Forex Fury Review: 2020 Update- Still Wining EA?

Is Forex fury a reliable forex Expert Advisor? Is it wise to depend on this Expert Advisor for your forex trade? We advise you to read this review of Forex Fury to know if this forex signals is worth your time and money.

Expert Advisors are meant to aid in profit-making in the forex business. Sadly, illegitimate versions keep coming and defrauding unsuspecting brokers. Luckily, we have made it our duty to review websites, investments, etc. to help you see real from fake, and truth from lie. This review covers all you will need to know about Forex Fury EA.

What to Know About Forex Fury EA

Forex Fury is an automated trading advisor that helps forex traders maximise profit making opportunities. Since it’s advent, forex fury EA has been of great help to forex traders, new and old who have problems generating steady profit. According to their website, they have been in this service for about 3 years.

Forex Fury EA currently ranks as the #1 Experts Adviser in the market with up to 10 trades per day and a 93% win rate. Thir prospect does look promising.


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Things to Note About Forex Fury EA

Here are some key things you should know about Forex Fury EA;

Trading Platform makes use of the MYFXBook trading platform. This platform is known to perform lots of marketing operations with ease and accuracy. It runs a maximum of 7 simultaneous trades and its MYFXBook accounts are 100% verified.

They also run a system which allows you choose which days you want or do not want to trade. And has also been proven to be compatible with NFA, FIFO, MT4 and MT5 Build 600+


Forex Fury EA runs one of the best trading strategies available. They perform their trades in short bursts. They target specific times of the day when profits are at their peak. Then they get in an out of the market effectively. This is referred to as a time-restricted scapler system.


  • They hold short term trades so as to leave the market before profits drop.
  • Makes use of time restricted scalper strategy
  • Uses a verified MYFXBook platform which can be used profitably across different brokerages
  • It is easy to install and use
  • It delivers consistently
  • They are the currently rated #1 Experts Advisor
  • Hosts up to 10 trades per day
  • They run demo accounts


  • Forex fury trades for only one hour in a day
  • They have quite a high starting price of $200

Forex Fury EA Review: Conclusion

What can we say except that the numbers speak for themselves. Forex fury seems to have it all. And they even have verified customer reviews on third party sites for those who doubt. Last of all, you don’t get named #1 Expert Advisor on the market unless you have something special. We endorse Forex Fury EA for our readers.

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