FineTwo review Review: Deceit Exposed- Another Scam Store?

FineTwo Review: Is a legit store to buy hand sanitizer and face masks? or is FineTwo untrustworthy? We have had a lot of readers sending mails asking about the authenticity of Briova One Website, this led to our review of this Online store.

With online scams springing up every day, we have taken the responsibility of reviewing products, stores, websites e.t.c in order to save you from making wrong decisions.

Our Review of this Ecommerce serves as an eyeopener. We hope it meets you well, and on time.

What is Is It Legit? is an online store that is selling women clothes like tops, dresses, shoes and medical products like hand sanitizers and Kn95 face masks for 38% off discount.

Are you planning to purchase the kn95 masks or alcohol based sanitizer from

We advise you to take a breather, and go through this review. The Coronavirus outbreak has birthed a lot of online scams ranging from online stores, investments and what have you.

So, don’t be in a hurry to buy from any online store without checking for reviews (Not just one, as you might be misinformed)

When we checked website we discovered there are not much words on the website. On the page, we see different pictures of their products, selling for discount.

How Does FineTwo Store Work

Finetwo Store is located on-

They provide just the following contact detail-

  • Email- [email protected]
  • Address- Zhaoheng Bearing Co., Ltd., No.1, Jinfu 2nd Road, Liaobu Town, Dongguan City,Guangdong Province,China

Apart from the mail, this store does not provide a return address nor a phone number with which they can be reached with.

should you have a reason to worry about store?

CAVEAT- provides a mail and an address which is just their warehouse address and not a return address. They don’t even provide a phone number. What this means is that if the deal goes wrong, you will be stuck with only a shitty mail. Ofcourse, they might not reply you

Interesed in Masks? See Trusted Sellers Review- Redflags Discovered

In as much as the well designed platform of this store would make you think they are the real deal, the truth however remains that some fraudulent online stores do pay huge money to have their ecommerce platform look standard and convincing. This is because they know what they stand to gain by looking topnotch.

During our in-depth investigation, we discovered the following cons of this Online Store.

Anonymous Lots

After a thorough background search on who the owner/owners of this store is, we came up with absolutely nothing. This alone is an indication that the people behind this online store don’t have genuine intentions. If they do, they wouldn’t be hiding their details from whois

Zero Social Media Presence

We always warn our readers to buy from stores with well grounded social media presence. This is because you can easily reach out to them in any of their platforms. On there is a link leading to their Facebook page.

However, when we checked on Facebook, we discovered the page has just three posts with few likes.

No Review Section

We always advise our readers to shop from online stores were there are five star options for people who have shopped from the store. That way, you can easily find out if your predecessors were satisfied or not.

Fake Address

When we checked online, we discovered that the warehouse address ‘ Zhaoheng Bearing Co. Ltd. No.1 Jinfu 2nd Road Liaobu Town  Dongguan City Guangdong Province China‘ provided by this store is already been used by other stores marked as Scam already.

Unbelievable Discount

This store is selling its products for unbelievable prices. This is one of the traits of fraudulent online stores. The low price being offered is a lethal weapon that might leave you in tears or regrets.

Their hand sanitizer is sold of as low as $7. When we checked Amazon for that exact product, we discovered it is been sold for $18.98. This means FineTwo is selling its sanitizer for more than $10 discount. Unbelievable!


The answer to this question is NO. This is because is barely two weeks old. Also, on their About Us page, they say they are a fashion store. We can’t help but wonder the connection between a fashion store and medical products.

We are skeptical about this online store. We advise you to tread carefully and also don’t forget to share your experience with us.

If you have been scammed by these lots, we advise you to immediately file a report with your bank. This would stop these lots from tampering with your account details in the future.


    1. Google doesn’t vet anyone unless there’s some kind of massive outrage. Web sites showing the ads for the most part just provide a box for the ad to be placed into and don’t even know that a particular ad is being shown.

      The ads are also tracking you. You can go from web site to web site and see the same ads.

      Use a VPN or a browser like TOR and because you have a different IP address, “They” don’t know if you showed an interest in something, but if they do they pile on and follow you with ads for that interest.

      Sometimes even private browsing gets different results. Open a web site that shows this stuff as you normally would. Open up the private browsing, incognito,etc. Go to the same web site. Sometimes, nothing or completely different ads.

