Handy Brite Solar Security 360: Is It Worth Buying? (Review,Pros & Cons)

Did you come across a YouTube video promoting Handy Brite Solar LED security light? Are you considering installing this solar light around your home? I bought and tested this product on my porch, here is my review after installing.

About Handy Brite Solar Security 360

Handy Brite Solar LED Spotlight is a Solar powered motion-activated LED security light. It is motion-activated so the moment it senses motion within 25ft, it will turn on it and turns of after 30 seconds when the motion stops. One of the perks of this security light is that it is Solar Powered. Other benefits includes;

  • Motion-sensor turns that turns on and off automatically
  • Looks like a security camera to deter burglars
  • 8 Ultra Bright LED
  • Weather resistant
  • 360 degree Mounting plate & ground stake

Is Handy Brite Solar Security Worth It? Here’s my Honest Review

I bought this security light from Amazon and Item arrived well packed and at least partly charged. The first thing I noticed about JML Handy Brite Solar LED Spotlight is that it looks like a camera, which means that the security features of this amazing light are even active when it’s not on.

I quickly followed the instructions and installed it on my pouch. It has the same features As seen on Tv with 8 high-intensity LED lights that shine around the entire area with light covering over 600 square feet.

However, I didn’t like the annoying red flashing, they are way too bright. No burglar would ever think these are cameras and my neighbours are enquiring about what is going on.


  1. It came nicely packed and somewhat charged.
  2. Looks like a security camera, so it’s keeping an eye even when not in use.
  3. Easy to set up on my porch with clear instructions.
  4. The bright lights, covers areas like they show on TV.


  1. Those red flashing lights are too bright and annoying.
  2. There aren’t much independent reviews about the product.

Where To Buy

You can buy Handy Brite from their official website solarsecurity360.com and also from Amazon and walmart. The price is US$14.99.

Does The Handy Brite Solar Security 360 Work?

Yes, it works. However, the red light certainly does NOT deter anyone because I’ve had a few visitors mentioned how phoney it looks and how poor it lit up my pathway. There are also customer complaints of similar problems. A customer said

 I was really impressed by this, until I realised it had an annoying constantly blinking red light when it’s set to motion detection mode. The manual plays it up as a security feature but I’ve had so many complaints from people over the road that it’s annoying


How To Install

  • Inbox the solar
  • Peel and stick or mount onto almost any surface.
  • It does not need batteries or wires needed! Great for doorways, driveways, decks, backyards.


Handy Brite Solar Security 360LED is easy, simple to install and can deter intruders. However, I do not fancy the red light motion feature. It’s too bright, and looks kinda phoney. Still, the Solar powered light is a good purchase. Overall i’ll rate this solar light 4 out of 5.

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