Heat Wolf Deicer Reviews: Here’s Why It’s a Scam Vehicle Deicing Instrument

Do you want to buy Heat Wolf Deicer for your car? Are you wondering if it really works or if it is a disguised scam? Is it a scam or legit vehicle deicing instrument? Here’s a fact check review.

There has been a lot of buzz lately about ‘HEATWOLF™ Vehicle Microwave Deicing Instrument’. Various ecommerce sites claim it’s the latest invention that solves the problem vehicle owners have during winter; removing ice and snow from their vehicles.

However, our findings prove otherwise. This review reveals everything you need to know about Heat Wolf Deicer.

HEATWOLF™ Vehicle Microwave Deicing Instrument: What Is It?

Heat Wolf is allegedly a portable instrument that uses microwave molecular technology to protect vehicles from snow and ice. This tool or gadget is said to have been invented by  researchers from the University of Tokyo after their findings on physical properties of water molecules.

Users only need to place the instrument anywhere inside their car, then it does its work. Viola!

Sounds interesting right? Sadly, this is pure sales gimmick. We investigated Heat Wolf Deicer and found out it does not work as claimed.

Real Facts Behind Heat Wolf Deicer: Why It’s a Scam

Fake Claims

Heat Wolf is not backed by any scientific research or proof. The background story about researchers from Tokyo is mere marketing strategy to attract buyers. There’s no department called ‘The Microwave and Radio Frequency Laboratory’ in the University of Tokyo. That is why there’s no article or publication online about this so called ‘ground-breaking’ invention.

Not Equipped To Keep Snow & Ice Away

Heat Wolf Deicing Instrument is not a deicing tool as buyers are made to believe. It is just a mere car air freshener diffuser designed to be placed in your car’s cup holder. As you can see from the image below, this exact product is available for sale on different websites as a Car Air Freshner Diffuser.

Heat Wolf
Image of Heat Wolf Deicing Instrument

Heat Wolf Deicer Pros:

  • It’s portable
  • It is available for sale on numerous websites


  • It is sold with deceptive marketing
  • Does not keep snow and ice away
  • Functions as a car air freshener not a deicing instrument

Easy Ways To De-ice Your Car Safely This Winter

With winter fast approaching, here’s how to de-ice your car safely;

1. Switch Your Heating On

The first thing we recommend is to switch your engine on and put your heating on full, directing it towards your windscreen. Also, if your car is equipped with it, we suggest switching on the rear windscreen heater, which will allow the ice to melt more quickly.

2. Check Your Wipers

Make sure to thoroughly inspect your wipers to ensure they aren’t frozen. If they are, their motor could be damaged and their rubber could start ripping off if you use them. If this is the case, don’t put them on just yet, wait until they are thoroughly defrosted.

3. Sweep Off the Snow

If there is any visible or thick snow on your car, sweep it off with a soft brush before starting the de-icing process. While doing that, make sure your lights are clean and in working order.

4. Use an Ice Scraper

Grab your ice scraper (it’s always handy to keep one in your glove compartment, you never know), and start scraping your windscreen and windows. Make sure to use an actual ice scraper and not a sharp object, as this could permanently damage your windows and/or windscreen, potentially resulting in expensive repairs.

5. Make Sure Everything is Clear Before Setting Off

Wait until all the ice has been cleared and/or melted and you have clear visibility through all windows and mirrors before setting off. It’s important not to rush the defrosting process, which will roughly take 10 to 15 minutes as if you do, this could lead to unsafe driving. If you are usually in a rush in the morning, make sure to set your alarm a little earlier and take your time to de-ice your vehicle.


Heat Wolf Deicer is misleading sold as a vehicle deicing instrument whereas it is a Car Air Freshener Diffuser. The claims made by the sellers is false and not backed with any proof. Heat Wolf Vehicle Deicer cannot keep snow and ice away from your vehicle. Don’t fall for the scam!

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