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Is Finley The Seal Scam? See Genuine Review!

Finley The Seal Review– is selling plush pillows for affordable prices. Are you planning to shop from Finley The seal?

Our Review of this Ecommerce serves as an eyeopener. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

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Three Thoughts On Finleytheseal

This store is running Ads on Facebook claiming their store is closing so they are offering their plush pillows for cheap prices. However we encountered the following problems when trying to with order from this store;

Shipping Costs is selling one of the stuffed animal for almost 20$. However, it comes with a shipping fee of almost five dollars. When we checked Aliexpress we realized this same stuffed animal is sold for just $2.

This shows that are the supposed ‘Closing sale’ is just a trade tactic, which many company employ to get the attention of many buyers. When you check on Amazon, you’d see that the price range for stuffed animal is the same prize is offering. So it is no magic offering.

No Contact Info

This store does not provide a mail address, phone number or even company location. Our thorough investigation on the website yielded no result. There is no way one can know where their order is coming from, and how long it would take.

No History

Using, we realized this store has been operating for just nine days. Also the owners have gone to every length to remain anonymous.

Final Thoughts on Finley The Seal

Since there are no reviews yet from those who purchased this stuffed pillow, we would be taking a step backward from ordering. We’ll have to wait for some time before getting this product. If you can’t exercise patience like us, we think you should try getting it from trusted sellers on Amazon.

Or, you can take the leap and order from Whatever is the case, don’t forget to share your experience with us by dropping your comments!


  1. DON’T TRUST THIS WEBSITE. Yesterday I saw an ad on Facebook for a discounted Finley the Seal plushie at a good price. The website looked pretty legit, same with the screen where you pay. Dumb me didn’t think to look it up until after purchasing one. I emailed the support that they gave on the confirmation email less that 10 minutes later, asking to cancel the order. On their Shipping and Returns page on the site, it states you have 12 hours to get a refund with no charge. They didn’t respond to my email until 6 HOURS LATER, asking why I wanted to refund. I told them (even though it shouldn’t matter, they don’t need to know that), and requested (again) for them to cancel my order immediately. 45 minutes later, they emailed saying they would “escalate my issue to their processing team.”. 1 and a half hours later, I get an email saying that my order is on its way. 1: That very unlikely that any real company can send something out that quickly, and 2: That’s the opposite of what I wanted! I email them again, addressing the confirmation email and reiterating that I wanted it canceled 8 HOURS AGO.

    Cut to today… about half an hour ago, I get an email from someone different from their company stating that I didn’t email them within the 12 hour period, so they can’t refund me. I have proof that my order and email to them were less than 10 minutes apart. I just emailed them and included the proof, but at this point, I’m expecting nothing from them, and will just dispute it at my bank and maybe close my card so they can’t access it again.

    It was clear from their grammar, customer service and site that they are scamming. First and last time buying anything from an ad, a good but frustrating lesson. So yeah, very fake. Don’t waste your money and time, and don’t let them have access to your card. BEWARE!!!

    1. I should have looked into this too. Definitely a scam, they delivered my order to the wrong state with no clear way of contacting them effectively and in a timely manner. I cannot even contact their shipping carrier cause it is in Chinese.

  2. It’s a scam. The item is nothing like the website, it’s about the size of a small drinks can and made of extremely flimsy material. Not heard anything back regarding my refund status, and I don’t hold out much hope of getting a response.
    Pretty much every Shopify website advertised on Facebook seems to be a scam these days. Frustrating.

  3. Item from Finley the Seal is barely the size of my hand. Way different than the body size pillows on the site. Total scam. Let my daughter buy it without doing my normal reviews. Oops.

  4. Scam. This seal is NOTHING like the one in the picture. It’s TINY. Nowhere to leave a comment or anything. Hmmmmm…now I know why. It would not be good.

  5. I purchased it expecting a large pillow like it did in the pictures buy instead got a small lazily made one instead, nicknamed it piss scam

  6. It’s obviously a scam (and one that I fell for). To be honest, the laugh I ended up getting was almost worth the price (almost).

    Ordered off Facebook without really thinking (thought it would be a nice surprise for my wife who was having a hard time at work). I got a weird SFC number for tracking through a text message and there was no emailed paper trail. Started doing my research and it led me to a bunch of sites like this one letting me know it was probably a scam. Cancelled my credit card just to be safe and moved on assuming they had just taken my $20 and we would never see the glorious squishy seal.

    Cut to yesterday. Got a picture from my wife of the seal sitting in the palm of her hand. Super tiny and not incredibly huggable.

    Gotta say, way better than I expected. Not a great outcome but I did laugh when I got the picture.

    Site looks like they stopped accepting orders as of August 4th, 2020 but if it does come back online don’t order unless you want a terrible $20 knock off beanie baby.

  7. I bought this seal and tried to cancel my order 30 min later with no luck. A couple of days later I see a fraudulent charge on my debit card in the amount of five hundred dollars. Pretty sure this sketchy site took my information, and so I will say it again and again: DO NOT TRUST THIS WEBSITE.

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