Is Fussy Deodorant Actually Worth The Buy? Here’s What I Think

Do you struggle with body odor? Thinking about trying natural deodorants? I made the switch this year. Started with Wild deodorant and then came across Fussy deodorant on my FYP on TikTok. As someone who looks into natural personal care products all the time, people always ask me: “What natural deodorant really works?”

It’s a tough question. Our bodies are so different. What we eat, our genes, how active we are, even the clothes we wear—all of it affects how well deodorants work. We looked into Fussy Deodorant on the basis of its ingredients, customer reviews, and more. Does Fussy Deodorant really work? Read this review to find out.

Fussy Deodorant
Fussy Deodorant

About Fussy Refillable Deodorant

As Seen on Dragon’s Den FUSSY is a natural and sustainable deodorant that’s all about eco-friendliness. It’s packaged without any plastic Instead, it comes in compostable pods that you pop into a reusable case. Plus, you get to pick from cool colors like Burnt Orange, Mint Green, Ocean Blue, Midnight, or Blush for the case. And for scents, there’s Wavy Days, Night Tales, Sun Drunk, Bare All, or Wide Eyed to choose from.

Ingredients Inside

  • Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Tapioca Starch, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Helianthus Annuus Seed Cera (Sunflower Wax), Sodium Bicarbonate.

My Challenge

I’d been searching for a natural deodorant for a while when I stumbled upon FUSSY on Dragon’s Den. I was impressed enough to give it a try. Personal care is a big deal for me, and I’ve found that using FUSSY has been really good and dependable. The natural scents they offer are surprisingly nice. The refill feature is a great bonus and super easy to use.

Trying Fussy Deodorant: Honest Feedback

Bought this to replace my normal roll-on deodorant which was making me itch.
I bought the Tropic tonic citrus smell deodorant from Amazon.

Putting on this deodorant feels rough on my soft armpits. It’s a bit of a struggle to get it to stick, and the texture is uncomfortable. It should be smoother and softer for easier use. The deodorant works okay and lasts about a day for me, but it leaves a sticky white mess in my armpits. It’s annoying because it stains my clothes and looks gross.

It’s hard to know when I’m almost out of the product. I ran out unexpectedly while traveling and had to buy another deodorant in a hurry. It would be helpful to have a way to tell when it’s running low. I’m not a fan of the smells available. Both the citrusy and minty ones didn’t smell good to me; they reminded me more of cleaning products than beauty stuff. They could make better-smelling options, especially for women.

Overall, I like the brand’s idea and look, but these problems make it tough for me to want to keep buying it. I hope they can fix these issues in the future.


  1. It smells nice, works ok


  1.  Its pricey
  2. Takes quite a bit of scrubbing to remove from under arm
  3.  It is so thick 

Does Fussy Deodorant Work

Yes it works but the scent does not last for long. I’ve noticed that I need to wash my work clothes more often now because the deodorant doesn’t seem to be as effective as I’d like. Normally, I can wear them for a few hours at a time before washing, but lately, I’ve been needing to wash them sooner.

Does It Fight Body Odor

it does not fight odor, The scent is pleasant but certainly disappears very quickly and I had to reapply at least once in the daytime, twice if you were going out in the evening. The product can cause oily or greasy stains in the armpits of clothing that are very difficult to remove. Ruined good shirts. Another problem after long use is the buildup of an intense offensive smell on the pits of clothing that’s not removed by repeated washing. Most of my tops now carry this smell.

Where To Buy

You can get Fussy deodorant from their official website, Amazon, Ebay and other select online retail stores. The price currently on Amazon is £12.00 for one.

Some Customer Reviews Online

I saw lots of customer reviews about this particular deodorant on Amazon.

The scent is rancid In my opinion for a deodorant. More like basil and tea tree toilet cleaner. Waste of my money….
I’d tried it twice and no I can’t smell as that….
Be warned scent won’t be for everyone!!

I bought this deodorant as it said completely natural, free from nasties and all the buzz words you want to hear. It said the scent came from pure essential oils in the description.
When I read the ingredients box it said it contains fragrance (parfum) which is definitely a NASTY. False advertisement in my eyes and will not be purchasing again.

I have searched for the perfect deodorant for years, most deodorants don’t last me the full day as I am a very active person. Mostly I need antiperspirant but they also make my arm pits itchy and sensitive so I have tried as many different brands on the market as possible but none have ticked every box….. until now!

Fussy is great, no sensitivity or itching at all for me and it lasts probably about 12 hours for me and I am very active so this is a great product and smells great, some scents are nicer than others but I guess that is personal preference. big fan of the sun drunk tropical flavour! I wont be wasting my money buying other deodorants now and the fact this is eco friendly is even better!

Similar Options To Try

Schmidt’s Deodorant Stick: This deodorant claims to keep you smelling fresh for a whole day. It’s made with odor-fighting magnesium and essential oils. Plus, there’s a bunch of scents to pick from, like cucumber or coconut, and it’s affordable at $9.

Agent Nateur Natural Deodorant: This deodorant uses beeswax and has calming eucalyptus and odor-fighting baking soda. Just a couple of swipes under your arms with the Natural Deodorant ($24), and you’re good to go.

To fill up your Fussy deodorant again, here’s what you do:

  1. Take off the lid and the empty refill, and wind your case all the way down.
  2. Squeeze the buttons on the sides to take off the inner cap.
  3. Drop in your new refill and put the inner cap back on until it clicks.
  4. That’s it! You’re ready to roll!


I loved the idea of it and initial application smells great but doesn’t work for more than a few hours. I had great hopes for this product especially after reading the sales pitch. The scent on the three different ones I’ve tried are very faint. What I have noticed is that the armpits on all of my tops smell sour after washing. Which then defeats the purpose of having an environmentally friendly product as clothes need at least two washes to remove this sour smell. I’ve therefore stopped using Fussy, sadly.

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