Is Glame Hair Removal a Scam? Glame SmoothBeam Review (2024)

Did you come across ads on YouTube or social media promoting the Glame Hair Removal by Is it really a smooth painless alternative to traditional shaving? Here’s a honest unsponsored review as written by our in-house product tester.

About Glame Hair Removal

Glame which is sold on is touted as the best hair remover that leaves your skin smooth not bumpy. It’s said to use epilation and sensa-light technology leaving your body so smooth to touch, no ingrown hairs, bumps or skin irritation.

It allegedly works by by first plucking hairs with the epilation component, and then targeting the follicles with energy to reduce hair growth. However, the question that begs to be answered is this; does it really work as claimed or is it a scam?

I Tried The Glame Hair Remover Device – Here’s my Experience

So after seeing a couple of not so good Glame reviews on Reddit, I decided to give it a try to see if it’s as bad as reviewed or if it holds some hope. My order took nearly a month to arrive, it came all the way from China though the packaging says ‘Made in California’ (First Red Flag).

Being of Native American descent, my hair is pretty much coarse, and I’m yet to use a hair removal device that perfectly removes my hair without causing bumps and skin irritation. It was no different with Glame Smoothbeam. It couldn’t remove any hair, and got stuck many times.

What’s so interesting is the Glame looks very much like Bleame Hair Remover Handset that I bought and tested nearly a year ago. Same low quality, poor blades that don’t really tackle the hair. When I contacted support@shopglame, the co-founder emailed me under the alias Riley.

I have screen shots of the 90 day risk free refund policy, the emails back and forth, etc. I could only upload one item so it’s a picture of how the product arrived. Yet, my refund request wasn’t granted.

Is Glame a Scam Hair Removal?

There are a lot of complaints from users with majority calling it a scam as it didn’t really meet their hair removal needs. Aside from being defective, doesn’t grant refunds or returns even when sent pictures and videos showing it doesn’t work.

Amy, SabiReviews Product Tester, confirms the inefficiency of this device and its poor quality. Other issues documented are; delayed shipping and delivery, misleading advertisement, Made in China not California as said in the packaging.


  1. It’s portable
  2. Not pricey


  1. Does not work on all kinds of hair
  2. made from poor quality
  3. It’s a generic unbranded product with a different name ‘Yes’ not Glame

Does Glame Smoothbeam Hair Removal Work?

From my experience, the Glame Smoothbeam does not really work, especially on coarse hair. Reviews on Reddit also attest to the inefficiency of the hair removal. .

How To Use Glame Hair Remover

Do a Patch Test First

A patch test is important to know how your skin responds to the device. To do the test, use it on a small area 24 hours before the actual treatment. If nothing happens, you can continue but in case of side effects, like skin irritation or redness, it’s best not to continue.

Step 1: Connect the power cable and the adapter and then insert the cable into a power socket

Step 2: Turn on the device and select the intensity level and mode according to your skin sensitivity.

Step 3: Put the device on your skin and move it gently on the treatment area

Step 4: After completing the treatment, turn off the device, clean it, and keep it in a safe place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Use this Glame hair remover on my face?

Hair removal devices are safe to use for all your skin areas but with your face, you just need a bit more care.

What are the side effects of Glame Smoothbeam?

Skin irritation, bumps, and ingrown hairs are the commonly reported side effects

Is a Scam?

Shopglame is not a scam perse, however it has wrong business practices. The owner does not grant refunds.

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