I Tried TikTok Goda Perfume: Will It Make You Smell Nice? Find Out

I came across TikTok videos of people promoting the Goda Perfume but whenever I come across such videos online I approach them with skepticism.

I’m this review, I will share my experience and everything you need to know about the Goda perfume and everything you need to know about this perfume before you buy.

Goda Perfume
Goda Perfume

What Is The Goda Women Perfume

Goda perfume is available in special scents and it’s made for men and women with a beautiful, long-lasting scent that people will remember. Also, It’s made with top-notch natural oils that not only smell great but also give you a confidence boost. But what are people saying about this perfume?

The different scents available

Floral Amber, Jasmine, blackcurrant bud, Panna cotta, peony, rose & Pink pepper.

Does The Goda Perfume Smell Nice

No, the ads make it appear like it has a nice fragrance but this perfume does not smell nice. I thought that with its ingredients it would smell pleasant. It does NOT. The smell is harsh and unpleasant.

The fragrance irritates the inside of my nose and rubs the inside of my nostrils with 80 grit sandpaper and then it chokes me with soft talc that my grandma used to wear instead of putting on deodorant. I had a bad reaction to it.

Why People Love This Perfume

  1. Long-lasting Fragrance: Smells good for 24 hours.
  2. Refreshing And Non-greasy: Keeps your armpits dry without feeling sticky.
  3. Transparent Light Fragrance: Goes on clear and helps you stay fresh and dry.
  4. Mild And Non-irritating: Made with gentle, alcohol-free ingredients that won’t cause redness or peeling.
  5. Compact Design: Small and easy to carry around.

How To Use

  1. Squeeze 2-3 drops of GODA on your wrist.
  2. Apply behind your ears.
  3. Apply on your neck.
  4. Apply on the inner elbows.
  5. Focus on sweaty areas.
  6. Rub the oil into your skin until absorbed.

Can Human Beings Sense Pheromone Perfume

So far, there’s not a lot of proof that wearing pheromone perfume actually makes you more attractive to others. While humans do give off and pick up on pheromones, we need more research to understand how it really affects attraction.

Will I Buy Again

No, I saw this on fb advertised and when it arrived, it was not exactly what I expected. First of all the perfume smells really bad and it’s very strong to the extent I felt headache afterwards.

Also, majority of the customer complaints on Amazon had bad experiences using this perfume and so did I so I won’t recommend buying them again. There are hyped sponsored videos of this perfume all over TikTok and no reviews about it yet on Reddit.

Is Goda Perfume Worth The Hype

If you’re thinking about trying it out, don’t expect it to magically find you true love. I was really hoping for an amazing, wow-factor reaction. I wanted it to be as life-changing as people on TikTok said. But it seems like wanting to believe in it mattered more than the actual scent.

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