      As I type this, at the bottom of this web page, is a ad for a Chinese non-contact thermometer.

  1. What about an online company Mask Revamped? Selling N95 masks. I placed an order end of February. Supposed to arrive in 15-18 days. Every day since March 15th I get email with a new delivery date. Always 2 days further out than the previous days email.

    1. FYI, we have had multiple orders in with legitimate factories and we finally quit ordering the medical masks. There is a lot of speculation behind which the government is doing it, but someone keeps bumping everyone’s orders at the factories and jumping to the front of the line.

  2. Made a purchase of hand sanitizer
    Several charges showed up on the same CC, some of which were rejected
    Cap 1 reversed everything, but site appears patently fraudulent

  3. Ordered two weeks a go, no response until I filed a complaint through PayPal, then someone by the name of Penny sent me an email from Finetwo, all lies.

    PayPay agreed Finetwo was a scam and refunded my money.

    Do No buy from this company, they collect interest on your money until the bank refunds your funds.

    1. Yes, I finally received all 5 masks with respirators, after nearly a month of threatening to alert my bank of fraud and to call the authorities. Although, I had to do some digging and then I sent an email to both of these email addresses:[email protected] and [email protected] .

  4. These guys are a scam. I ordered some hand sanitizer with promised quick delivery time. That was the only reason why I purchased it from them. However, 10 days behind the promised delivery date I have not received the products. I tried to get the refund but they keep giving me some nonsense excuses. I will try to recover my funds through MC. DO NOT BUY FROM FROM THEM!

  5. Today, April 28th, I just received one package from that I ordered on April 6th; I have made 2 orders of masks on April 6th and 7th.
    I am waiting for the other one that should be delivered soon; I believe.
    This package has been originally shipped from China.

    There were a printed ‘Thank You’ note from inside the package, and charged to my credit card.

    I think this company has many similar sites with different names.
    The following sites are what I have researched so far. There maybe more. (Creation Date: 2012-05-02) (Creation Date: 2018-05-24) (Creation Date: 2019-08-16) (Creation Date: 2020-03-21) may not be good site, but I think and guess they are not scammer.

    Personally I may not use this site any more.

      1. I have received the other package today, May 1.
        It has been taking more time than expected, but I believe your package would be delivered soon.

  6. As far as I am concerned is legit! I placed an order with them, then after not getting a confirmation email for the order and hearing back from them right away when I emailed them, I read the reviews and thought I was scammed like others were saying, but then I got a response from them saying be patient my order is on the way, and then a couple of weeks later. Part of the order showed up.

  7. Big scam..never received items…got phony tracking numbers..fraud written all over it..Dont buy from these Chinese thief’s…

  8. I ordered a couple bottles of hand sanitizer from on April 7. Paid an extra charge for expedited delivery (promised to be delivered within 8-10 business days). Received a shipment more than 5 weeks later. The box was damaged, hand sanitizer leaked all over the packaging, the pumps were broken. But the main issue was that it had a very strong overpowering disgusting chemical odor. My husband put it into a trash bag and threw the whole thing away. Made in China. Who knows what was used to produce this “product”. Do NOT order from It’s a scam, waste of money, and is not reliable! Be safe!

    1. DITTO. Bought the same product with the same outcome. Bottles leaked all over package. They wanted a picture of the empty bottles to negotiate a refund. What a joke. Yes they are a SCAM operation.

  9. Whoever is interested in purchasing from this website. I’m telling you first hand, DON’T DO IT!!
    I ordered some N95 masks, they never made it to my mailbox and this has been a month now.
    I know people get scammed everyday and everywhere but this burns me to the point where I will only purchase from the US and check the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU first in the future.

  10. This business a scam. When I received my order of hand sanitizer five weeks late, ALL the bottles were open and spilled into the plastic shipping bag. They blamed the shipping company not their own order packers. Sent them a picture and have been haggling for a refund for four weeks which they now quote can not exceed 30% of purchase price. What a joke. DO BUSINESS WITH THIS ORGANIZATION AT YOUR OWN RISK WHICH IS HIGH..

  11. I ordered hand sanitizer and masks from Finetwo on April 6th. I received an email confirmation in a week. I received the masks at the beginning of May and the sanitizer May 28th. Better late than never. Nothing was damaged.

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