Is Georgeson and Economical Scam Or Legit? What You Must Know

People are talking about Georgeson Shareholder Communications because they joined forces with Economical Insurance, sending out surprise checks to people as part of the demutualization benefits. Now, some are wondering if this is legit or possibly a scam. We

What Is Georgeson and Economical

Georgeson Shareholder Communications is a big company that helps out other companies and their shareholders. They’ve been around since 1935, and they’re based in New Jersey, but they work globally, helping businesses in North America, Europe, and Australia.

In 2021, they teamed up with Economical Insurance to help eligible policyholders get back any benefits they might have missed out on during a process called demutualization. It’s like helping people who have insurance policies to claim what’s rightfully theirs.

Here are some things they do:

  1. Proxy solicitation: They try to get shareholders to vote for things at annual meetings.
  2. Asset reunification: They help find shareholders who might have lost track of their money, like from dividends or mergers, and get it back to them.
  3. Corporate actions: They handle the details when big things happen to a company, like going public or merging with another company.
  4. Shareholder identification: They figure out who the current owners are when records are outdated.

Is Georgeson and Economical Scam Or Legit

No it’s not a scam. People who’ve dealt with Georgeson are pretty satisfied. They praise Georgeson for making it easy to claim their Economical benefits, and the customer service is excellent. Complaints are not flooding in, and the few that pop up aren’t really gripes about Georgeson itself. Some people might be unsure about the whole deal, but Georgeson’s main gig isn’t causing much trouble. On review sites, especially TrustPilot, you’ll find loads of five-star reviews. People are thrilled about reclaiming their “lost money”.

What You Must Know About Georgeson and Economical Demutualization

Some people got a bit suspicious when Georgeson and Economical sent unexpected checks and letters:

  1. “Is this some kind of scam?”
    • Nope, it’s not. Government authorities regulate the process, news sources back it, and Economical hired Georgeson for the legit distribution of benefits. No credible reports say otherwise.
  2. “I can’t remember having a policy with Economical.”
    • Even if you had a short or forgotten policy, you might still qualify. The key is having a policy during a specific time, not how long you had it.
  3. “This seems like too much hassle.”
    • You could be owed thousands based on Economical’s plan. Claiming is your right, and the process through Georgeson is pretty simple. Missing out on big bucks might not be the smartest move.
  4. What’s Georgeson doing with my info
    • Georgeson’s business thrives on dealing safely with sensitive data. Their privacy policy protects your info, making sure it doesn’t go wandering where it shouldn’t.
  5. Decades of trust-building:
    • These people have been handling tricky shareholder stuff for ages, earning their role in the trust department.

If you get a letter from Georgeson about Economical, Follow These Steps

  1. First off, give it a good look. Make sure it’s the real deal and has all the nitty-gritty details about your benefits. They should also spill the beans on how to reach them.
  2. When you hit them up, be ready to confirm your identity. They might throw questions at you like your full name, where you lived before – you know, the usual.
  3. Depending on your benefits, they might ask for some extra paperwork. Stuff like IDs or tax forms – the usual suspects.
  4. Once all the paperwork is sorted. They’ll send over your demutualization money.


The Georgeson and Economical Insurance is not a scam. It’s totally approved by the government. Even the big news outlets give it a nod of approval , if you got a letter from Georgeson, chances are you have some money you didn’t even know you had coming.

if you’re feeling unsure or a bit overwhelmed about what to do next, don’t stress. Just pick up the phone and call the Georgeson contact number in your letter. Their helpful team will guide you through the steps.

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