Forex Gump Review (2020):; an EA Scam?

Is a scam? Is there even a chance of making forex profits while using this EA? We recommend you read this 2020 updated review of Forex Gump EA to know what experts think.

Forex Gump is what some would call a jackpot. This isn’t necessarily because it is the best expert advisor on the mrket. It is because it is a two-in-one Forex indicator-forex robot package that goes for the price of one. However, the important thing isn’t what it can do but how well it can do it. This review covers all you will need to know about

What to Know About

As earlier stated, is a forex indicator that also works as a forex robot. It was created by a team of experts led by Andrey Kozak. One good thing about this EA service is that it trades in almost all currency pairs available. It has been around since about 2017 and has some interesting prospects to it’s name. Not all of them good, but all equally interesting.

Forex Gump has is sold at a surprisingly low rate of $47. But should you trust this EA well enough to invest with them?

Forex Gump Performance Check

Before relying on EA for your forex signals, here are some things about them you should consider first;

Forex Gump Trading Platform

Forex Gump offers runs on the MetaTrader 4 platform. The creators promise that the platform is ready-made. And while it is built to be tweakable, they say we probably wont need to make any modifications.

The forexgump EA allows investors to use whatever broker they prefer as long as it supports the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

Two major worries about this platform are the fact that the minimum deposit for trading isn’t specified (which is weird) and that the platform, since it’s inception in 2017, has not been updated.

Forex Gump Trade Strategy/Results

Forex Gump uses a trading strategy known as the HFT Scalper strategy. They monitor the market for a while, determine the best point and give trading signals using to 1-minute charts. This way, they are in an out of the market before its state changes and they are able to maximise profit.

Besides this, not much else is said about their strategy. The main issue, however, is the fact that there are almost no verified trading results by forex gump. All we are provided with are screenshots of trading sessions.

The best we get are two client reviews on a third party website, one of which guves forex gump a 5-star review and the other, 1-star. None of these, however, are on MyFXBook, hence we cannot rely on them.


  • Make use of classic scalping strategy
  • runs an MT4 trading platform.
  • They trade in 9 currency pairs
  • Forex Gump is an easily tweakable EA
  • Has no restrictions on choice of broker
  • Demo account available


  • Their minimum deposit is undisclosed
  • No link to verified MyFXBook accounts.
  • System has never been updated
  • Involves very high risk trading
  • Requires very fast connection to work properly

Forex Gump EA Review: Conclusion

Forex Gump looks goood enough. It has an average webiste and a bunch of positives to it’s name. However, we would criticize them on the facts that they have no trading results and have a relatively old software. Fix these things and they just might be one of the big guns in the market.

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