FunnyFuzzy Reviews: An Unbiased Review Of Funnyfuzzy Dog Bed

Did you come across FunnyFuzzy, an online pet website offering different kinds of pet items for dogs and cats? Do you want to know if the items are really as legit as they make it out to be. I recently ordered for a pet bed from their official website, here is my take.

In this review, I’ll share my experience, buying and using this product, pros, cons and help you make you make you make an informed decision.


Overview Of FunnyFuzzy

Funny Fuzzy is an online website that has lot of items for dogs and cats, like beds, car seats, and cooling mats, sofa cover, mattress etc. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors to fit your pet’s needs and your home decor. However, customer reports and complaints have called out this company for selling low quality stuffs completely different from what they advertise. Curious about this, I decided to order.

My Experience Buying From

I ordered a dog bed from It took 3 weeks for the item to arrive, and when it finally did, the measurements were way off. I ordered a bed that was supposed to be 18cm thick, but it turned out to be only 11cm thick. Plus, the couch covers I got were a completely different color from what was advertised.

Returning the item was a nightmare. Funny Fuzzy made it incredibly difficult. I had to email them first, and they didn’t respond for ages. I bombarded them with messages via email, Facebook, and Instagram, and when they finally replied, it wasn’t helpful at all. They even asked for photos twice and wouldn’t take responsibility for the products.

The delivery that took ages to come was because the items came from China, not the UK as I expected. The quality was low and had nothing to do with the nice pictures they show on their website. They claim to have a 14-day return policy, but good luck getting a return address. And even if you manage to get one, they won’give you a refund. They don’t answer the phone, and their so-called corporate office on the website seems to be fake.

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Funny Fuzzy Pros: What I Like About It

  • They have a lot of pet items for dogs and cats.
  • The products are stylish and comfortable.
  • They have different sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from.

FunnyFuzzy Cons: What I Don’t Like

  • The delivery took a whole 3 weeks.
  • The item had incorrect measurements.
  • The sofa covers were a different color from what was advertised.
  • Returning items is a headache – you have to email them, and they’re slow to respond.
  • Their customer service wasn’t helpful, and they wouldn’t take responsibility for the products.
  • The items come from China, so delivery times are long.
  • The quality of the products doesn’t match the nice pictures on the website.

Is Funny Fuzzy Legit? Customer Reports

Funny fuzzy is not a legit website per say. They are located in China but make themselves appear to be from the Uk. Also It is extremely difficult to get a refund from the company. When I asked for one, they asked me for photos and explanation after explanation. When I did it, they still did not reply, and I never got my refund. I saw on their face book posts that lots of consumers had the same issue with me. One customer on Trustpilot had been trying for 4 months to get a refund the only means to contact their customer service is via [email protected]. A customer report said

The item took 3 weeks to arrive and when it did it was either the wrong item or the measurements on the website are incorrect. The quality is extremely low and quite frankly appalling.


Where To Buy

You can buy these pet items from their official website Each product has a different price.

Alternatives To FunnyFuzzy

  1. Petco: Petco is another online pet store that has a lot of pet products, including food and toys. They also have free shipping for orders over $35 and have 24/7 customer service.
  2. Amazon: You can also check out Amazon, a popular online retailer with a range of pet products, including food and accessories. They offer free shipping for orders over $25 and have 24/7 customer service.
  3. PetSmart: PetSmart is another online pet store with a wide selection of products, from food to toys. They have free shipping for orders over $49 and have 24/7 customer service.

Conclusion did not meet my expectations. The long delivery times, incorrect measurements, and different colors from what was advertised were major letdowns. Returning items is a headache, and their customer service isn’t very helpful. So, I’d say, approach with caution when dealing with Funny Fuzzy.


  1. How much do Funny Fuzzy’s pet products cost?
    • Prices are different for each item.
  2. Do they offer coupons or discounts?
    • Yes they do sometimes, you will need to check their website.
  3. Are Funny Fuzzy’s products safe for pets?
    • Yes they are safe pets
  4. Do they have couch and bed covers for pets?
    • Yes, they offer those too.
  5. What’s their return policy?
    • They claim a 14-day return policy, but it can be challenging.

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