the Hey Shape Co review they don’t want you to See (2024)

You must have read or seen lots of raving reviews online about the Heyshape bodysuit or Shapewear and looking for genuine reviews. Heyshape has a handful of shapewear and bodysuits which promises snatched look. However, does it really work as advertised? Can it flatten the tummy? Here’s my honest review.

In this review, I share my experience buying and wearing this body shaper and help you decide if it is worth your money.

Hey Shape or Hey Shape Co? A Close look

Heyshape is a popular lingerie brand that went viral on Tiktok last year. They make suits, swim wears and bodysuits to make your body look smoother and more toned when you wear it underneath your regular clothes. There’s the Snatched Shapewear Bodysuit, Sculpting Shapewear Bodysuit and the Snatched Thong Bodysuit.

The Shapewears/bodysuits are said to be durable, waterproof and breathable. The fabric is of stretch material, giving the garments comfort, freedom of movement and optimal fit.

My Experience Wearing Hey Shape Wear

So, I wasn’t too happy with my tummy, and I saw some folks raving about this product on Reddit and TikTok. They had this deal, buy one, get one free. I was like, “great could give my sister one!”. I ordered for the Snatched Shapewear Bodysuit, and got two added my cart.

I waited for like two weeks before it arrived my destination in Texas. First of all, the quality isn’t that bad, but it isn’t great either. When worn, the bodysuit doesn’t really flatten my tummy or snatched my tummy as various Ads suggested.

I had high hopes but honestly I was disappointed. Sadly, the refund and exchange option is non-existent. I received an email from that said it couldn’t be exchanged or returned.


  • shipping and delivery fast


  • It didn’t really snatch my tummy
  • Non-existent refund policy

Is The HeyShape Wear Legit?

Yes, Heyshape is a legit brand. However, it has a couple of loopholes that need to be looked into. For example its customer service, delivery, and refund policy is quite terrible. The quality of the bodysuit was not the hype that they make out of it in social media, it doesn’t really suck me in or make me feel snatched.

How To Choose The Right Shape Wear

here are the simple steps to pick the right Hey Shape wear:

  1. Measure your waist and hips accurately using their size chart.
  2. Decide how tight you want the shapewear to hold you.
  3. Think about the outfit you’ll wear it with, so you choose the right style and coverage.


To wrap it up, Hey Shape Wear is clothing that makes your body look better under your regular clothes. However it didn’t really snatch my tummy as it claimed it would.

I also tried Honeylove shapewear


Q: Where can I get Hey Shape Wear in Australia? A: You can get Hey Shape Wear in Australia on or from authorized stores.

Q: Is Hey Shape Bodysuit available in the UK? A: You might find Hey Shape Bodysuits in the UK on their website or in local shops.

Q: How do I find Hey Shape coupon codes for discounts? A: To get Hey Shape coupon codes, check their website or sign up for their newsletter.

Q: Where can I see Hey Shape’s size chart? A: You can find Hey Shape’s size chart on their website to pick the right size.

Q: What’s the deal with Hey Shape Wear returns? A: The return policy can vary, so check their website or contact their support for return info.


  1. I found the product not too cheap but not great. My biggest beef with it was the hook feature. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, but they annoy and hurt me down “there.” Like a constant pinching and stabbing feeling. I think they helped smooth me out a little, but I feel like I can’t achieve that snatched look! Makes me a wee sad.

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