Harmony Vs Provitalize

So, there are two supplements – Hormone Harmony and Provitalize – both helping with menopause. Hormone Harmony has 12 natural ingredients that each focus on different problems like mood swings and stress. It’s free of stuff like gluten and dairy. Provitalize, on the other hand, mixes probiotics and herbs for weight loss during menopause. It’s all about the gut’s role in our body. Both are good for overall health and don’t have bad stuff like gluten. While Hormone Harmony is like a team with each ingredient having a job, Provitalize works together like an orchestra. So, both are cool, but Provitalize’s mix is a bit special.

Is Happy Hormone A Con?

Yes it is legit. There have been lots of good and bad customer reviews on Reddit and Trustpilot about the product. A user said:

My experience is that the advertising is very misleading. I have been taking the capsules for 2 weeks and nothing has changed. I don’t think it’s ethical to advertise it as ‘ symptoms gone in 24 hours’ etc because it’s simply not true. The capsules are expensive and should be taken with thought and caution as they may not work for you or they may take weeks or months to have any effect.


Also it’s not FDA approved and there is no scientific evidence that backs it yet. From my experience it did help my bloating problems but did not for the weight loss issue.


Hormone Harmony is popular for balancing hormones naturally. It helped me with my bloating problems however its not a quick fix for your menopause symptoms. Talk to a doctor for personalized advice. It could be good for you, but be smart about your health choices.

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  1. Can men use Hormone Harmony supplements?
    • Yes, both men and women can use the supplement.
  2. How soon can I expect to see results?
    • Results vary; patience and consistent use are important.
  3. Are Hormone Harmony supplements FDA-approved?
    • They aren’t FDA-approved but are regulated for safety.
  4. Can I take it with other medications?
    • Consult your healthcare provider first.
  5. Any age restrictions for Hormone Harmony use?
    • Consult your healthcare provider about suitability.

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