Is Harrelson’s Own CBD Right for You? What To Consider Before Buying

Harrelson Own CBD Gummies have become popular online for managing pain, mental health issues, and more. Harrelson’s Own CBD has many products, like Organic Time-Released Gummies, Signature Blend Spray that works fast, and Instant Pain-Relieving Roll-On Cooling Gel. These products say they can help with stress, mood, inflammation, and energy. But do they actually do what they promise? For the sake of this review, we will look at the CBD Spray my sister tried eailer.

Harrelson’s Own CBD
Harrelson’s Own CBD

Harrelson’s Own CBD Spary

Harrelson’s Own CBD is a water-based CBD tincture/spray that is supposed to be so soluble it works in minutes. The TV commercials make it sound like a miracle cure for any problem, but they can be quite over-the-top and hard to believe.

The ingredients include

  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract.
  • Purified Water.
  • Soy Lecithin.
  • Organic Mint and Vanilla.
  • Terpene Blend.

Key Features of Harrelson’s Own Emulsified Spray

  • It has full spectrum CBD extracts
  • Nano emulsified for quick absorption
  • Absorbs instantly with water-soluble technology
  • Features a pleasant blend of natural terpenes
  • Each bottle contains 600mg of CBD
  • Refreshing mint and vanilla flavor

How My Sister Tested

I bought the spray and roll-on after seeing a commercial, hoping they’d help my handicapped sister, who is always in pain. The website was a mess, trying to sell more stuff and show videos, plus the price was high. When we got the products, my sister tried the roll-on and I tried the spray, and we were both let down.

The spary didn’t work like a spray but dribbled out and tasted horrible, leaving me trying to get the taste out of my mouth all night. It felt like they mixed up the products. The roll-on didn’t help my sister’s pain at all. I wouldn’t recommend these to anyone.

Does Harrelson’s Own CBD Spary Work

Not exactly, many customers who bought this product because of the commercials online are calling it snake oil while some reviews which are obviously exaggerated on are all positive about this product.

Also, The TV commercial for the spray CBD oil isn’t truthful. It dispenses drops instead of the refreshing spray it shows. Also, the taste of the product is very strong and not pleasant at all. Even though they say you can get all your money back, when you try to return the item, they charge you $7.95.

What Are People Saying

The testimonials are mostly from family and friends. There are reports that the product is a scam, with bottles often arriving leaking and slimy, and the guaranteed refund being false.

And here I am doing the same. I just subscribed to YouTubeTV, saw this dumpster fire ad yesterday and now I’m kinda obsessing over how hilariously cringeworthy the website and every piece of branding material is

His commercial just came on, on one of those low budget free-antenna-TV. I like my free antenna TV, but I noticed that these antenna commercials may be worse = we get a bit more of those stupid old people commercials vs regular network TV and cable TV commercials!  Just figured this out like 2 years ago. 

Red Flags About Harrelson’s Own CBD Gummies

The unresolved BBB complaint is a red flag. The BBB helps solve problems between customers and companies, and when businesses ignore complaints, it hurts their rating.

Some customers also say the taste is bad. Always research carefully before buying supplements online.

There are also complaints about the packaging. Some customers say the sprayer doesn’t work, and the company doesn’t want to follow its refund policy.

Is Harrelson’s Own CBD a Scam?

There’s no proof it’s a scam, but the company isn’t clear about its return policy. They charge a $7.95 fee for returns, and many customers don’t know this before buying.

Who Really Runs Harrelson’s Own

Many people think Woody Harrelson, the famous actor, runs Harrelson’s Own CBD. But the truth is, it’s owned by his older brother, Brett V. Harrelson. Woody is just the face of the brand, which is why you see him in the ads.


Harrelson’s Own CBD is a mix of good and bad. Some people find relief and it has a 4.2-star rating, but there are problems too. The oral spray tastes bad, the advertising is misleading, and the money-back guarantee is unclear. If you want to try it, think about the pros and cons and read reviews first.

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