Homepage Image Review- Scam or Legit Website? Find Out!

If you have received a Steam message to vote for team quartz for CSGO kindly ignore. is not legit, It is a fraudulent website that hacks steam accounts and send same message to your friends.

This review exposes how this scam works, read on to find out why you shouldn’t login to Scam – How Does This Website Works?

The text message or Popup notification is being sent out by scammers. This is a bait to trick you into believing that you have to save your friend’s team with 2 more votes.

When you visit the link –, you’d be asked for your Steam account details.

This is how the scam begins. When you login to with your Steam account, your account would be hacked, and your friends would receive the same spam message you received earlier. It is a CSGO phishing scam.

What Should You Do If You Receive Phishing Texts Like This

No matter how convincing it sounds, you shouldn’t visit the link or links attached to such messages/mails or send your personal information. You shouldn’t call the phone number or send a text message.

The first thing you should do is ignore such messages, and look for reviews online about it.

Also, don’t forget to place two factor authentication on all your accounts. Don’t know how to do it? read the guidelines here.

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